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Socials 8 Famous People

Socials 8 quiz of famous people who did famous stuff that we learned about


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Famous English Privateer who defeated the spanish armada
King John
Forced to sign the magna carta because he was not a good king
John Cabot
Italian who sailed for England and discovered Newfoundland
Frank king who was interested in rebuilding society, unlike other rulers who just thought of themselves. Started the Carloginian Renaissance
First to circumnavigate the globe
Martin Luther
Monk who started the reformation in Europe by nailing a list of complaints to the church door
Started the Renaissance with his ideas of Human solutions to human problems. He studied latin and greek classics.
Richard the Lionheart
Leader of the Christians in the Third Crusade
First to sail around the cape of good hope
Marco Polo
Traveled to China and lived in the palace of the Kublhai Khan
Constantine the Great
First Christian Roman Emperor, legalized Christianity, chose Byzantium as his capital and changed the name to Constantinople
Leonardo Da Vinci
Renaissance painter, engineer, sculptor, and visionary. Painted the Mona Lisa.
First Frank King
Jacques Cartier
First to sail up the saint lawrence and claim land for France
Vasco da Gama
First to sail around Africa to get to India
Roman emperor who built the Hagia Sophia and organized the laws into a Legal Code
William the Conqueror
Norman who conquered the saxons in England and became King of England
Christopher Columbus
Discovered the New world in 1492 when looking for a new route to Asia
Criticized the church members and even the pope in his books, but was not tried for heresy because he never went against the fundamental teachings of the church.
Painted the sistine chapel and sculpted the statue of david
Henry VII
Started the Reformation in england because he wnated to devorce his wife and the pope didn't let him
Joan of Arc
French Female who lead france to victory in the hundred years war. Was burned at the stake for heresy by the english.
Spanish Conquistador who conquered the Aztecs in Mexico and turned it into New Spain
Major leader of the Turks in the Crusades
Fought against William the conqueror and his Norman knights in the battle of hastings. Leader of the Saxons

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