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chpt. 12 Stong Matching and short answer


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The returning of people to a homeland
the policy of treating people as though they were unable to manage their own affairs
The policy of allowing local chiefs to handle community affairs under the direction of a colonial official
Indirect rule
government officials (usually European) had complete control over the African
Direct rule
The treatment of a group of people due to another groups superior attitude.
Ethnic inequality
What is a suttee
When a wife throws herself on her husbands funeral pyre.
What brought about the Sepoy rebellion?
The English imposed on the Indians
1. overseas travel
2. used pig and cow grease for packaging
3. Outlawed suttee
4. women could remarry
Explain why the Europeans and Indians had so many conflicts
Indians were treated as if they were not as good as the English. Also the English passed laws that outlawed certain Hindu practices.
Explain the part that opium played into the history of Chinese and European conflicts
There was a trade imbalance.
Britain outlawed opium, but continued to import it to China. Chinese tried to stop the import and war broke out.
Explain the part that Russia played into the imperialist attitude of Japan.
Russia wanted part of China.
Russia wanted a warm water port.
Japan wanted Russia to recognize thier control of Korea.
Name two land areas that Germany gained in the Franco/Prussian war and how did conflict over these lands lead to later wars?
Alsace/ Lorraine
These areas had coal and heavy industry. France and Germany both wanted it.
Imperialism had a tremendous effect in this era. Explain imperialism and name a country that practiced imperialism.
control of one country over another in politics, economics, and government. Britain took over India.
By 1890 there was a 1 plus and 1 countries in Aftica still independent. Name them
Ethopia and Sierra Leone
Many imperialistic countries practice 2 types of rule in Africa. Explain the 2 types of rule and why they were used in the areas they were.
Direct rule and indirect rule
18th century Britain and the United States tried to pursue a practice of Repatriation. Explain this practice and why did it largely fail.
Countries returned slaves back to Africa. It failed because of lack of support.
The social domination of a country is a part of imperialism. How did many European nations practice this area of domination.
They tried to change everyone in the countries that they conquered to their religion.
Germany entered imperialism late. Why and what did Otto do to get Germany included in the imperialism of Africa.
At the Berlin conference, Otto wanted Germany to get its share of Africa.
What spurred the Taiping Rebellion? What reforms did they make? What was the result?
A teacher led a rebellion in China who wanted to modernize the country. The fight lasted 14 years and 20-30 million people died. The rebellion failed.
Why did the Chinese refer to themselves as the "Middle Kingdon?"
The felt that they were superior and the world revolved around them.
Explain how the treaty of Nanking cam about. What was the result.
After the Opium war, Britain made China pay lots of money back to them. They also forced them to open ports to them.
Explain the impact of the Meiji?
It started the modernization Japan so that it became a world power.

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