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World geography Chapter 8


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Given the number of babies born per hour, how many are born in one week?
1,680,000 Babies are born per week
The movement and processing of information indicates what economic activity?
Quarternary industries
What industries provide services to primary and secondary industries?
Tertiary industries (service industries)
What is the total value of goods and services produced by a country in a year both inside and outside the country?
gross national product
A dairy taking raw milk and processing it into products such as ice cream and butter is an example of what economic activity?
Secondary industry
This includes only those goods and services produced within a country and does not include income earned outside that country.
gross domestic product
How do you find GDP per capita?
by dividing the gross domestic product by the number of people in that country.
What does the literacy rate of a country often say about the economic development of that country?
Usually the literacy rate is very low in developing countries and higher in developed countries
What is defined as the ability to read and write?
This includes roads, bridges, transportation facilities and government buildings
Approximately what percentage of the worlds people go to bed hungry?
Agriculture, forestry and mining are examples of what economic activity?
Primary industries
Developed countries
United States
What economic activity directly uses natural resources and raw materials are are found near sources of these materials?
Primary industries
Should developed countries help developing countries?
Read and take a stand on this issue. Pg. 81
Name 8 characteristics of a developing country
1 people live by subsistence farming
2 few manufacturing & service
3 poverty & unemployment are wide
4. health services are limited
5 schools are crowded
6 telecommunications not found outside
major cities
7 very little exporting of agricultural
8 many city dwellers are underemployed
Based on the pie chart can you describe another general factor that may contribute to a country's population growth?
Production of food
Health care
Cost of living
What is a middle income country?
countries that are in between developed and developing countries
Give three examples of middle income countries
Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Hungary, South Korea, Malaysia
What will happen to a country's population if it has more immigrants(someone who moves into a country) than emigrants (someone who moves out of the country)?
The population will increase
Someone who moves out of a country is called ?
an emigrant
Someone who moves into a country is called?
an immigrant
What are multinational companies sometimes criticized for?
harming the natural environment or changing the cultures of developing countries
What are the two important characteristics that the world's economically developed countries share?
economic system guided by free enterprise

What are the three stages of population growth?
1) birthrate and deathrate are high
2) birthrate stays high, deathrate
goes down. Family size grows
3) birthrate drops and both death
and birth rate become about
the same
What will happen to a country if the birthrate exceeds its deathrate?
The country will become over populated
What are the four categories of
economic activities?
Primary industries
Secondary industries
Tertiary industries
Quaternary industries
Under what type of economy do consumers determine what is to be bought or sold by buying or not buying certain goods and services?
Market economy
At the present world population growth, what do demographers predict the population might reach this century?
That it will be more than10 billion
In this type of economy, the government determines wages, the kinds and amounts of goods produced, and the prices of goods
Command economies
What economic and political system in which the government owns or controls almost all of the means of production?
What was the population at the end of the last ice age?
10 million people
What was the population of the world 2000 years ago?
250 million
What is the study of the variations and changes in a populations makeup, distribution, movement and relation to its environment?
Population geography
What is the branch of geography that concerns itself with how people use Earth's resources, how they earn a living and how products are distributed.
economic geography
What two factors contributed to the increase in population over the last 2000 years?
Modern health practices and
increased food supplies
Why do some places in the world have fewer people living there?
Harsh climates
Difficult to farm
A countries economic level says _____ about its cultural values and contributions.
Can you predict what the US population will look like in the year 2020?
The population will show a larger percentage of people between the ages of 50-70 years old
Examples of this industry are stores, restaurants, banking, insurance and transportation
Tertiary industries
In this economic system resources, industries and businesses are owned by private individuals
Name at least six ways of measuring a country's economic development
gross national product
gros domestic product
What is the study of the human population that emphasizes statistical characteristics or facts and figures?
Under what economic system, prices are determined mostly through competition in which buyers and sellers are free to choose what and when to sell and buy?
Free enterprise
What are the four areas in the world of dense human settlement?
Eastern Europe (China)
South Asia (India and Bangladesh)
Western Europe
North America
What economic activity takes good made in primary industries and changes good into products that are useful to consumers and involves manufacturing?
Secondary industry
What is the difference between GDP and GNP?
GDP is gross domestic product (only those goods produced within a country)

GNP is gross national product (total value of goods produced in and outside a country)

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