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Health- Alcohol


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a psycoactive drug that depresses the central nervous system. It depresses the activity of the nerve cells of the brain.
the formation of alcoholic bev.
when does fermentation occur?
when yeast cells act on sugar in the presence of water, producing a chem. change.
double the percent of alcoholic content in a beverage
alcoholic bev. that have concentrations of alcohol higher than those reached by fermentation
distilled spirits (beverages)
alcohol is directly and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.
(to purify) the process by which alcohol is changed to CO2 and water in the liver
(1/2 oz. per hour)
5 oz of alcohol, how long will it take to oxidate
10 hours
BAL ( blood alcohol level)
amt. of alcohol in a persons body.
the maximum BAL
.08 in PA
greater the amt. of asumption.....
stronger the effects
rate of consumption....
speed determines effects
physical condition....
helps slow down the effect of alcohol
rate of absorption...
food helps ""slow down"" the effect
Effect of alcohol
goal achievement is effected
effects of alcohol 2
problem solving
effects of alcohol 3
peer relationships---social crutch
effects of alcohol 4
crime and suicide are more likely with alcohol
drinking may prevent someone from feeling the effects of col weather...but
it still effects them and the may get hypothermia
feeling of nausea, tiredness, extreme thirst and headache that a person experiences after drinkin to much.(dehydrated)
the period of time when someone who has been drinking cannot remember what has happened even tho they are conscious.
the most severe withdrawel symptom occers 24-96 hrs after withdrawel begins. Includes naseau,trembling, vomiting, hallucinations, and convulsions.
Delirium tremens (DT's)
brain is caused damage by alcohol....
short and long term memory
stomach is cause damage by acohol.....
burns hole through stomach causing ulcers
circulatory system is cause damage by....
heart, liver, and brain!
Birth defects may include --smaller then normal head size, face adnormalties,stunted growth,and mental retardation
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome _(FAS)
If someone get s in a car accidents who pays??
we do , the taxpayers
a progressive disease that is characyerized by physical and psycological dependence on alcohol. ( 20 mil ppl.)
once an alcoholic.....
always an alcoholic
treatment org. that consists of alcoholics who share their experiences to help one another resist the urge to drink again.
(AA) alcoholics anomynous

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