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Levels of Prevention all Community health chapters test 4


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primary prevention for substance abuse
provide community education to teach health lifestyles; focus on how to resist getting involved in substance abuse
tertiary prevention of substance abuse
develop programs to help people reduce or end substance abuse
Primary prevention of migrant health issues
Teach migrant workers how to reduce expousure to pesticides
secondary levels of prevention for communicable and infectious disease
administer PPD; tests and counsel for HIV; notify partners adn trace contacts
Secondary prevention of teen preg
Provide services for early detection of teen pregnacy
primary prevention for scool health
helath promotion activites; teaching health lifestlyes; immunizing children for school entry
secondary prevention for infectious disease
to prevent the spread of disease: immunoglobulin after hep A exposure; Immunization and chemoprophlaxis as appropriate inn meniogococcal outbreak, rabies post exposure immunization; TB screening of health care workers; STD partner notification, HIV teating and treatment, quarentine
tertiary prevention of teen preg
counsel the young person or young couple about available options, including keeping teh baby, abortion and adoption
Primary prevention realted to teen preg
teach yourng people about sexual practices that will prevent untimely pregnancy
Tertiary prevention applied to home care
the nurse provides direct care servicecs to the stroke victim to avoid complications
primary prevention of communicable and infectious disease
provide community education about prevention of communicable disease to well popluations, HAV adn HBV; provide community outreach for education and needle exchange
Secondary prevention for poverty and homelessness
screen pts for early detection of drug use and the possibility of multiple users of needles; screen for disease that may result from injection drug use: HIV, hep, and other blood borne disease
tertiary levels of prevention for communicable and infectious disease
educate caregivers of persons with HIV about standard precautions; initiate directly observed therapy for TB treatment; idneitfy community resources for providing supportive care; set up support gourps for persons with herpes simplex virus 2
primary prevention of occupational health
nurses provide education of safety in teh workplace to prevent injury
primary prevention related to violence
strengthen individual and family by teaching parenting skills
secondary prevention for substance abuse
institure early detection programs in schools, teh work place, and other ares in which people gather to determine the presence of substance abuse
Secondary prevention for school health
screening for health problems, caring for ill or injured children and staff
Primary prevention for poverty and homelessness
Provide health education in teh loval area for prevention of disease related to multiuse of needles
secondary prevention applied to home care
teh nurse provides counseling on diabetes diet nad insulin injections to the newly diagnosed diabetic
tertiary prevention for poverty and homelessness
Implement more systematic programs for needle exchange; begin treatment for any diesease that are detected
secondary prevention of occupational health
nurse screens for hearing loss resulting from noise levels in the plant
Secondary prevention in community mental health
conduct screenings to detect mental health disorders; provide mental health interventions after stressful events
secondary prevention related to violence
reduce or end abuse by ealry screening: teach families how to deal with stress and how to have fun and enjoy recreation
Primary preveintion of infection disease
to prevent the occurance of disease: responsible sexual behavior; malaria chemoprophylaxis; tetanus boosters, flu shots; reabies preexposure immunizations; safe food handeling at home; repellants for preventing vector borne disease; fokkowing childhood immunizations recommentdation and "no shots, no school" law; regulated adn inspected municipal water supplies; Bloodborne pathogen regulations, resturant inspections, fed regulations protecting american cattle form esposure to BSE
tertiary prevention of occupational health
nurse works with chronic diabetic workers to ensure appropriate medication use and blood glucose screeing to avoid lost work days
tertiary prevention related to violence
when signs of abuse are evident refer client to appropriate community organizations
Primary prevention in community mental health
educate populations regaurding mental health issues; teach stress reduction techniques; support and provide trenatal education; provide parenting classes; provide support to caregivers; provide bereavement support
tertiary prevention of infectious disease
to reduce complications and disabilities through treatment and rehab: PCP chemoprophylaxis for people with AIDS; regular inspection of hands adn feet as well as protective footwear adn gloves to avoid trauma and infection for leporsy clients who have lost sensation in those area
tertiary prevention in community mental helath
provide health promotion activities to persons with serious and persistant mental illness; promote support group participation for those with mental health disabilities; advocate for rehab and recovery services
secondary prevention of migrant health issues
conduct screening, such as urine testing for pesticide exposure
tertiary prevention for school health
caring for children with chronic health problems; health refferals and continuity of care
primary prevention applied to home care
the nurse implements the HANDS project, visiting new nothters adn babies to assess and provide counseling about at risk problems of the new baby
tertiary prevention of primary prevention
initiate treatment for the symptoms of pesticide exposure such as nausea, vomiting, and skin irritation

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