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C11: The Byzantine Empire


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Byzantine caesar over church & state who ruled Eastern Empire. He appointed the General Belisarius to drive out Ostrogoths & other Germanic tribes regaining the old Roman Empire lands.
Who was Justinian?
p. 302.
The body of Roman Civil Law collected and organized by order of the Emperor Justinian in A.D. 534.
What was the Justinian Code?
"Holy wisdom" , Justinian had a passion for church building. This was his most elegant church.
What was the Hagia Sophia?
p. 303.
The leading Catholic Bishop of the East but who was less powerful than the Emperor.
Who was the Patriarch?
p. 306.
Religious images used by Eastern Orthodox Christians to guide their devotions.
What were Icons?
p. 306.
To be cast out of the church.
What is Excommunication?
p. 306.
An alphabet of the Slavic (Russian) languages developed so Slavs could read the Bible in their own tongues.
What was the Cyrillic Alphabet?
p. 306.
Groups of people that inhabited the forests north of the Black Sea,who were ancestors of many Eastern Europeans today.
Who were the Slavs?

p. 307
The son of Princess Olga, who took throne in 980. He converted to Byzantine Christinaity as well as his subjects.
Who was Vladimir?

p. 308.
In 1019, Vladimir's son came to the throne and led Kiev to
great power by marrying his daughters & sisters to powerful Kings & Queens of W. Europe to seal trade and defense alliances. He devised a legal code of Commercial culture, supported
Who was Yaroslav the Wise?

p. 308.
Prince and military hero of Novgorod who advised his fellow princes to cooperate with Mongol invaders and give them tribute & obedience.
Who was Alexander Nevsky?

p. 310.
A cold, calculating, ruthless
ruler of Russia (1440-1505) who challenged Mongol rule, took the title Czar (Caesar) and claimed to make Russia the "Third Rome".
Who was Czar Ivan III?
p. 311.
Russian term for Caesar.
What is Czar?

p. 311.
These people were possibly descendants of the Tu-Kiu (1300B.C.) who lived west of China. They were plains horsemen, pastoral herdsmen of goats & sheep, nomads who
lived in tents, used Dromedary camels for transportation. The Abbasids used them a
Who were the Seljuks?

p. 314.
Prime ministers of the Seljuk Sultans.
What was a Vizier?

p. 315.
A famous Seljuk Sultan who took pride in supporting Persian artists & architects.
He built the Mosques, patronized intellectuals like Omar Khayyam who wrote the Rubaiyat, a collection of poems about his love of life's pleasures and created an ac
Who was Malik Shah?

p. 315.

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