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Psych Final2


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mixes many types together
grandiose sense of self
Group think
group makes bad decisions because too focused on making decison
social loafing
less effort the more people in the group (need to hold people accoutnable
good mood makes
people more perceptive to persuasive messages
foot in the door
ask for something small then something big
fixed but unfounded beliefs
bad therapist reacts to the client as that husband
sociocultural people said
social ills lead to stress and problems
major depression
downcast mood, feeling of worthlessness, and loss of interest in pleasurable activities
Axis number 5 global assessment
problems in functioning in life
symptoms of panic disorder
experince of sheer terror/panic attack
Dissociative disorder
changes in consciousness memory or self identity
exhibiting symptoms
panic attack
Free association
say anthing that comes to mind
central route to persuasion
rational arguments
impression formation
developing opinion or impression of another person
like your neighbors
they live next to you(proximity)
cognitive dissonance
belief that people are motiviated to resolve discrepancies between their behavior and their attitudes, beliefs, or perceptions
fundamental attribution error
think someone else is dispositional
acculturation stress
move to a new country (immigrants)
major life events
big changes in life circumstances
client talks to therapist as a husband
rational emotive behavior therapy
irrational beliefs lead to emotional distress
three components of a humanist therapy
unconditional postiive regard, empath, and genuiness
aversive conditioning
pair bad behavior with negative response
gradual exposure
exposure moving closer to the actual object of fear
First step in Latane and Darley
Recognize that help is needed
3 stages of Selye proposded for stress
Alarm, Resistance, exhausiton
irrational or excessive fear of object or situation
here and now current feeling
outcome of stress
depression and anxiety
emotional or physical suffering, discomfort, or pain
social psychology
ways in which we percieve and interact with the social world
americans have some disorder at some point in their lives
Bipolar disorder
Extreme elation (manic episodes) to extreme depression (1% of Americans)
sources of stress
what behavior psychologists focus on
applying learnign principles to chagne emotions and behavior
social facilitation
work better or harder when in presence of thers than when alone
tendency to characterize all member of a particular group as having certain characteristics in common
Seeing or hearing things that nobody else does
chronic stress
continuing stress
maladaptive reaction to traumatic stress
kitty genovese
led to the diffusion of responsibility and helping
exhibiting symptoms of OCD you can point out
how credibility affects persuasion
source, credible, likable, similar are more persuasive
social identity theory
groups want to see themesleves in a positive way
what humanists say about why we have distress
we cant think about stuff in the here and now
Messages are more credible
when they go against the interests of the communicator
competing goals
cognitive behavioral therapy
combines behavior theyapy with cognitive treatment of faulty patterns of thinking
symptoms of ptsd
Avoid cues, re experince event, impaired function (depression anxiety), heightened arousal, emotional numbing
pressure placed on organism to adapt
Congnitive people say
irrational thinking
when goals are blocked
Attribution style of depressed people
attribute events as internal global and stable
Fred said why we have abnormal behavior
unconsious conflicts during childhood that remain unresolved in the personality
assumption about the causes of others behaviors or events
abc of attitudes
Affect(emotions, behaviors(act towards or away,), cognitions *(beliefs)
What Freud said about anxiety (wher it comes from)
because of unconscious and unaccpetable impulse s that lead into consciousness
our group homogeneity
all asians look the same
Verbal therapy derived from psych framework, done with a threapist
by the client to avoid difficult issues
clinical social worker
graduate with a Master Social Welfare

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