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Civilization Awakens from Darkness


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hometown of Columbus
king of spain
first to sail around the world
conqured the Aztecs
conqured the Incas of peru
discovered the Pacific Ocean
the new world was named after
ruler of the Aztecs
One who is not civilized and lackes culture.
Men who went on the Crusades
The military journeys taken by Christians to free the Holy Land from the Muslims.
A large estate or farm, part of which was set aside for the lord an the rest divided among his peasants.
Belonging to, like, or characteristic of the Middle Ages.
Abeliever in the teachings of mohammed.
The countries of eastern Asia, such as China and India
Jerusalem was under who's control?
Turkish control
What was the symbol of christian soldiers?
A red cross
The polo family traveld where for how many years?
China for 20 years
Who was the emperor of China who entrusted Marco Polo to carry out his business?
Kublai Khan
hat where the items being traded from the from the East? where
Spices, Silk, Perfume, Satin, and Jewels.
What two events sparked trade and exploration in Europe?
The Crusades, and the polos journeys.
Who were Christians afraid of?
The Crusades continued for how many years?
What did Marco Polo bring back with him from China?
Rich Satin, Velvet fabrics, Rubies and Diamonds
An instrument that helped sailors find their location by looking at the starts and sun
A group of cities that joined for defense of trade
Complete control of a product or service.
European traders wanted protection from:
pirates and robbers
Routes to China included:
a land route across China and a combination land & water route
Eastern luxuries were expensive because of:
Constant reloading, taxes, great distances traveled
3 discriptions of Leagues:
- were formed by several cities - offered protection - furnished warships
Who did Marco Polo help with the trading routes?
On his trip to China, he saw a large body of water. They used it to carry Eastern luxuries to Spain.
Marco Polo's book told about:
-lower prices in China - a large ocean east of China - his travels in China
Medieval villages grew into towns because of the growth of:
buying and selling
When the Muslim Turks captured _________ in 1453, prices on Eastern goods soared because of the _______ on each article passing through the area.
Constantinople Taxes
Who started a sailing school in 1420?
Prince Henrey
Two instruments that made sailing safer and sailors more confident?
Compass Astrolabe
sailed to India from Europe around Africa in 1498?
Vasco Da Gama
first European to sail around the Cape of Good Hope (tip of Africa) in 1486?
Bartholomeu Dias
Emporer or China who befriended Marco Polo?
Kublai Khan
crusaders came from:
Germany France Britain
a revellion of sailors against their commaner.
where was CC born
what did CC want to find:
a trade route to the West
why was the crew threatning mutiny?
because they had never sailed in so long without sight of land.
what did cc say when the crew thretend mutiny?
sail for 3 more days and if no land is sighted then we will turn back.
where did CC think he was
what where the king and queens names of Spain?
Isabella Ferdinand
CC first landed at
San Salvador
the colony had difficulties because:
they wanted to search for gold and not farm.
DID cc find a route to the east
who disagreed with CC that what he found was Asia?
amerigo vespucci
a narrow piece of land connecting to larger land masses
a narrow waterway connecting to larger bodies of water
who was the explorer whos crew was the first to sail around the world
Ferdinand Magellan
who conquerd the aztecs
Hernando Cortes
who discovered the pacific ocean
Vasco Nunez de Balboa
who conquerd the incas
francisco pizarro
who discoverd the mississippi and explored southeastern US
Hernando De Soto
who explored the south western part of the US
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
who claimed florida for spain while searching for the fountain of youth
ponce de leon

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