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World History Final

chapters 1-15 in "world History people and nations" book


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Mandate of heaven
Zhou ruler who determine themselves sons of heaven & w/ this in mindthe gods determine who should rule China.
A way of expressing that mind and matter are the same.
a theory in which a country's gov. should do all it can to increase a country's wealth.
a way of expressing that mind and matter are the same.
Worshiped Yehweh as only god. Viewed Yeweh as as spiritual force as a human being. Used ethical monotheism. Torah-first 5 books of the old testament
Everyday speech that varies from place to place.
highly centralized gov. that doesn't allow opposition and maintains total control.
Vasco de Gama
sailed passed cape of good hope and onto indian islands
the perfect peace of body and soul.
A community in which a town or city & its surrounding land was controlled as one
Amerigo Vespucci
convined land found was part of the new world. not asia.
Mandate of heaven
Zhou rulers who determine themselves, sons of heaven & believe gods determine who should ruler china
Prince or king that ruled each city-state: acted as military leader, lawmaker, and judge.
cultural diffusion
the spread of aspects of one culture to another area or the world.
positive or negative force generated by one's actions.
Prehistoric art forms
Painted animals they hunted on the walls of limestone caves. they made bronze weapons and jewelery.
gov. ruled by the clergy claiming that it is god's authority
juan ponce de loen
1513explored florida
Major religion in india. Developed from Vedic interpretations. Brahma and Atman are seen as one in the same god. believe in reincarnation, and Darmha and Karma
Ferdinand Megellan
passed through a straight and discovered pacific.
fulfillment of one's moral duty in life, (hinduism belief)
bartholomeu dias
sailed around cape of good hope.
Pax Romana
Periodof Roman peace. 27 B.c. 180 a.d.
king/prince that rules each city-state, as military leader , law maker and judge
absolute monarchy
system of gov. in which the ruler determines a policy w/o consulting people or their representatives.
Laozi tought daoism philosophy. central idea is dao, meaning "way of life" MAIN IDEA: Don't strive for riches be in harmony w/ dao by being thoughtful, quiet, and humble
Charles V
elected holy roman emperor-divided empire when became too big.
Neolithic revolution
The shift from gathering food to producing food.
Valued the importance of respect to one's elders. Was golden rule based:What you do not wish for yourself, do not wish on others. books & teachings called " the analects"
Egyptian art forms
Great Sphinx 4,500 yrs. old, pyramids made of limestone. decorated/ painted scenes of everyday life, showed head and feet in porfile
Discus thrower
Greek art. sculpted by Myron. Idealism realism
Common law
law based one judges decisions rathers than a code of law
cultural diffusion
the spread of apects and ideas of one culture to another area of the world.
economic & political system in which the gov. owns all means of propduction: comunism
Prince Henry
Member of portuguse family. intrest in exploration to aquire gold. wanted lead crusade agianst african muslims.
Thinker and teacher from Athens. Believed: the unexamoned life is not worth living" Socratic method
A religion began by "the enlightened one." Believed in 4 noble truths, & nirvana. Belived in monism
Division of Labor
In which different people perform different jobs in society

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