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A person or party that sticks to traditional views and wants to limit the role of the government.
Presidential-legislative democracy
A government in which power is shared by a president and a legislature. Brazil
A government ruled by a member of the royal family. Saudi Arabia
A government that is undergoing a change in the way power is exercised. Nigeria
Presidential Dictatorship
A government in which the president exercises total control. Democratic Republic of Congo
Presidential Parliamentary Democracy
A government in which an elected president shares power with an elected parliament. Mexico
Dominant Party
A system in which one party rules, but allows others to exist. Antigua and Barbuda
Parliamentary Democracy
A government in which an elected parliament chooses the head of the state. Hungary
A government in which one political party has all the power. Eritrea
Military Dictatorship
A system in which the country's military leader controls the government. The Gambia
Constitutional Monarchy
A government headed by a monarch whose power is limited by a constitution. U.K.
One party rule, in which the Communist Party runs the government and economy. No opposition to the Communist Party is allowed.China
Rival Warlords
Two or more militray commanders in a struggle to win control of a country. Afghanistan
A person or party believing that the government should own a country's resources and control their use.

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