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Anatomy 9/19/06


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Epidermis (tanning)
-increases amt of melanin by melanocytes
-to protect skin from uv rays
-avid tanners get wrinkles
-UV rays destroy elasticity in the elastic fibers (stretches out, but can't recoil)
Dermis (dermal papillae)
-increases surface area b/t dermis and epidermis
-houses blood vessels to nourish living cells of the epidermis
Dermis (reticular)
-modified dense irrecgular connective tissue
-has elastic fibers for recoil
-collagenous fibers set limit to how much skin can be pulled or stretched
Dermis (What makes tattoos permanent?)
-Collagenous fibers in reticular layer
-tattoos contain heavy metals
Glands (general)
-sweat glands (merocrine and Apocrine)
-oil glands
-ceruminous glands (ear wax)
Merocrine gland
-exocrine gland
-born with
-tubular ball in dermis
-rich blood supply (carries nutrients and heat to gland)
-duct leads to surface
-works all the time
Merocrine gland (located?)
-all over the body
-higher concentrations in the forehead, back, chest, palms, and soles of feet
Merocrine gland (purpose)
-excretes metabolic waste
-produces watery material that heat diffuses to
-forces it out of the duct through skin, evaporates on skin.
Apocrine gland
-ball of tubes
-duct exits into hair follicle
-only functional at puberty
Apocrine gland (purpose)
-produces gentically specific odors (odiforus molecule)
-supoosedly attracts mate
Apocrine gland (where found)
-only found in axilary and engunal areas
-armpit, pubic, anus, and nipples
Birth control pills
-tricks body that it is pregnant
-changes chem. of the scented molecules
-raised divorce rates
Body temperature (radiation)
-diffusing into environment
Body temperature
-optimal temp. for chem reactions= 98.6
-blood comes into skin from internal organs
-organs warm blood which in turn warms skin
Body temperature (convention)
-dissipation of heat
Body temperature (Goosebumps)
-by contracting arrector pilli muscles, heat is made (pulls epidermis down)
-sureface area is reduced
-air trapped in pockets and warmed
-conserves heat
Body temperature (shaking)
-when goosebumps are not making enough heat
-contracting of skeletal muscles
Skeletal system (purpose)
-structural framework (ameoba w/o it)
-protection (major organs)
-movement (joints, hinges, gives muscles somethign to move)
-hemopolesis (production of blood cells)
-storage (nutriants, calcium)
Skeletal system (Anal skeleton)
-head, vertebrae, ribcage (thoracic cage)
Skeletal system (appendicular skeleton)
-pectoral girdle, upper appengenes, pelvic girdle, and lower appendeges
Skeletal system (head)
-facial (gives you face)
-auditory oxile (ear bones-amplifies sound)
-Hyoid (does not articulatr w/ any other bones, supports toungue and larnyx)
Skeletal system (cranium)
-protects brain
Cranium (frontal)
Cranium (parietal)
Cranium (occipital)
Cranium (temporal)
surrounds ears
Cranium (sphenoid)
goes behind eyes
Cranium (Ethmoid)
between eyes
Cranium (sutural)
grew b/t major bones in some ppl
Facial (nasal)
solid part of nose
Facial (lacrimal)
-medial to each eye
-collects lacrimal fluid
Facial (zygomatic)
-cheek bones
-inferior to eyes
Facial (maxilla)
-support teeth in upper jaw
Facial (vomer)
-partition b/t nostrils
Facial (mandible)
-lower jaw
-supports lower teeth
Facial (palatine)
-roof of mouth
-most posterior of facial bones

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