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world history chapter 5


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european christians began a series of military campaigns against the turks calld the ____
justinians code
justinian appointed a group of scholars to collect and organize the ancient laws of rome the result of which was called ____
roman catholic, rome, eastern orthodox, constantinopl
the christian church split into the ____ which ruled form the city of ____ and the ____ which ruled from the city of ____
genghis khan
most feared warrior of all time
byzantine, roman, greko-roman
constantinople became the new ____ empire that developed out of the Eastern ____ empire. its culture was a blending of several influences called ____-____ with its language and tradition.
golden horde
khans army was called the _____. they conquered china with fast horses
year roman empire collapsed
cyril and mathodius invented this
asia minor, asia, europe
___ is located at the cross roads of ____ and ___ helped make it a center of trade and industry
ivan the great, czar
____took the title of ____ which was the russian word for caeser.
the first great byz. ruler.
peoople who was the head of the orthodox in constantinople.
greek fire.
the byz. discovered this new chemical weapon called the ____
____ protecting europe from invading islamic armies for centuries.
ottoman turks, 1453
the byz eempire was finally destroyed by the ____ in ____
obtained slaves from the slavs and continued their river valley down south to the black sea.
settled societies
genghis khan led his army of ferocious nomadic horsemen against the ____ of asia.
were invented in 6th cent. by byz. and this helped riders stay astride their horses leaving their hands free to use their weapons.
the christian church split.
year byz empire ended and also the ottoman turks attacked constantinople and finally overwelmed them.
dnieper river
kiev is located on the ____ river.
prairie grasslands similar to the great plains in the US
seljuk turks
the ____ came from the ease, they caverted the islam and mobing steadly westward in 1071. the destroyed the byz army on the empires eastern frontiers

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