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Christopher Columbus left Spain for the new world Friday 3, ______.
Answer: 1492
The construction of what Canal shortened the travel time of east to west coast travel by ship?
Answer: The Panama Canal
In 1773 the Tea Act was a driving force that caused the American colonist to protest against England. What was the name of this protest?
Answer: Boston Tea Party
The assasination of whom in June of 1914, lead to the beginning of the great wars to end all wars?
Answer: Archduke Franz Ferinand
The Greeks invented a new kind of warfare that was used all the way up thru the Roman empire. Name this important battle tactic invented by the Greeks.
Answer: phalanx (sheilds and long speartipped poles surrounding a group of men)
In the Fourteenth-Century Europe, one third of the population died as a result of contact with what?
Answer: Black Plague or Bubonic Plague
The basic unit of Chinese society including ancestors was known as the Family. Where in China is the present capital of China located.
Answer: Beijing, China
Athens, the city state that eventually became the capital of the Greek Nation has been and still remains Greece's capital. Where is Athens and Greece located?
Answer: Southeastern Europe on the Mediterranean Sea.
What city-state became the largest Empire of the Mediterranean Sea area?
Answer: Roman Empire
What powder from China changed the way we conduct war to this day and is still in use?
Answer; gun powder or black powder
The Pharaohs of Egypt, between 2550 B.C.E. and 2490 B.C.E. built the largest stone structures ever built by man. What is the name of these Structures?
Answer: Pyramids
What was the trade route across china, India, Persia, and into present day Europe called?
Answer: Silk Road
The Industrial Revolution is said to have begun in what Nation in Europe during the 18th century?
Answer: England
The real center of power in the Roman State that lasted it's life and members were members for life, was known as the _____.
Answer: Senate
What city in the central part of the United States waa "The Gateway To The West."
Answer: St. Louis
What nation gave the United States the Statue of Liberty?
Answer: France
The Virginia town that Lee and Grant sat down to sign the surrender of the Confederate forces was ?
Answer: Appomattox, Virginia
The French settled in What area of North America?
Answer: Canada
The priest called ______, were the teachers and judges of the Celtic society.
Answer: Druids
The Name of the President who survived the split and repair of America only to died at wars end was whom?
Answer: Abraham Lincoln
The British surrendered to Washington at what battle? Thus ending the Kings rule over the Colonists.
Answer: Battle of Yorktown
During the French Revolution,no symbol was more important of the overturning of the old order than the beheading of whom?
Answer: Louis XVI
What city in Europe was the treaty of England and the colonist signned?
Answer: Paris France (Treaty of Paris)
The midnight ride of who was signaled one if by land and two if by sea?
Answer: Paul Revere
Iceman, a 5,300 year old man found frozen in the Alps, was equipped with tools and a means to hunt food. Where in Europe is the Alps?
The Alps are located in Northern Italy and Southern Switzerland.
Within six years of the end to the Civil War , the East and West Coasts of the United States would be linked by what mode of transportation.
Answer: RailRoad
What famous America Writer was once a Riverboat Captain?
Answer: Mark Twain (samuel Clemens)
The name of the war that divided the United Stated into two factions over States rights was what?
Answer: Civil War War Between The States
What is the largest Nation in Central America that Spanish is spoken today?
Answer: Mexico
When the New England area of America was settled, two seperate groups of Protestant dissenters undertook the settlement of this area. Who were they?
Answer; Pilgrims and Puritans
Where is the Statue of Liberty located?
Answer: New York Harbor

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