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four components for Project Head Start
“Education- With priority for children the year before beginning elementary school”.
“The Health- Medical, dental, and nutritional services including screenings, immunizations, and hot meals as a part of the program”
“Social services for families- Including community outreach, referrals, emergency assistance and so on”
“ Parent involvement- Volunteering in the operation, governance of the program, parent education, workshops, and so on.

Sweden societal goals
-high quality ECE
-ECE for everyone!
-particular responsibility to children with special support needs
-stimulating activities that promote development
-combination of education and care
-working in cooperation with parents and serving family needs
-publicly funded care provided by municipalities

Sweden beliefs
-learning is a continuous process
-it happens anywhere/anytime
-children learn through play
-subject matter should be relevant to the child and what they already know
-education + care
-social interaction and cooperative learning is beneficial

Waldorf Education
Waldorf Education is viewed as an art “the teacher’s aim is to draw out the children’s inherent capacities by creating an atmosphere in the classroom that fills the children with interest, wonder and enthusiasm”
Waldorf education is a holistic approach with the idea of educating the whole child through three distinct ways – actively from birth to seven, emotionally for grade school and thoughtfully for adolescent years
teaching methods
Usually full day programs. You Er Yuan is full day program for 3-6 years. Allowed meals and snacks at school. Usually grouped by age but mixed groups are available. Boarding kinder (overnight) and weekly accomodation welcomed by some busy working parents. 3 years professional training. Tuo Er Suo is for younger and requires less training.
financial support china
Tuo Er Suo (children below 3) partially supported by government workplaces or individuals. Zao Jiao Zhong Xin: Parent-child activities for under 3year old. Financially supported by government and other resources. Complimentary or hourly rate education programs.
Dewey Theory
-Children learn best when interacting.
-Children's interests form the basis for curric planning.
-Children learn anywhere and anytime.
-Children learn for the present, not the future
-Values and culture of families and communities should be reflected
-Teachers teach subjects + how to live in society.

Dewey teachers role
According to Dewey, the path to quality education is to know children well, build their experiences on past learning, to be organized and plan well. Observing, documenting and keeping records of classroom events is therefore important.
Patty smith hill
Felt Froebel's gifts and occupations should be taken with criticcal analysis and modification when needed. Play should be intrinsically motivated and have purpose and meaning for each child. Created course and grad program for ECErs to teach methods to others. Emphasized observation to discover needs interests and abilities of children. Sanitation and health important. She introduced separate cups, baths for children and medical supervision. Education revolved around “whole child”

Susan Blow
Inspired by Froebel and used Froebel's Gifts and Occupations to teach children in their play and did not want it changed. Focused on intellectual growth and moral development. Structured and academic play. Encouraged children to compare Froebel's gifts to other objects. Process oriented although there was an end prodcut that was fairly structured. Supported learning in natural environment so included field trips, pet care and gardening. Used stories literature songs games and finger plays.
According to BC Coalition of Childcare advocates and ECEBC what is the great divide and what plans to close the gap?
Great divide is the divide between formal childcare and early childhood education.
Integration under one lead ministry. Strong partnership between care and learning.
Funding from goverenment.

plan to integrate education and child care benefits
Public education: Universal, public funding, democratic control, public support, infrastructure to deliver.
Child Care: Care at core, respect for rights, play based, holistic, relationship with families.
Commitment from elected officials to emprace and implement plan
Enacting the early care and learning act
Developing a five year stable budget.
Working with stakeholders to develop targets and timelines.

High Scope 5 key principles
Active learning (hands-on experiences which help children construct knowledge about the world)
Adult-Child Intervention (positive interactions where the adult and child share control and the adult supports the childs learning)
The learning environment (separate, organized interest areas with sufficient materials)
Daily routine (consistent routine to support learning)
Assessment (daily anecdotal records and planning sessions)

4 principles of new zealand curric
-holistic development
-family and community
-Goals from these principles
-well being, belonging, contribution, communication, exploration.

New zealand curric
-integrates care and education and includes both specifically planned experiences and activities and interactions that arise spontaniously.
-Each early childhood program has to cater to the unique characteristics and needs of the children and families in different localities and be founded on the belief that children learn, grow, and develop differently.
new zealand beliefs
-Established with the primary goal for providing help for disadvantaged children.
-Multicultural heritage so they strongly believe in promoting the values and links between culture, language, and learning.
-Believe in the importance of the learning environment particularly the relationship between home and early childhood centers

curriculum full time preschool sweden
norms and values, development and learning, influence of child, preschool and home, cooperation with grade school.

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