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Politics of Hollywood Test 3

Prindle's 370L terms


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Hollywood primary
Kevin J. Martin
from Lowry, became a chairmen of the FCC, offended everyone so people got mad at the FCC
social liberalism
Future lecture. corporation that owns productions such as Nickelodeon, Showtime, CBS, VH1, MTV, Paramount. It scares people on the left because it permits too few people to control too much information and squeeze out alternative points of views
Michael Powell
is an conservative activist that was appointed head of the FCC during the Bush administration in 2001. Allowed people to own multiple stations. Ex: CBS and NBC, instead of CBS or NBC
Dorothy and the Tornado
from Franklin. Back when the Wizard of Oz came out most people were concerned by the story. Nowadays people are more concern by special affects instead of the story
FCC paralyzed by attacks from all sides
Future lecture. Video on Demand. Emerging technology that lets you watch any TV or Film model. 2 problems: copyright and technology issues
Wednesday morning club
Power of the Purse
Congress constitutional power. It is the raising and spending of money and the budget of the FCC
Reed Hundt
is a liberal activist that was appointed as the head of the FCC during the Clinton administration. Ordered cable to roll back its prices by 7%, required 3 hours at least of educational children programs.
1993-98 TV sitcom. Played a single woman who had regular problems in life. Example of Gay Rights.
economic liberalism
"TV Online"
Possessory credits
artists against each other. Example of colorization
moral rights
rights of artists, modification of the copyright laws. colorization issue
Environment Media Association. Hollywood organization that wanted to make good entertainment and then worry about the message or propaganda behind it. They wanted to affect views in an environmentally conscious way
Hollywood 9/11
Children Now
Future Lecture. Founded in 1988. A study in 2003 determined that African Americans were overrepresented on television and Latinos were underrepresented. * slow to update faces we see on the screen, progress is made on screen but not behind. *Politics of Hollywood on Affirmative Action is moving slowly
Very High Frequency: 1946, scarcity of channels created monopoly profits. Ultra High Frequency: 1962
Steven Bing
Comcast Corporation
Mark Fowler
All in the family
Turn- off- the TV
Creative Coalition
artist lobby. Founded and ran by artists, Alex Baldwin is the president. When the democrats are in power, coalition is more influential. It is an organization that of artists to educate other artists who testifies to congress
Charlton Heston
Looking for Mr. Right
Virtual intergration
Future lecture. big studios contract out to small companies to do production and post production. The small companies are non-union. This avoids labor contracts. Globalized convergence of the future
Jane Fonda
Actress and political activist who committed treason. Outraged Vietnam Veterans. She is an example of Anti-celebrity
Motion Picture Association of America. Trade association of the studios, they wine and dine congress to get a law change.
National Association of Broadcaster. Gives money to and influences politicians. Members of congress are nice to this lobby group.
Prime Time at Any time
Future lecture. Example of piracy on the internet. Type of file-sharing software created in 2001, where multiple users download movies from one another.
Symbolic politics
Lecture about the Federal Communications Commission, was created by the 1934 Communication Act. It has the authority to regulate content for radio and television
Super Bowl 2004
Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson's halftime performance where Janet Jackson had a wardrobe malfunction. Indecency complaints skyrocketed and fines were distributed for each indecency instant
Video cassette recorder. Sony developed. Recorded and shown to others to steal intellectual property.
Future lecture. French media company that owns seagrams which owns universal. It merged with NBC
Future lecture. phrased coined by Prindle. vertical integrated, oligopolistic. globalized all media not just movies unlike the old studio systems
Farenheit 9/11
Future lecture. Michael Moore documentary (2004) attacking the Bush administration. Disney forbid the distribution of this documentary so Miramax didn't. Disney feared the republicans in Congress.
Jones Cable
from Risky Buisness. Cable company in Denver that dropped USA network and picked up turner network that had a financial business. * Cable company who abuses their power of distribution, ought to be more regulated
Congress passed this law to protect artists. Said VCR to be fair use. The RIAA prevents people from downloading music because of copyright
brand intergration
Future lecture. Tivo is a problem because it is giving a people a chance to watch television without commercials
model of failed propaganda. Richard Gere was the head of the international campaign to free Tibet from Communist China. China threatened to never do business with Disney again if they sent any pro-Tibet propaganda
Congress of Hollywood Republicans
columbine high
People for the American Way
late 1980s, an organization that is creating commercials to sell political ideas, to combat religious rights organizations
"indecency ruling"
Language or material that describes offensive community standards that deals with sexual organs is not allowed to be on television or the airwaves between 6AM - 10PM. Upheld FCC's authority to regulate and was the bases of regulation after Super Bowl 2004
American's image among civilization
from Woody Allen's testimony, he wants to outlaw colorization and considers colorization and a vandalism of art
"Captain Blood"
the great empowering American Myth
Anti-Hollywood prejudice
prejudice that there will be a VCR police for unauthorized view of the VCR. Congress refused royalty to be paid or outlawed
marketplace of ideas
from Steyer, arena where public ideas compete, becoming smaller because 3 main companies run everything. It is bad for democracy
wretched of the earth
High Definition television. Started a panic in the United destroy American Broadcasting. The deadline was pushed back and now you have a HDTV by Feb. 19, 2009. FCC is trying to govern and promote and develop in the US
The United Church of Christ wanted to get rid of ____'s license because 45% of the viewers were black but there was no black people on the station or worked for the station. The church wasn't allowed in for the 1966 renewal hearing. In 1967 people were allowed to come into the hearing. In 1969 the FCC revoked the renewal license of the WLBT. FCC will not allow racism
Robert Bork
appointed by Reagan in 1987 to be on the seat of the Supreme Court. There were many Anti-Robert Bork groups. People for the American Way made commercials to get people to call Supreme Court and deny him as judge of the Supreme Court
Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Discussion of congress about conflicts. Illustrates how changes in technology affect congress
break up the big media companies
Raiders of the Lost Ark
from Franklin. Non-political escapism, anti-nazi
Miracle on 34th Street
The Maltese Falcon
Joseph Biroc
cinemotogropher. He is in favor of colorization films over black and white films. This illustrates conflict in Hollywood over artist rights
the Canadian model
buzzFuture lecture. word for the combination of phones, cable and internet
(Tele)communications subcommittees
subcommittee of the energy and consumption. Congress is important part of the FCC because it is influential because of the constitutional power to raise money
Future lecture.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
shareholder democracy
from steyer. Whoever has the most money has more influence. He believes that in order to save democracy the major studios need to be broken up
Future lecture. Unauthorized copying of a copyrighted product. ____ is the #1 problem of domestic and international issue
regulation in the 21st century
democrats tend to regulate more than republicans. There is no prediction of how the 21st century is going to be regulated due to internal conflict
"Public interest, convenience, and necessity"
Public interest is ambiguous, it is hard for the FCC to regulate.
Marian Rees
Future Lecture. 2007 movie. Shot in India by Sony with an Indian cast in the Hinidi language. Example of foreign markets growing to be an importance and an example of globalization

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