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Chem 122


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gases behave ideally at what kind of temperature and pressure?
high temp and low P
what kinds of gasses diffuse at the same rate?
gases with equal molar masses
how do you find total pressure from a few partial pressures?
add them together
high vp = ___________BPt.
low vp= ___________BPt.
-low bpt
-high bpt
as you go from sea level to a higher elevation what happens to atmospheric pressure?

what happens to BPt?
both decrease
to find an anhydride of a compound, you need to _______________
take water out and whatever is left is the anhydride
what element(s) is hydrogen bonding important?
F, O, N
acidic anhydride
non-metal oxide that reacts with H2O to form an acid
vapor pressure
pressure exerted by a vapor in equilibrium with its liquid
the process by which a solid passes directly to the gaseous state without liquifying
the process by which molecules go from a liquid state to a gas or vapor state
the process by which a substance absorbs water from the air until it forms a solution
solids that contain water molecules as part of their crystalline structure
Heat of fusion of water is used for....
and is....
changing ice to water
335 J/g
heat of vaporization of water is used when...
and is...
change of water to gas(steam)
2260 J/g
specific heat of water is used when...
and is...
finding the energy for a temperature change
4.184 J/g.*C

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