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Chemistry 130


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component that is present in the solution in the greatest amount
component(s) that are present in the solution in the lesser amount
homogeneous mixture (uniformed throughout)
moles solute/liter solution
percent by mass(mass percent)
mass solute/mass solution x 100
percent by bolume(volume percent)
colume solute/volume solution x 100
mass/volume percent
mass solute(g)/volume solution(ml) x 100
parts per million ppm
used for dilute solutions
mass solute(g)/mass solution(ml) x 10^6
mg/L=how you get ppm ration without 10^6
parts per billion ppb
mass solute(g)/mass solution(ml) x 10^9
microgram/L=get it without 10^9
parts per trillion ppt
mass solute(g)/mass solution(ml) x 10^12
ng/L=get it without 10^12
moles solute/kg solvent
(not vary with temperature)
-only one with solvent on bottom other have solution
mole fraction
xnacl=molesnacl/total moles

total moles=moles of nacl+moles of h2o
mole percent
mole fraction x 100%=na/nt=pa/pt-must be gas to find partial pressure

Xnacl+XH2O=1.0 always

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