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What is another name for monopoly?
What does Senneca Falls always relate to?
Women's Rights
What was the purpose of the checks and balances method?
So no one gets too much power in the government
What was the first form of government?
Articles of Confederation
What powers did the Articles of Confederation lack that made it weak?
Power to control trade, power over taxes
What was the main purpose of the Dawes act?
Assimilate Native American Indians to the American culture. Teach them to become self-supporting.
What was the main reason we created the Open Door policy in China?
Guarantee that we had access to their markets
Who did the Populists stand up for?
What was the main purpose of adding the Bill of Rights to the Constitution?
Guarantee rights to individuals
What did Monroe Doctrine say?
NO European countries can go into Latin America. To stop the spread of communism in Latin America.
What was the purpose of the Roosevelt Corollary?
If there is a problem in Latin America, we {U.S.} will go in and solve it.
Which war was followed by isolationism?
World War I
What was the reason for Anti-trust acts?
Law that increases competition among the businesses.
What is the meaning Laissez Faire?
The government has little involvement in the matters of the business.
What is urbanization?
The movement of people from the country to the city.
What did the Missouri Compromise (1820), the Compromise of 1850, and the Kansas-Nebraska Act deal with?
The Truman Doctrine and the Marshall plan were created to do what?
stop the spread of communism
What was the main goal of the G.I. bill?
Economic aid veterans
What was the main reason for the Constitutional Convention of 1787
Revise the Articles of Confederation
Which idea was included in the Constitution that allows Confress to meet the needs of a changing society?
The Elastic Cause
What was the main reason the Antifederalists opposed the ratification (approval) of the Constitution?
Individual rights were not protected
Which two geographic features most influenced United States foreign policy throughout the 19th century?
Atlantic Ocean & Pacific Ocean
Which characteristic of the 1920s is illustrated in the Dacco and Vanzetti case? What was the case about?
Intolerance toward immigrants. Innocent immigrants were executed for murder.
Who was the abolitionist that wrote "the Liberator" during the abolitionist movement?
William Lloyd Garrison
Who said that after the 13th amendment, blacks still needed to prove themselves in order to truly be equal?
Booker T. Washington
What was W.E.B Du Bois' idea of blacks proving themselves after the 13th amendment?
They do not have to prove themselves because the law says they are now equal
What was the effect of the Miranda v. Arizona (1966)?
Before being taken into custody, you must hear your rights
What was the purpose of rartioning during World War II?
Save the essential goods for the military
What was the effect of Gideon v. Wainwright?
No defendant can be tried without legal representation, even if it is appointed by the state
What is the meaning of women's suffrage?
Women's right to vote
What is the Privelege of the Writ of Habeas Corupus?
The right to know why you are being held in custody
During which war was the Writ of Habeas Corupus suspended byt he president?
Civil War
What are concurrent powers?
Powers designated to the national and state governments
What are delegated powers?
Powers held by the national government
What are reserved powers?
Powers held by the state
What was the major goal of the Dawes Act of 1887?
Encourage the assimilation of Native American Indians
How did the Homestead Act (1862) attempt to promote development of western lands?
Provide free land to settlers
What is the concept of social darwinism?
Survival of the fitest
What does Social Darwinism usually justify?
Which president introduced the concept of neutrality?
George Washington
What was the effect of Shenck v. United States?
Freedom of speech is not absolute
Which group of people wanted unlimited coinage of silver?
Which party worked for the benefit of the farmers?
populist party
Why did James Madison and Thomas Jefferson oppose to Alexander Hamilton's financial policies?
They believed it was unconstitutional
The Missouri Compromise (1820), the Compromise of 1850, and the Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854) were all dealt with ________
Which law officially ended slavery?
13th amendment (1865)
What is the purpose of the Federal Reserve system?
Control the supply of money
What was the purpose of the 13th amendment?
Free the slaves
What was the purpose of the 14th amendment?
Allow blacks to become citizens
What is the purpose of the 15th amendment?
Male blacks are given the right to vote
What was the name of the first permanent colony in 1607?
Who were the Virginia House of Burgesses?
Elected representatives
Which group of people demanded a Bill of Rights to guarantee personal freedom?
Which was a follow up of the Monroe Doctrine, saying that the U.S. would go into Latin America if need be?
Roosevelt Corollary
What was the purpose of the Albany Plan of Union?
Try and establish a form of government for the colonies
What was Manifest Destiny?
Belief that the U.s. was meant to reach from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean
Which piece of land doubled the size of the United States?
The Lousiana Purchase
How did the U.S. obtain Florida?
A treaty with Spain
What was the act that gave free land to people who farmed it for 5 years? What year?
Homestead Act (1862)
When railroads were given free land, what did they turn around and do with it?
Sold it for cheap
What was the purpose of the Reconstruction?
Rebuild the south
What was the time period of the Reconstruction Era?
What was the term used to describe it when a government put very few restrictions on businesses?
What is a philanthropist?
Give money to charity
What was the name of those people such as Theodore Roosevelt that wanted to get rid of monopolies?
What is the meaning of imperialism?
Taking over colonies
What was the New Deal?
Government involvement in the economic life of the country
What was the center of debate in the cold war?
Spread of communism
What is a country's foreign policy based upon?
What is good for that country at that particular time?
What is salutary neglect?
Pay little attention to the colonies
Before the Civil War, which principle was used to decided the legalization of slavery in a new state?
popular sovereignty
Which river was important for transporting farm goods to the market?
Mississippe River

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