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chemistry chapter 11


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What is a cation?

positively charged ion formed from loss of an electrion. They are smaller than the atom they form from. 
Angle measure for bent
Angle measure for trigonal planar
120 degrees
Angle measure for trigonal pyramidal
Do metals lose electrons or gain electrons to get noble gas configuration?
Do non-metals lose electrons or gain electrons to get noble gas configuration?
What are the guidelines to electronegativity?

0-.2: covalent

.2-1: moderate polar covalent

1-2: very polar covalent

2+: ionic 


What characterizes the bent shape?
Center atom has one or two pairs of unshared electrons.
What characterizes the trigonal pyramidal shape?
center atom has one pair of unshared electrons and three attached electrons. 
What does the polarity of a bond depend on?
The polarity of a bond depends on the difference between the electronegativity values of the atoms forming the bond. Greater difference = more polar
What is an anion?
negatively charged ion from gain of an electron. They are larger than the atom they form from.
What is electronegativity?
ability of an atom to attract shared electrons.
What is the Lewis structure?
A representation of a molecule of polyatomic ion showing how valence electrons are arranged.
What is the octet rule?
atoms try to get eight electrons in their valence shell.

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