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Associated Press. "Cuomo warns of 'tyranny of the majority'." 4/30/05. 5/1/05 <>
Democrats blocked 10 of President Bush's appellate court choices during his last term by filibustering. Bush re-nominated seven of them this term, and Democrats are threatening to block them again. They contend those seven are two sharply conservative to fill the lifetime appointments
Associated Press. "DeLay: Whipping Boy or Poster Boy." 4/15/05 5/1/05 <>
President Bush said Thursday that embattled House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has been an effective leader and he looks forward to continue working with him despite the charges of ethical violations that the congressman is fighting
Associated Press. "Pope holds first general audience." 4/27/05 5/105 <>
Pope Benedict XVI has held the first general audience of his new pontificate, pledging to work for reconciliation and peace
Associated Press. "Former Education official pleads guilty." 4/29/05 5/1/05 <>
A former deputy undersecretary for safe and drug free schools at the Education Department pleaded guilty to charging the government for personal travel, including trips to Texas where he continued working as a visiting judge while employed in Washington
Moore, Frasier. "Will tv indecency ban become censorship?" Kansas City Star 4/30/05 5/1/05 <>
In the minds of many viewers, the current anti-indecency crusade isn't just out to make the airwaves safe for families and children. Another likely goal is to punish TV for its brazen smut-peddling
"Hardcover bestseller list" 5/1/05 5/1/05
1. TRUE BELIEVER, by Nicholas Sparks
2. THE MERMAID CHAIR, by Sue Monk Kidd
3. THE DA VINCI CODE, by Dan Brown
4. REVENGE OF THE SITH, by Matthew Stover
5. NO PLACE LIKE HOME, by Mary Higgins Clark
"Wade shoulders load with 34 points ; Shaq's 17" 5/1/05 5/1/05 <>
jersey is out
Associated Press. England pleads guilty to Abu Ghraib charges 5/2/05 5/2/05 <>
U.S. Army Pfc. Lynndie England -- the reservist whose image symbolized Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison scandal -- pleaded guilty Monday to charges related to the abuse at the Baghdad facility
Associated Press. U.S.: N. Korea apparently tests missile 5/1/05 5/2/05 <>
North Korea apparently tested a short-range missile Sunday, the Bush administration said, the latest in a string of recent incidents to refocus international attention on the Korean Peninsula's nuclear standoff.
Viles, Peter. Charges not ruled out for runaway bride 5/2/05 5/2/05 <>
A suburban Atlanta prosecutor said Sunday he would be less likely to bring charges against runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks if authorities determine she left spontaneously rather than planning her disappearance
Associated Press. Bush presses argument for Social Security overhaul 4/30/05 5/2/05 <>
President Bush's 60-day nationwide road show launched to raise support for his drive to create private Social Security investment accounts is over, but he has no plans to stop traveling the country or pitching his ideas
Associated Press. Congress-passed budget plan targets Medicaid 4/29/05 5/2/05 <>
Congress narrowly passed a $2.6 trillion budget Thursday that would cut back spending on the Medicaid health care program for the first time since 1997 in a step toward trimming federal deficits
Associated Press. Card: Dems should work with us 5/2/05 5/2/05 <>
President Bush's chief of staff appealed on Sunday for congressional Democrats to work with the administration and Republicans rather than complain and stall action on Capitol Hill
Associated Press. House GOP drafting Social Security bill 4/29/05 5/2/05 <>
House Republicans announced plans Friday to draft Social Security legislation by June as President Bush warned Democratic critics not to "play politics as usual" with his call for sweeping program changes including curtailment of some benefits
Gullotta runs as write-in 5/2/05 5/2/05 <>
Former strip club owner Carl Gullotta already found himself in the middle of the District 1 City Council race as the candidates sparred over the best way of handling his bid to open a bar and restaurant in the heart of Benson. Now, Gullotta has joined the race. He said he filed Friday as a write-in candidate for the district, which covers Dundee, Florence and Benson
Mom who hid newborn fails to appear in court 5/2/05 5/2/05 <>
The 18-year-old woman who gave birth at home, then hid her newborn faces more trouble after failing to appear in court today. Douglas County Judge Darryl Lowe issued an arrest warrant for Maria Vargas
Associated Press. Laura Bush steals show at press corps’ dinner 5/1/05 5/2/05 <>
First lady roasts president as D.C. celebrates Fourth Estate
Associated Press. Ad war over Bush judicial nominees 5/2/05 5/2/05 <>
A costly advertising war erupted Monday over President Bush’s controversial court nominees, with opposing groups vowing to spend at least $1 million each over the next two weeks.
Russert, Tim. Bush will settle for ‘Social Security Plus’5/2/05 5/2/05 <>
Bush will settle for ‘Social Security Plus’
Gas prices the sleeper issue hurting the president
Scmidt, Susan. Untangling a lobbyist's stake in a casino fleet 5/2/05 5/2/05 <>
Untangling a lobbyist's stake in a casino fleet
With millions missing, another federal probe targets Abramoff
Associated Press. Bush aide asks Democrats to cooperate 5/1/05/ 5/2/05 <>
WASHINGTON - President Bush’s chief of staff appealed on Sunday for congressional Democrats to work with the administration and Republicans rather than complain and stall action on Capitol Hill
Rosenburg, Michael. MICHAEL ROSENBERG: Pistons just shrug at can't-miss Sixers 4/30/05 5/2/05 <>
What's the old saying? Oh, right: A playoff series doesn't start until somebody loses a home game.

Well, this Pistons-76ers series just began. That's nice. I was hoping it would start before it ended. The 76ers sprang to life, beat the Pistons, 115-104, and if nothing else, we have a reason to pay attention. We have a series
Efron, Sonni. Bolton's a Tough Guy With a Cause 5/1/05 5/2/05 <>
When John R. Bolton charged into the State Department in 2001 as President Bush's top arms control official, he thought of himself as a loyal Republican soldier on a mission into hostile political territory, according to friends and colleagues
Eagleburger, Lawrence. Bolton: blunt, but effective 4/26/05 5/2/05 <>
PRESIDENT BUSH'S nomination of John Bolton as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations has generated a bad case of dyspepsia among a number of senators, who keep putting off a confirmation vote. That hesitation is now portrayed as a consequence of Bolton's purported "mistreatment" of several State Department intelligence analysts
Nonfiction bestsellers. 5/5/05 5/5/05 My Life So Far. <>
Jane Fonda
Nonfiction bestsellers. 5/5/05 5/5/05 The World is Not Flat. <>
Thomas L. Friedman
Nonfiction bestsellers. 5/5/05 5/5/05 Blink <>
Malcolm Gladwell
Nonfiction bestsellers. Freakonomics 5/5/05 5/5/05 <>
Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner
Nonfiction bestsellers. On Bull 5/5/05 5/5/05 <>
Harry G. Frankfurt
Associated Press. Bush continues Social Security push 5/7/05 5/7/05 <>
President Bush's 60-day nationwide road show launched to raise support for his drive to create private Social Security investment accounts is over, but he has no plans to stop traveling the country or pitching his ideas
Associated Press. Schumer urges Bush to intervene in filibuster fight 5/7/05 5/7/05 <>
Sen. Charles Schumer, a leading Democrat in the fight over judicial nominees, urged President Bush to intervene and rein in the strongest conservative critics of Democratic opposition to some candidates
Associated Press. Chafee backs part of Social Security plan 5/6/05 5/7/05 <>
A centrist Republican senator who opposes President Bush's proposal of private investment accounts for Social Security is endorsing the president's call for a change in calculating benefits that would cut future checks for all but low-income workers
Associated Press. Re-inventing the filibuster 4/21/05 5/7/05 <>
(Creators Syndicate) -- While re-inventing himself at age 87 in his 47th year as a senator, Robert C. Byrd has denied his clear past use of parliamentary maneuver to force majority rule in the Senate
Barrett Ted. House speaker defends DeLay 4/14/05 5/7/05 <>
House Speaker Dennis Hastert said Thursday that he fully supports his embattled Majority Leader Tom DeLay and will do so until it's proven he violated the chamber's rules by accepting trips from lobbyists
Stein, Mark. Nash fourth point guard to win MVP 5/7/05 5/7/05 <>
Nash has edged Miami center Shaquille O'Neal to become just the fourth point guard in MVP history to win the league's highest individual honor, according to sources familiar with the results. The others are Magic Johnson, Oscar Robertson and Bob Cousy
Benac, Nancy. 7 Judges' Futures Hang in Filibuster Fight 5/7/05 5/7/05 <>
They have been called a "family of seven judicial fanatics." Also "radical," "corporate stooges," the "most extreme of the extreme." The seven men and women whose judicial nominations are at the center of Washington's filibuster fight have been packaged as all-American success stories: a sharecropper's daughter, a senator's son, able jurists who can find time to teach Sunday school and clean up national parks.
Hulse, Carl. Bracing for the Filibuster Fight and Preparing for Its Fallout 5/7/05 5/7/05 <>
With the Senate clock ticking toward a momentous procedural clash over judicial nominees, lawmakers and advocates on each side are readying a final push to win over the few uncommitted lawmakers and frame the fight to their best political advantage
Chaddock, Gail. The filibuster - a debate that has never ended 5/7/05 5/7/05 <>
Named after a swift boat used by marauding West Indian pirates, the "filibuster" has long been the sharpest weapon in the Senate's procedural arsenal - and as such a point of recurring controversy
DeLay Reveals A Humble Side 5/6/05 5/7/05 <>
Embattled House Majority Leader Tom DeLay spoke Thursday of the importance of humility in public service and asked for continued prayers for Congress
Associated Press. DeLay calls for humility, responsibility 5/5/05 5/7/05 <>
House Majority Leader Tom DeLay spoke about the virtue of humility Thursday, telling a gathering to imagine what could be accomplished "if we spent less time ducking responsibility and more time welcoming it
Associated Press. 2 on ethics panel to bow out of any DeLay probe 5/4/05 5/7/05 <>
Republicans backtracked in an ethics controversy Wednesday for the second time in two weeks, deciding that two GOP members of the ethics committee should withdraw from any investigation of Tom DeLay because they contributed to the majority leader’s legal defense funds
Fineman, Howard. The most powerful social conservative comes to town 5/4/05 5/7/05 <>
When I flew to Colorado Springs recently to interview Dr. James Dobson, he had an urgent matter to interview ME about: why, he wondered, did Don Imus think that he (Dobson) was a nut? He was anything but, Dobson said
Pryne, Eric. Parties fight to control nominee selection 5/6/05 5/7/05 <>
The Republican and Democratic parties say they — not candidates — should decide which office seekers can be labeled Democrats or Republicans on the state's new "top two" primary ballot this September
Shields, Todd. Networks Back New Advocacy Group 5/4/05 5/7/05 <>
TV Watch, an advocacy group intended as a counterweight to critics who want a government crackdown on broadcast indecency, launched on Wednesday with supporters including the corporate parents of NBC, CBS and Fox
Moore, Frazier. A ban on TV indecency is all the rage in the U.S. - is censorship next?5/7/05 5/7/05 <>
In the minds of many viewers, the current anti-indecency crusade isn't just about making the airwaves safe for families and children - it's also a way to punish TV for its brazen smut-peddling
Medved, Michael. The mess of mass entertainment 4/18/05 5/7/05 <>
While headlines herald the box-office dominance of "family films" and marvel at the new muscle of anti-indecency crusaders in the TV business, few parents feel reassured by current offerings from the entertainment industry. In the midst of ongoing debate about media standards, the general public seems unable to decide whether we should fear too much censorship — or too little
Associated Press. Bolton's Behavior Hinders Easy Confirmation5/7/05 5/7/05 <>
If they agree on anything, backers and critics of John R. Bolton seem to acknowledge that the embattled U.N. nominee can behave like a bull in a china shop
Sarasohn, David. CIA does not view Bolton as reliable source 5/6/05 5/7/05 <>
D espite the claims of right-wing spinners, the case against John Bolton becoming U.S. ambassador to the United Nations isn't that he yells at people bureaucratically below him
Associated Press. Bolton criticized by former intelligence official and Powell's chief of staff 5/6/05 5/7/05 <>
John R. Bolton, nominated to be U.N. ambassador, vastly overrated the military might of Syria and Cuba and had to be talked into toning down his assessments, a former senior intelligence official told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee staff Friday

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