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Chem test 3


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3 factors that determine the rate of a reaction
1. the presence of a catalyst
2. temperature increase/decrease
3. concentration of reactants
3 things to shift equilibrium
1. change concentrations of product or reactant
2. change temperature
3. change pressure
Why must equations balance?
to satisfy law of mass and energy
What is stoichiometry?
the relationship between mass and moles
What is the common lab acid that does not make H2 gas when Mg is added?
nitric acid
Differentiate between exo and endo thermic
exo gives off heat
endo absorbs heat
indicate how much of a substance is present, helpful when figuring out ratios of substances in an equation
indicate the number of atoms present in a substance
are on left of an equation; react to form products
when the acid and base concentration are equal
end point of reaction
when H's equal OH's
behaves as an acid or base such as water or baking soda
5 strong acids
HCl, HBr, HI, HNO3, HClO4
5 strong bases
NaOH, KOH, CSOH, Ca(OH)2, Ba(OH)2
Why is rainfall acidic?
because of the CO2 in the atmosphere and other pollutants in the air such as sulfur
List any two buffer systems that help maintain proper PH of blood.
carbonic, phosphoric
acid + base =
salt + water
Na + HOH =
H2 + 2NaOH
List the name of any indicator you have used
You drop unheated marble chip into water and phenolphalein and nothing happens. You drop heated marble chip (CaCO3) into water with phenolphalein and it turns water pink. Why?
the heated chip gives off CO2 gas and leaves a CaO substance in the water which is a base. the presence of the base in the phenolphalein turns it pink.
What types of compounds make good electrolytes?
strong acids or bases
soluble salts
T or F An example of a buffer system is sulfuric acid and sodium sulfate.
List any 3 rules for balancing equations
-know correct formula
-radicals stay together
-find charge/ criss cross to get coefficient
metal oxide + HOH makes
non metal oxide + HOH makes
carbonates or bicarbonates give off ____ gas
T or F Any good antacid removes all the acid from the stomach
What is Avogadro's number? Why is it important?
6.023x10^23 it is used to convert moles to molecules
Why is baking soda used for first aid spills on your skin, regardless of whether you spilled acid or base?
it is amphoteric so it will counter the effects of whatever spilled on the skin
Why is it important not to change subscripts when balancing equations?
theres only 1 right formula to complete the equation
T or F enzymes are catalysts
What is the Haber Process?
N + HOH ---> NH3

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