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Chapter 6-China


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What are pagodas?
Buddhist temples with many storied towers
How are cities improving?
they are getting bigger homes and living conditions are getting better
Who became the new communist leader?
Deng Xiaoping
The Chinese thinker named Kongfuzi a.k.a. Confucius taught what?
that people should be polite, honest, brave, and wise
About 92% of these people belong to the ethnic group called ____.
Han Chinese
More than 460 million people live where?
in cities
What did Laozi or Daoism teach?
that people should live simpily with nature
What dish is China famous for?
there hot and spicey dishes
What is a dynasty?
line of rulers from one single family that would hold power until it is overthrown
After the republic what took control?
the communist party
What have dynasties done for China?
they have built highly developed culture and conquered neighbors
What is the Dalai Lama?
the Buddhist leader of Tibet
China's population is about___ and makes up about ____ of the world
1.27, one-fifth
What did the communist do to the mainland of China?
compleatly changed it
Who overthrew the last emperor?
Dr. Sun Yat-sen
Between the communists and the nationalists who won?
Laozi started a thinking system called what?
Chinese thinkers believed that what was a key to good behavior?
After the last emperor what did China become?
a republic
China claimed Tibet but they want what?
The early Chinese people were what?
thinkers and inventors
China is famous for what?
there art
Why were many people killed?
because they opposed communism
Eurpoeans forced China to trade because they wanted what?
silk, tea, and pottery
What influinces China's art?
About 64% of China's people live where?
in rural areas
General Chiand Kai-shek was the leader of what?
the nationalists
Mao Zedong was the leader of what?
the communists
China was often what from other countries?

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