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World History Ch. 2


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The early Chinese referred to their homland as_____, or the ______
Zhong Guo, or "the Middle Kingdom"
The _____,______, and ______ mountains and the sands of the ______isolate China from the rest of Asia.
Tian Shan, Kunlun, Shan...Himalayas
Three rivers that drain eastern China are the______, the______, and the _____.
The Huang He, the Chang Jiang, and the Xi Jiang
The ______ dynasty was the first recorded civilization in China.
Priests used ______ bones to predict the future.
animal (or oracle)
The artisans of the first dynasty cast many fine objects of ______and wove cloth of______
Metal or Bronze, and Silk
Archaeologists have identified _______capital cities of the first dynasty, one of which was_______.
Seven, Anyang
The leader who ended the first dynasty was named _____.
The ______ dynasty succeeded the Shang and ruled for 800 years.
The Chinese believed their rulers governed according to a principle known as the ______________.
Mandate of Heaven
The Mountain ranges on the northern border of South Asia are the __________ and the _________.
Himalayas and the Hindu Kush
The plains are drained by three rivers, the ______, The ________, and the ___________.
Indus, Ganges, and the Brahmaputra
Seasonal winds called ______ greatly affect the climate.
The northeast wind brings _______ air to the region.
The Southwest or summer wind brings______.
The two ancient cities of South Asia were ______ and _______.
Harappa and Mohenjo Daro
Each city was laid out in a _______ pattern and was overlooked by a ______
Grid, citadel
Harappan farmers grew ______, ______, ______, and ______
wheat, barley, rice, and cotton
Artisans made products such as ______ and _______
tools and jewelry
Archaeological discoveries show that the Harappans traded with the people of _________
The two rivers that made up the Fertile Crescent.
Tiris and Euphrates
Temple made of sundried bricks and decorated w/ colored tile, built in each city-state.
Why can the Sumerian city-states be called theocracies?
Sumerian kings were millitary leaders and high priests who represented the city-states diety and head of religious belief.
What were the Mesopotamian empires?
Akkadia and Babylonia
What was the pholosophy for Hammurabi's code?
there should be a specific punishment for crime and penalty should fit the crime
People of Egypt depended on the floods of the ________
Nile River
King ______ united Lower and Upper Egypt.
Old Kingdom
2700 B.C. to 2200 B.C.
Egyptians built huge _____ to serve as tombs for kings.
The egyptian process of embalming produced a _____.
IN the new Kingdom kings were known as_________
The name of the king who founded a new religion that worshipped only one god was________
Two women of prominence during the New Kingdom were Queen _______and Queen ____.
Hatshepsut, and Nerfetiti
the upper class in ancient egypt was made up of _______, ________, and ________.
Royalty, Nobles, and Priests
The middle class in ancient egypt was made up of ________, _______, _________, and __________.
Artisans, scribes, merchants and tax collectors
the name of the egyptian sun god was________.
God responsible for life, death and rebirth was _________
Champollion used ________ to decipher egyptian hieroglyphics.
Greek Version
Egyptians used the movement of the moon and the Dog Star, Sirius, to create a _________
365-day calendar
The capital of Egypt during the middle kingdom was ______

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