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Chem Lab Equipment Quiz


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Ring Stand
Supports lab equipment
used as a container
graduated cylinder
measure volume
wire gauze
to spread the heat of flame
clay triangle
to support the crubicle
erlenmeyer flask
hold solutions and it may be heated
test tube
used to hold liquids and has many other uses
crucible tongs
to pick up and hold crucibles and other apparatus
test tube holder
to hold test tubes
used to withdraw and measure volumes of soulutions in titrations
used to collect and measure the volume of gases
double buret clamp
to hold burets when titrating
crucible and cover
to heat small amounts of solid material at high temp
volumetric flask
used to prepare solutions
ring clamp
to fasten to the ring stand as a support for apparatus
buret clamp-test tube clamp
to hold apparatus. may be fastened to the ring stand
to transfer solid chemicals in weighing
graduated pipet
deliver various quantities of a liquid
test tube rack
to hold test tubes in an upright position
plastic wash bottle
to dispense distilled water
test tube brush
to scrub glass apparatus
evaporating dish
used as a container for small amounts of liquid being evaporated
watch glass
may be used as a beaker cover. may be used in evaporating very small amounts of liquid
to hold filter paper. may be used for pouring
dropper pipet
to transfer small amounts of liquid
volumetric pipets
deliver a specific quantity of a liquid
bunsen burner
to heat chemicals in beakers or test tubes

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