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Chem Terms


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Any characteristic that allows one to recognize a particular type of matter and to distinguish it from other types
100 basic substances that make up all matter. Cannot be decomposed into simpler substances
The building blocks of matter. Each element has a specific type of atom
two or more atoms joined together in specific shapes
State of matter that has no fixed shape and conformes to the container
distinct volume, no specific shape
Both definite shape and volume
Pure Substance/Substance
Matter that has distinct properties and a composition that doesn't vary from sample to sample
Substances composed of two or more elements
combinations of two or more substances in which each substances retains its own chemical identity.
Existing naturally with two atoms ex. O2
Law of constant composition/law of definite proportions
The observation that the elemental composition of a pure compound is always the same
Physical Properties
Can be measured without changing the identity and composition of a substance. Color, odor, density, melting point, boiling point, and hardness.
Chemical Properties
Describe the ways a substance may change (react) to form other substances. ex. flammability.
Intensive properties
Ones that do not depend on the amount such as temp, MP, and density
Extensive properties
Depend on the amount of the sample, with two examples being mass and volume.
Physical changes
a substance changes appearance, but not composition. ex. all changes in state
Chemical changes/chemical reactions
a substance is formed into a chemically different substance. ex. combustion
Boiling off a liquid to separate it
"the writing of colors"
Scientific Method
Guidelines for the practice of science. obs, pattern, form & test hypo, theory
Tentative explanation
Scientific Law
concise verbal statement or a mathematical equation that summarizes a broad variety of observations and experiences
an explanation of the general causes of certain phenomena, with considerable evidence or facts to support it.

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