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Geography Final


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This form of family planning in India encouraged women and men to?
have their tubes tied and get vasectomies respectively
What was given as payment for getting a vasectomy in India
a Transistor radio
What were the two main programs India instituted after independence?
family planning and green evolution
What did the green evolution mean?
Hybrid crops..20 bushels turned into 60 bushels
Was the green evolution successful?
Yes. Very.
Major rice growing area in India?
Ganges River
Is rice grown widely across India?
Longer Fiber in cotton means...
stronger cotton.
whats the name of the largest Indian car company?
how much does their car sell for?
What is the main religion of India?
What is one of the main tenents of Hinduism?
Where is the largest cattle concentration in the world found?
on the banks of the ganges river
What is the ganges river called?
The holy river of India
What is cow poop used for in India?
plaster on houses of burning it for fuel
What nation has been identified as the #1 nation in the world whose government is likely to collapse?
Which nation has been described as hopeless economically?
This nation has a very large population and no mineral resources
This nation depends on a subsistence economy
This nation has lots of cyclones including a horrible one in 1970
Bangladesh cyclone of 1970
110 MPH winds height of 11 ft
this hurricane in the US had 206 MPH winds
Hurricane Camille
Mountain range in afghanistan
Hindu Kush
US army has uses these in Afghanistan
armed pilotless drones
Soviets invaded Afghanistan in..
1979, because the Shah got tossed out of Iran
Taliban led by a guy named...
Mulah Omar
What was Irans old name and when did they change it?
Persia, 1953
Iran is top 5 in world..
Oil reserves
Clerics overthrow the shah and install?
Ayatolla Khomeini
Who attacked the US embassy in Iran?
young people wanting to make a statement
How long were US hostages held in Iran?
400 days
What was the Shah's brutal secret service called?
The Sabak
Three names for Iranian clerics?
Ayatollas, Immans, and Mullahs
Who controls the political decisions in Iran?
The clerics
Most toxic substance known to man?
Carcinogenic means?
it causes cancer
MAjority of iranian population belong to this sect of Islam
4 countries with majority Shia populations
Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, and Bahrain
Shias worldwide are only __% of Muslims
Blood relative of Muhammed?
Muhammed's right hand man?
Abu Bakar
People that followed Ali became...
People that followed Abu Bakar became...
Patrick Noonan served as...
President of the Nature Conservancy
Patrick noonan organized...
a group of conservationists and businessmen
Patrick Nooned played an enormous role at..
Enchanted Rock
This is the 2nd largest Granite dome in North America
Enchanted Rock
Only granite dome bigger than Enchanted Rock
Stone Mountain, in Georgia
What is a big problem in China?
People stealing babies so they can have a son
What time was the Aponino earthquake in Italy?
3 30 in the morning
How many killed in Aponino earthquake
at least 70..probably closer to 90
Moment of Magnitude of Aponino earthquake?
How many people homeless after Aponino earthquake?
What did Israel attack in 1967?
Golan heights in Syria, Gaza strip and the Sanai Penninsula in Egypt, and West Bank in Jordan
What did UN resolution 238 say?
Israel has to leave occupied territory
When did Israel pull settlers out of the Gaza strip?
2 years ago
Who was the old Egyptian President?
Anwar Sadat
Oldest Abrahamic religion?
2nd oldest Abrahamic religion?
2nd most important prophet of Islam?
Chapters in the Koran are called?
This religion is growing rapidly in Africa
Islam means?
Submission to God
Koran means?
Where did Muhammed receive revelations from God?
in a cave south of Mecca
Last islamic city in Europe?
Granada in Spain, fell in 1492
Salat means?
Prayer 5 times a day
When do you pray?
1st sun rises 2nd late morning 3rd early afternoon 4th late afternoon 5th evening
Quibla means?
area of Mosque that faces Mecca
Zakat means?
sharing 2 1/2% of your wealth
Ramadan means?
A fast where you cant eat drink or sex during daylight hours
Hajj means?
Pilgrimage to Mecca
Muhammed born and died in?
570 AD 630AD
Muhammed's mom died when he was?
Shiite tend to be more _____ than sunni
3 holy cities of Islam
Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem
What percent of Egypts population live on 4% of its land
Nile river is called this
an exotic stream
The amazon is ____ miles shorter than the Nile
Average rainfall in Cairo is
1.5 inches a year
Hydrophite means?
it needs a lot of water to survive
This African country has long been a thorn in Americas side
Libyan dictator who took power in 1969
Khadafi shipped weapons to
Ireland Mozambique and Palestine among others
4 largest oil reserves in Africa in order
Nigeria, Libya Algeria and Gabon
Major ruins in Tunisia called?
One of the US best friends in the Arab world
Morocco is the worlds largest exporter of?
phosphates-detergents and fertilizers
What percentage of Africa is plateau?
these mountains are on the tip of Africa
What is the highest peak in the Atlas mountains in Africa
11,000 ft
What is Boxite?
The ore used to make Aluminum
worlds 2 largest producers of Boxite in order?
Australia, Guniea
4 isolated volcanic peaks in East Africa
Kilamanjaro, Kenya, Margharita, Elgan
Largest lake in Africa?
Lake Victoria
When was swine flu first diagnosed in pigs?
When was there last a bout of swine flu?
in the 80s
Limestone is made up of?
Calcium carbonate
Puerto Rico is...
a commonwealth territory of the US
in 1898 the USS Maine
sunk, sow we went to war with Spain
Copper Canyon is significant because?
its 3 to 4 times bigger than the Grand Canyon
Tierra Del Fuego is?
The tip of South America. it has nothing to do with volcanoes. Argentina and Chile share it.
Largest drainage basin in the world?
Amazon drainage basin
Amazon drainage basin would cover ___% of the contiguous United States
Largest river in the world, not the longest
How many cubic feet of flow per second does the Amazon River produce?
7 million
How wide is the Amazon?
2 miles
How deep is the Amazon?
200 ft
How many tributaries does the Amazon have?
Parana/Paraguay is the ___ largest river plain
Highest waterfall in the world?
Angel Falls
Guiana highlands found in?
Venezuela and Guyana
The biggest coffee producer in the world?
Highest mountain in South America? Where is it?
Mt. Acongagua, Argentina, 22,800 ft+
How many inches per year is South America drifting?
18 inches
Incan civilization began in...
highest navigable lake?
Lake titticacca
Incas believe the first man and woman were placed on this island in lake titticaca
Isla del Sol
Pachamama means?
mother earth
Capital of the Incan empire was called?
Cuzco was referred to by the Incans as the?
Bellybutton of the Earth
Machu Pichu discovered in?
Saroche means?
Altitude sickness
Almost as many people in Bolivia as in this Texas city
65% of all what come from Brazil?
Biggest exporter of drugs in the world?

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