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Global History Midterm Review


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Mesopotamia Rivers
Tigris and Euphrates
Egypt River
China River
Yellow River/Huang He
India River
Indus River
Rome River
Do River and Tiber River
Group of many islands
Fertile Crescent
"Cradle of Civilization"
Crescent of fertile land in Mesopotamia
Tigris and Euphrates
Rivers in Mesopotamia
Violent and unpredictable flooding
How did the Tigris and Euphrates river effect Mesopotamia?
Advanced irrigation systems
Advanced government to organize and control floods.
Hammurabi's Law
Law system in Mesopotamia
Fertile soil deposited by many rivers
Nile River
River in Egypt
Annual and predictable flooding
Deserts in Egypt
Served as natural barriers
Religion and government combined
Huang He/Yellow River
Violent flooding
"River of Sorrows"
Went off course

Middle Kingdom
Ancient China felt as if they were the Middle Kingdom because they were so isolated
The thought that your own race is better than all others
Gobi Desert
Served as a natural barrier in China
Silk Road
A long road in China where goods, mainly silk, was traded all over Europe
Hindu Kush Mountains
Mountains in Northwestern India
Contains the Khyber Pass
Khyber Pass
A passageway in the Hindu Kush mountains that allowed invaders to enter and for cultural diffusion to take place
A Greek city-state mainly known for war and agriculture
Greece Geography
Great harbors
75% Mountainous
Little farmland, mainly used for grazing

Steppe Farming
The Chinese invention of farming on a mountain slope
On the border of northern Rome
Provides protection and serves a natural barrier
Location of Rome in Italy
Centrally located
Impact of the sea on Rome
Provided protection and served as a trading route
Uniting Greece
Difficult to do
Uniting Rome
Easier too do

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