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Production/Direction Terms

Vocabulary words from our study guide


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copy deck
Dry run
another term for blocking rehearsal; used to work out the basic actions of the talent
Two-column news script
script format in which the right column contains the spoken news copy plus the out-cues of the words of prerecorded news segments while the left column contains cues to who is talking and other information about the segments
people performing in front of the camera
News package
brief, prerecorded, self-contained story by the field reporter that is inserted into the newscast after the news anchor's lead-in
central theme and major storytelling approach or framework
a layout of what the viewers should actually see and hear when watching a program
Single-column drama script
script format that contains the complete dialogue, narration over video, and all major action cues in one column
allows you to read copy without taking your eyes off the lens, usually using a flat-panel monitor
talent portraying a character
Cue cards
sheets of paper or posterboard on which the copy is hand-lettered with a marker
Standard two-column script
script format in which the left column contains all the video information and the right column lists all the audio information
Time line
created by the director; assigns each production activity a block of time in which the specific job must be accomplished
Program objective
the desired effect of the program on the viewer
Walkthrough/camera rehearsal
form of dress rehearsal or orientation, involves all crew, talent, and equipment
working out major talent and equipment positions and moves
Fact sheet
script format used for simple demonstrations by a show host; a list of major features
base makeup that usually matches your natural skintone
Moiré effect
a distracting frequency of the camera that shows up on-screen as a vibrating rainbow of colors and patterns
creating a mental image of a shot or sequence of shots
talent engaged in nondramatic activities
test of an actor's ability as a performer

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