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Honors Biology Chapter 2 Section 3


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The main source of energy for living things are ______.
___ help to carry out chemical reactions.
Important parts of biological membranes are ___________.
____________ contains hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, and carbon.
nucleic acids
_____________ transport substances in and out of cells.
_________ are composed of amino acids.
sugar and starches are ________.
________ store and transmit hereditary information.
nucleic acids
lipids are made up of fatty acids and ________.
glucose, galactose, and fructose are carbohydrates called __________.
the two basic kinds of nucleic acids are ______ and ________.
ribonucleic acid (RNA) and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)
______________ are polymers of amino acids.
a fatty acid with the maximum number of hydrogen atoms possible is ________.
No other element can form the amount and variety of molecules that carbon can form. What characteristics does carbon have that explain this characteristic?
First, carbon atoms have 4 valence electrons. Each electron can join with an electron from another atom to form a strong covalent bond. Carbon can bond with many elements, including hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, sulfur and nitrogen.
Plastics are synthetic, organic polymers. How are plastics similar to polysaccharides? How are they different?
Polysaccharides are large macromolecules formed from monosaccharides. Polymers are monomers joined together to form a polymer.
Carbon atoms are looking to bond to other atoms to form _______ bonds.
Carbon atoms can bond to what?
other carbon atoms
Carbon can form _____ or ____chains or form a ___.
chains or branching chains or form a ring
What are carbohydrates?
class of biochemicals made of C,H, and O( carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen)good energy sources
What is glycogen?
an animal
What do lipids contain?
C,H,O- richer ratio of carbon to hydrogen they have
fats, oil, and do not dissolve in water
What are lipids good for?
structural components and are good for storing energy and water proof coverings
Single bonds are _____ double bonds are ____.
saturated and unsaturated
Proteins are macromolecules that contain ____,_____,_____,____.
nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen
There are more than ____ kinds of amino acids.
1. 10 -12 can be made in our body
2. the remaining 8- 10 are from food
Proteins help to what?
carry out chemical reactions, transport small molecules in and out of cells, and fight diseases
Nucleic acids are huge ______.
Nucleic acids contain ____,___,____,___ or ___ and ___.
C,H,O,N or DNA and RNA
The monomer is a _____.

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