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Which explorer found a strait at the southern tip of South America
He gave Virginia its name and founded the Roanoke island colony
a tool, like an axe, but the blade crosswise to the handle
silk and spices
Of all Asian goods, what did Europeans prize the most?
Francis Marion
man who led a secret group of guerilla fighters against the British
He feared they would not allow visits to the city.
Why did Pope Urban II call on all Christians to retake the city of Jerusalem from the Muslims?
Northwest Arkansas
Where did the Osage live?
1st Continental Congress
When in 1774 delegates debated the best way to respond to abuse by British authorities
stories and images designed to support a certain point of view
a rebirth of European interest in Ancient Greece and Rome
No families/No skilled workers/Poor site for settlement
Why did Jamestown have such a rough start?
"Taxation without representation"
Colonists slogan
disease and malnutrition
Why did 3/4 of Patriot troops die at Valley Forge?
colonists who considered it their duty to remain loyal to Britain
Plymouth Rock
Pilgrims established what colony in Massachusetts?
To determine the number of knights each lord owed and to establish taxes throughout the kingdom
Why did William of Normandy create the Domesday Book?
their trade with the colonists was suffering
Why did British merchants want Parliament to repeal the Stamp Act?
large farms specializing in 1 crop
Mayflower Compact
legal contract signed by Pilgrims to create BFFs
Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay
3 authors of the Federalists Papers (in order of awesomeness)
Stamp Act
required colonists to pay for an official stamp whenever they bought paper items
The Askum Kingdom of East Africa gained much of its wealth by trading what?
Southwest Arkansas
Where did the Caddo live?
How did the first Americans enter America?
He let his troops off for the holidays so the Patriots could regroup
How did General Howe screw up?
wind-blown dirt
Sugar Act
set duties on molasses and suger imported by the colonists
deer skins
What type of animal skin did Arkansas Post want most?
He was the explorer who believed the Americans weren't islands but continents
La Salle
He claimed the Mississippi River Valley for the king of France by claiming any water connected to the Mississippi River
money or property that is used to earn more money
governmental branch consisting of the president and vice-president
militia members who could be ready to fight at a moment's notice
Arkansas Post
only revolutionary war battle fought west of the Mississippi River
objects made by humans
a type of government in which a head of state is elected and the people hold the political power
Bill of Rights
added strength and flexibility to the Constitution
the turning point for England in the French and Indian war
Great Awakening
unorganized, widespread movement of Christian sermons and meetings
Spanish soldiers who brought the spirit of the Reconquista to the Americas
circular ceremonial rooms that were first built by the Mogollon
Between 38,000 and 10,000 BC
When did the Paleo-Indians enter North America?
Marion's Brigade
secret group of guerilla fighters led by Francis Marion
Johannes Gutenberg
Who invented the movable type printing press?
the 3/5 Compromise counted 3/5 of who or what as every state's population?
He could sail from Europe to the West and reach Asia
What was Christy Colomby's bold idea?
1-person canoes almost completely enclosed in animal skins
indentured servants
people who signed a contract to work 4-7 years for people who paid their ship fare to America
Andean Mountains
Where did the Inca civilization develop?
reformers who protested practices of the Catholic Church
rectangular dwellings made from logs and bark
Battle of Lexington
battle with the shot heard round the world
Treaty of Paris of 1783
it established British recognition of the United States and laid out the new country's borders
civilians serving as soldiers
refers to soil left behind by rivers
Battle of Yorktown
where General Cornwallis surrendered to American troops on October 19, 1781
delegates from big states
Who supported the Virginia plan?
Mississippian Tradition
During what Native American tradition was corn introduced and an advance in technical skills?
Leif Eriksson
Who established Vinland?
checks n' balances
system to keep 1 branch of government from getting too powerful
people who are killed, captured, wounded, or missing in war
How many essays were in the Federalists' Papers?
dome shelters built of blocks of ice
the study of the unwritten past
governmental branch consisting of a two-house Congress
hired foreign soldiers
South of the Ozark Mountains
Where is the Arkansas River Valley?
a throwing stick which made a spear go farther and faster
Battle of Trenton
before this battle, George Washington led his troops across the Delaware River
Middle Ages
a period of time in Europe from the late AD 400s until around AD 1350
He was a Spanish soldier who conquered Incas of Peru
governmental branch that includes the administrative department of the government
a small but sturdy ship designed to be fast and maneuverable
people who first settle an area
Boston Harbor closed off until the lost tea was paid for/Massachusetts' charter was cancelled/Quartering Act/Trials of royal officials were moved to Britain
What were the 4 Intolerable Acts?
a fighting style consisting of swift hit n run attacks
voting rights
Woodland Tradition
During what Native American tradition was there a widespread practice of agriculture?
Colonists' rights/Colonists' complaints/Declared colonies free and independent
Components of the Declaration of Independence
the 1st people to enter North America
2nd Continental Congress
a gathering of delegates on how to act now that open British hostilities had taken place
They ran out of gunpowder
Why did the Patriots retreat from Bunker Hill?
Southwest Arkansas
Where is the Gulf Coastal Plain
Headright System
system in which colonists who paid their own way to VA received 50 acres of land plus 50 for any other person they covered
Battle of Saratoga
after this battle, France formally announced its support of America
Conquistador who conquered the Aztecs of Mexico
NW corner of Arkansas
Where are the Ozark Mtns?
East Arkansas
Where is the MS Alluvial Plain?
Great Migration
mass movement of people who left England b/w 1629 and 1640
He brought his family and any slaves and paid for all of their ship fares.
How did the wealthy get rich through the Headright system?
He led the expedition that eventually circumnavigated the world
Closed all ports to US shipping/Charged high tariffs for British goods
After the war, how did Britain put restrictions on American trade?
10,000 BC
When did the Paleo-Indians reach Arkansas?
Bill of Rights
first 10 amendments to the Constitution
John Locke
the Enlightenment philosopher who believd in equality and liberty for all
Battle of Saratoga
where General Burgoyne was defeated by General Gates and General Arnold
natural rights
fundamental rights of all US citizens
no president, no national court system, limited powers
Under the Articles, the central government had:
a system of government in which people pledged loyalty to a lord in exchange for protection
the most popular way to protest taxes on British goods
East Arkansas
Where did the Quapaw live?
small circular huts
governmental branch that makes the nation's laws
Archaic Tradition
During what Native American tradition was there a change in climate?
Who did Georgia's founders hope would settle in the new land?
long ago
True/False: England's first attempts to settle North America were successful
official changes, additions, or corrections to a document
South of the Arkansas River Valley
Where are the Quachita Mtns?
Even priests and monarchs had to obey the law.
What did the Magna Carta state?
supporters of the Constitution
How many states had to ratify the Articles for the new government to take effect?
Thomas Jefferson
main author of the Declaration of Independence
symbols and images that represent ideas
What was the most devastating effect Europeans had on Native Americans?
exclusive control of something
Intolerable Acts
four laws passed by Parliament as punishment for the Boston Tea Party
formal approval
governmental branch that includes the Supreme Court
De Soto
He was the first European to cross the Mississippi River into Arkansas, looking for gold
basic principles and laws that determine the government's powers
people who hunt animals and gather wild plants
Common Sense
a pamphlet asking colonists to break away from Britain
opposition of the Constitution
town meeting
focus of New England politics where each settlement discussed colonial issues
He taught them how to fertilize their crops with fish
How did Squanto help the Pilgrims?
Genghis Khan
Who led nomadic Central Asian warriors called the Mongols in an invasion of China?
Protestant group who wanted to purify, or reform, the Church of England
Articles of Confederation
document creating the nation's first central government with limited powers
How many states had to ratify the Constitution?
King John
What monarch was forced to sign the Magna Carta?
hunting and fishing
How did Aleutian cultures survive the harsh Arctic region?
the Netherlands
Where did the Pilgrims first immigrate after leaving England?
first year of survival in the colony
What did the first Thanksgiving represent?
John Rolfe
Who introduced a sweeter form of tobacco to Virginia which in turn caused the colony to profit?
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain
Who funded Christy Colomby's journey? (Names and country)
5 wars fought between 1096 and 1221 for possession of the Holy Land
people who leave their country of birth to live elsewhere
Silk Road
an overland trade route that stretched from China to the Black Sea
Colombian Exchange
plants, animals, and diseases transferred from the Old World to the New World
name given to British soldiers b/c of their red uniforms
a document granting permission to establish a colony
They weren't Christians/They had a different economic system/They lacked technology
Why did Europeans call Indians savages?
to house and supply a British soldier
Europeans had a resistance to them but Native Americans did not
Why did diseases devastate the Native American population but not the European population?
Aztec, Maya, Olmec
the 3 largest, most well-known Mesoamerican civilizations (alphabetical order)
a religious group
Monteczuma II ruled what civilization?
Continental Army
military force organized to protect the colonies led by George Washington
What was the most important crop for the early Americans?
He received a holy vision.
Why did Muhammed begin teaching Islam?
people who chose to fight for independence
Oliver Cromwell
Who led an army of Puritans and others against Charles I?
Martin Luther
Who was the Protestant Reformation started by?
separatist group that left England to escape persecution
groups that share common values and traditions
religious group who wanted to separate rather than reform the Church of England
mass movement of people from one region to another
French land east of the Mississippi River/Spanish Florida/French Canada
What did Britain get from French and Spain from the Treaty of Paris of 1763?
to pay off French and Indian war debts/to pay for the standing army in America
Why did Parliament decide to raise taxes?
governmental branch consisting of a series of federal courts
a mineral used for making spear points, arrowheads, and other tools
They provided them with enough food for months/ they used the skin to make warm clothing/ they used the bones to make shelters and tools
Why did the big game hunters follow herds of mastadon aka woolly mammoths (ur not gonna get
Who controlled Arkansas at the end of the French and Indian war?

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