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world cultures


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a group of people who share a common culture and ancestry: religion, language, food
What is an Ethnic Group?
When people move from one region to another, American Pioneers, European Settlers who spread new ideas: like baseball and blue jeans, sneakers, music
How does cultural diffusion happen?
people who share similar culture: age, language, religion
What are Cultural groups?
having a variety of cultures in the same area
What is Cultural Diversity?
eating with chopsticks in China, Japan vs. eating with a fork in the U.S and Europe vs. eating with fingers in Africa
What cultural traits change from place to place?
cultures cooperate with one another (USA) to create an interesting mix of ideas, behaviors and practices.
What is positive about cultural diversity?
an area in which people have many cultural traits: religion, language, lifestyle, food, music, clothing, architecture.(arab world)
What is a Cultural Region?
the spread of cultural traits from one region to another: Americans brought baseball to Cuba and to Korea.
What is Cultural diffusion?
language, sports, start of school year, food
What are some Cultural Traits?
It is a region that in includes different countries
What kind Cultural Region is Kurdish
an activity or behavior in which people of the same culture take part
What are Cultural Traits?
language, religion, clothing, music, food, gov't, education,art.
What are cultural features?
Yes, Tanzania has over 100, India has many
Do some countries have more than one ethnic group?
It dominates an entire country (Japan)
What kind of Cultural Region is Japan?
innovation: new idea or way of doing something: telephone, movies, internet, motion pictures and contact with people from other cultures.
What influences cultures to change?
Spanish brought guns and horses to the Americas, Native Americans introduce potatoes and chocolate to Spanish, Chinese introduced Buddhism and written language to the Koreans and Japanese
What are examples that have caused culture to change?
some change quickly and some change slowly
How do cultures change?
It can lead to conflict such as war in (Rwanda, Iraq)
What is negative about Cultural diversity?
It is passed through generations taught by family: traditions, foods, holidays, laws and moral codes.
How is culture developed?
a way of life: the set of beliefs, values and practices that a group of people have in common.
What is culture?
a belief that one cultural group is better or superior to another cultural group
What is Ethnocentrism?
Yes, sports like soccer, basketball, some foods and some language.
What cultural traits are sometimes shared by people around the world?
Who develops or adopts new cultural traits?
Spanish language, Roman Catholic and enviornment in which people herd animals.
The Spanish acquisition of Central and South America resulted in the development of the following cultural traits:
it is one country with many different cultural regions
What kind of Cultural Region is Mexico

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