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abolished slavery
13th amendment
ex-slaves made citizens
14th amendment
lowered voting age
26th amendment
gives woman consideration to make up for past discrimination
affirmative action
American Federation of labor and congress industrian org. - 2 major corps that combined into one
american troops in Europe
American expeditionary force
org. helped native americans in 1968
American Indian movement
signed by roosevelt churchill in 1941 to outline the 2 nations war aims
Atlantic charter
failed invasion of cuba by anti-castro in 1961
Bay of pigs
Wall built by east germany gov. in 1961 to prevent escaping to west germany
Berlin wall
farm controlled by a large business and managed by professionals
Bonanza farming
1954 Court case outlawing segregation in public schools
Brown vs. bd of edu
nickname for northern republican who moved to south after civil war
industrialist who made a fortune in steel in late 1800s
Andrew carnegie
42nd president, economic and health care reform
bill clinton
democrats agreed to give Hayes presidential victory and he agreed to remove federal troops from southern states
compromise of 1877
plan by fdr to add justices to supreme court to pass his own bills
1887 law that divided native american land into private family plots
Dawes act
lessening of tensions between ussr and america
1952-1960 provide a promise of peace
pledged military support to middle east to fight communist
eisenhower doctrine
1970 monitors air and water quality and toxic waste
Environmental protection agency
proposed amendment to prohibit discrimination among sexes
equal right amendment
made it a crime to help foreigners, limited rights during wartime
espionage act
minimum wage and max work hours
fair labor- standards act
established banking
federal reserve act
created assembly line that made cars cheaper for the common man
henry ford
time when things were made to look better than they were
gilded age
have to have a federal balance
gramm-rudman-hollings act
farmers attempt to unionize
provide 160 acres of land if you managed it after 5 yrs you got 160 more
homestead act
a corp. would buy out all companies of the same type
horizontal integration
limited number of immigrants to 2% of those that had come at the turn of the century
immigration act of 1924
gaining territory to increase power
u.s. embassy was taken hostage 444 days
Iran hostage crisis
Oliver north helped to divert money for guns to the contras to be used for the release of hostages
Iran contra affair
way to get around black amendments
jim crow laws
v.p under kennedy became president /vietnam great society (war on poverty)
Lyndon b. johnson
new frontier/ volunteerism (space/peace corp)
john f kennedy
north korea invaded south korea and u.n went to defend south. 1954 we agreed to stop fighting
korean conflict
doctrine says an economic system functions best with no government interference
first to fly transatlantic solo
Charles linbergh
attempt to keep former slaves/ all blacks from voting
literacy test
atomic bomb
manhattan project
marshalls plan to feed europe after world war 2
marshall plan
mass hysteria against communism
reporters and writers who exposed corruption
national association and advancement of colored people
national aueronautics and space administration
fdr plan to get us out of depression
new deal
wilsons progressive plan
new freedom
trade w/ china
open door policy
war to remove iroquies from quawait
operation desert storm
dec 7, 1941 attack by japs
pearl harbor
stolen and published papers showing that our envolvement in vietnam was not legitament
pentagon papers
led the AEF in europe during world war 1
john j pershing
money paid to be able to vote to keep blacks from voting
poll tax
movement in art using everyday things (campbell soup)
pop art
ideaoligy of the common man
to better mankind (jail, asulum, school)
"trinkle down theory" helping rich with tax breaks will help the poor
bring south back to union after civil war
fear of communism
red scare
standard oil guy
legalize abortion
roe v wade
brought us out of depression/ first and second new deal
fd roosevelt
stay out of our way theory
roosevelt corollary
bad name for a southern attemption to take advantage of other southerners
evolution in school
scopes trial
pool of male names for army draft
selective service act
former slaves work on someone elses land for a share of the profit
break up monopolies
sherman anti-trust act
sought to apply "golden rule" to society
social gospel
provide benefits to elderly, handicapped and dependent children
social security act
1898 get spanish out of cuba
spanish american war
teddy roosevelts program to treat everyone fairly
square deal
talks to limit nuclear weapons
strategic arms limitations talk
scandal about selling oil lease rights to friends to make them money
teapot dome scandal
vietnamese new year where we fought
tet offensive
sunk ship caused spanish american war
the maine
native american excelled in athletic events
jim thorpe
gave us right to be involved in vietnam
tonkin gulf resolution
stay out of the western hemisphere warning
truman doctrine
made decision to drop atomic bomb
harry s truman
gary powers crashed u-2 spy plane in russia
u-2 incident
chavez led migrant workers to form a union
united farm workers
white male sued school for discrimination
university of california vs bakke
buying all companies used in your production
vertical integration
helped south vietnam fight the north
vietnam conflict
nixons plan to get out of vietnam
founded niagra foundation and naacp
web dubois
limits what a president can do
war powers act
scandal that caused nixon to resign
music group festival
2 people have 2 children
zero population
caused us to get in world war 1
zimmerman note

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