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History Exam Terms (Tests 8-10)


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FDR suffered from this disease
rapid assault Germany launced agaisnt Poland in 1939
fireside chats
nickname given to FDRs weekly radio addresses
known as Seward's Folly
Rough Riders
nickname of TR's volunteer cavalry unit in the Spanish-American War
Japanese suicide pilots
new liberated women of the 1920s with bobbed hair, short skirts, and a lot of make up
Jazz Singer
first talking motion picture
Social Security Act
program of the second new deal that provides income for the retired and disabled
Square Deal
TR's domestic agenda was called this
Open Door Policy
John Hay's proposal for US foreign policy in China
Atlantic Charter
This agreement between the USA and Britain envisioned post-war cooperation after the nazis were defeated.
fast, maneuverable British fighter plane that helped England win the Battle of Britain
Teapot Dome
This scandal was the largest of the harding administration
US vessel's sinking led to war with Spain (U.S.S. _____)
Zimmerman Telegram
message between Germany and mexico that was intercepted by the US that helped speed us into WWI
Bonus Army
Hoover had this group of disgruntled WWI veterans dispersed by the army
British passenger liner that was sunk by German U-boats prior to WWI, killing 129 Americans
Brain Trust
nickname given tto FDRs best and brightest advisors
yellow journalism
nickname given to the sensational brand of reporting that helped lead the US into the Spanish-American War
Nurembourg Laws
laws Hitler passed to take away Jews' rights in Germany
liberty bonds
US sold these goverment IOU's to help pay for WWI
League of Nations
Internation Body Wilson proposed after WWI to resolve disputes and prevent future wars
Buffalo Soldiers
nickname given to the African-American soldiers of the 10th Cavalry who fought at San Juan Hill
Triple Entente
alliances before WWI that includged England, France, and Russia
nickname of American soldiers of WWI
Bull Moose
nickname of TR's Progressive Party
Magniot Line
French defenses along their border with Germany
TR called reporters and authors who only focused on getting the dirt this
protective tariff deepened the depression by closing foreign markets to US goods
Polish famous death camp of the holocaust in WWII
New Freedom
Woodrow Wilson's domestic agenda was called this

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