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World History Mid-Term Exam


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Who are the workers that help run the government?
What is an archaeological find that was once a living thing?
What is the Hebrew holy book?
What often happened that caused the end of the Egyptian kingdoms?
The government alway faught against itself, becoming weak.
What are the characteristics of cave man culture?
Simple religion, language, tools of stone, and traveled for food.
What type of people moved around, following food supplies?
What is the method of figuring out the age of a find based on the layer of dirt it is in?
What is a mixture of two or more metals?
What is the first important mixture of metals?
Who developed the alphabet?
What is any archaeological find that was man-made?
What is it called when a family rules for a long time?
What are the 5 characteristics of all civilizations?
Farming, trade, government, art, and science
What is the belief in multiple gods?
What are the large burial tombs of Egypt?
Who traded gold?
Why was it called the Stone Age?
Tools were made out of stone
What is the Egyptian holy book?
Book of the Dead
Why did the Hebrews eventually collapse under foreign attack?
They lacked unity
What is the Sumerian writing system?
Who were the chariot and bronze armed invaders who ended the Middle Kingdom?
Who were the fiercest, most organized empire of the ancient Middle East?
Which of the following is not a way they were organized?
The king had a system of spies and informants
Who developed money and set prices?
What is a layer of dirt?
Who didn't make anything but moved goods back and forth between Egypt and Mesopotamia?
What is so special about the Nile River when compared to others?
It's flooding is predictable and regualar.
What advantage does an alphabet have over a picture-symbol writing system?
An alphabet is easier to learn and read because there are fewer symbols.
What is a promise between God/the gods and His/their followers?
What promise was made between God and the Hebrews?
He would bless those who were faithful and obeyed.
What is the first written law cods?
Hamurrabi's Code
What is the belief in a single, all-powerful God?
What is the Egyptian writing system?
What was the escape of the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt?
What is the Hebrew law code?
10 Commandments
What is it called when the government and religion are united (government by religion)?
Why did the Persian Empire become the largest of the ancient Middle East?
They were so tolerant people wanted to join them.
Who led the Hebrews out of slavery in Egypt?
Who was the first pharaoh of Egypt?
Who was the founder of the Hebrews?
Who was Egypt's most powerful ruler and general?
Who unified all Egypt?
Who was the Hebrew king that forced his people to work for no money?
What is the difference between a democracy and a republic?
Democracy is government by the people and Republic is that people elect leaders to make decisions for them.
Why did China's first emperor kill 360 scholars?
He was paranoid that they would rebel against him.
Who were the Roman officials who handled day-to-day problems?
What happened to bad government officals in Athens?
What was the battle where Scipio led Rome to defeat Carthage?
Battle of Zuma
What is a Romann military unit of 5000 to 10,000 men?
How did the Phalanx change Greek culture?
Made the poor important, increasing their power in society.
What is the government by all the people?
Name the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism?
Suffering, desire, Nirvana, and True Path
What 2 things do the mountains do for India?
Block cold air and invaders
What was the trade route between China and the outside world?
Silk road
Who was the lower class in ancient Rome?
What are the good and bad things that one does that determines what they come back as?
What was created so that all Roman citizens knew the law?
12 tablets of Law
Why did Greek culture and life focus on the sea so much?
They were 50 miles away from the sea.
Who was the upper class in ancient Rome?
What caused the Peloponnesian War?
Athens stole money from the Delian League Treasury
What was the battle where 300 Spartans held off the Persian army for 3 day?
Who was the militaristic city-state of Greece?
What is the rebirth of the soul?
What is the practice of non-violence towards all living things?
What part of the government makes up the laws?
What is the Chinese term for a government having the right to rule from the gods?
Mandate Of Heaven
What is the rule of reciprocity?
Do not do unto others what you do not want done to you.
When was Rome's best general killed?
March 15, 44 B.C.
Why were the Harappan defeated so easily?
No experience with military bases.
What important thing did Alexander the Great do after he conquered the Persian Empire?
Libraries of Greek Culture
What is at the bottom of India's social system?
Who would become citizens in Athens?
All free men
At which battle were 7000 Persians killed by the Athenians, who lost less than 200?
Battle of Marathon
What is the name of the new capital of the Roman Empire?
When the generals started paying the soldiers themselves, how did this change the Roman army?
The soldiers became loyal to their generals, not Rome.
Which pilosophy says that people should balance their nature?
Who was the Chinese teacher who said people should do their duties and fulfill their roles?
Who led an army of over 200,000 (as many as 2 million) Persians into Greece?
Who was the Indian prince who became a religious leader?
Who was the Spartan king that led 300 soliders against the Persian army?
Who was the first Chinese emperor?
Shi Huan-Ti
Who was the Carthaginan general who hated Rome?
Who was the general that paid Rome's army himself?
Who was Rome's best general?
Who was the general who killed the last Western Roman emperor, ending that half of the empire?
Who was the first emperor of Rome?
The people of Carthage were sold into slavery.
3rd Punic War
Rome used gangplanks to put soldiers of Carthage's ships.
1st Punic War
The Carthaginians used their secret weapon, elephants, to run over Romans.
2nd Punic War
The city of Carthage was destroyed and salt was out into the Earth to kill plants.
3rd Punic War
What is the Jewish word for "savior"?
What is the Jewish word for Teacher/priest?
Who is the man that believe to be the promised savior of the Jews?
Who is the founder of Islam?
What is the Holy Book of Islam?
Five Pillars of Faith
Who developed the stirrup?
Charles Martel
What type of warrior do stirrups make possible?
What was the battle where armored warriors on horseback stopped a Muslim invasion of Europe?
Battle of Tours
Who was the Frankish king who became emperor for protecting the pope?
What treaty split up the Carolingian empire in France, Germany, and Italy?
Treaty of Verdun
What is the law code of the knights?
What is the system where land is given away for military service?
Feudal System
What do you call the land that is given away for military service?
What do you call the person who receives land and gives you military service?
Who were the sea-faring warriors who attacked Britain?
What was the battle where William conquered Britain?
Battle of Hastings
What was the list of weapons Britain would need in case of war?
Assize of Arms
What is the document that forces the British king to listen to Parliament for advice?
Model Parliament
What is the meaning of "That which touches all should be passed by all?"
allowed to vote, no one is above the law.
Where was it said?
Model Parliment
Who did it give controll of the government to?
The people
What is the land that the French kings originally controlled?
Ile de France
What was the meeting where the French king claimed to be chosen to rule by God?
Parliament of Paris
What was the war that gave all of France's land back to it?
Hundred years war
What was the argument between the German kings and the pope over the control of the church?
Investiture Conflict
What was the meeting where it was agreed that the German king would choose a new priest from candidates chosen by the church?
Concordant of Worms
What is the meeting where the German nobles elect a king?
What was the meeting where the pope asked European warriors to go capture the Holy Land?
Council of Clairmone
During which crusade was the entire army excommunicated twice for attacking Christian cities?
4th Crusade
Which crusade made the exact same mistakes that an earlier crusade did?
7th Crusade
What three developments increased food production in the middle ages?
Steel plows, horse collar, and field system.
What is a group of workers who set standards of production?
What new type of school was created during the Middle Ages?
What spread the Black Death?
Rats b/c they carried the fleas with the disease.
Why don't we know a lot about ancient African history?
They had no writing system to write stuff down.
What two things keep people out of central Africa?
Desert, rainforest, and African Plateau
What type of society has a woman as the head of the household?
What is and African Storyteller?
Which two African kingdoms are well known because they were near Egypt and converted to Christianity?
Kush and Axon
Which African kingdom was destroyed by cannon-armed Moroccans?
What were the two primary weapons off the Mongols?
Bow and arrow
Who was the brutal ruler that unified the Mongols?
Genghis Khan
What was the largest empire of all time?
Golden Horde
Who was the Italian trader who wrote a book telling Europe about China?
Marco Polo
Why did the Mongols collapse?
Kublai Kahn, get satisfied
How did Indians first come to the Americas?
Bering Strait
What is the primary resource of the plains Indians?
What is a mud-brick house of the southwest Indians?
What is a group of islands located close together?
What was the ancient, nature spirit-based religion of Japan?
Why are farmers considered more important than merchants in Japan?
b/c without them there will be no food.
What are the armored warriors of Japan?
What is the code of honor of the Japanese warrior?
What is a Japanese general?
What laws isolated Japan from the rest of the world?
Acts of Seclusion

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