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Health Final

MRs. Negri Health Final


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health screening
a search or check for diseases or disorders that an individualwould otherwise not have knowledge of or seek help for
taking in fluids so that the body functions properly
a natural physical drive that protects you from starvation
the process of treating a substance with heat to destroy or slow the growth of pathogens
the male reproductive cells
Health Literacy
a person's capacity to learn about and understand basic health information and services and ise these resources to promote his or her health adn wellness
a desire, rather than a need to eat
thos distinctive qualities that describe how a person thinks, feels, and behaves
fallopian tubes
a pair of tubes with fingerlike projections that draw in the ovum
behavior therapy
a treatment process that focuses on changing unwanted behaviors through rewards and reinforcements
an STD caused by a microscopic protozoan that results in infections of teh vagina, urethra, and bladder
mental/emotional health
the ability to accept yourself and others, adapt to and manage emotions and deal with teh demands and challenges you meet in life
Interpersonal communication
the exchange of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs between two or more people
cluster suicides
a series of suicides occuring within a short period of time and involving several people inh the same school or community
grief response
an individual's total response to a major loss
Human Papillomavirus
a virus taht can cause genital warts or asymptomatic infection
Anabolic Steriods
synthetic sunstances that are similar to the male hormone testosterone
a muscular, elastic passageway that extends from the uterus to the outside of the body
a tube-shaped organ taht etends from the trunk of the body just above the testes
the process by which the body takes in and uses food
teh male sex hormone
cumulative risks
related risks that increase in effect with each added risk
food intolerance
a negative reaction to a food or part of food caused by a metabloic problem, such as the inability to digest parts of certain foods or food components
the intentional use of unfriendly or offensive behavior
the spreading of bacteria or other pathogens from one food to another
umbilical cord
a ropelike structure that connects the embryo and the mother's placenta
mental disorder
an illness of the mind that can affect the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of a person, preventing him or her from leading a happy, healthful, and productive life
Chronic Villi Sampling
a procedure in which a small piece of membrane is removed from the chorian, a layer of tissue that develops into the placenta
Rish Behaviors
actions taht can potentially threaten your health or the health of others
nutrients that help build and maintain body cells and tissue, provide 4 calories per gram
the zygote attaching to the uterine wall
the part of an exercise program when the activity is performed at its highest peak
people of the same age who share similar interests
muscle cramp
a spasm or sudden tightening of a muscle
observing and learning from the behaviors of those around you
a condition in which that body loses the ability to rid itself of excessive heat through perspiration
Group therapy
treating a group of people who have similar problems and who meet regularly with a trained counselor
role model
someone whose success or behavior serves as an example for others
reporductive system
the system of organs involved in producing offspring
an ongoing dialogue between a patient and a mental health professional
substances in food that your body needs to grow, to repair itself, and to supply you with energy
a thick fluid containing sperm and otehr secretions from the male reproductive system
over working the body
female reproductive cells
long term goal
a goal taht you plan to reach over an extended period of time
relaxation response
a state of calm that can be reached if one or more relaxation techniques are practiced regularly
the starches and sugars present in foods, provides 4 calories per gram
constructive criticism
nonhostile comments that point out problems and encourage improvement
dealing succesfully with difficult changes in your life
the various methods of communicating information (books, radio, television, film, newspapers, magazines, etc).
union of a male sperm cell and a femal egg cell
defense mechanisms
mental processes that protect individuals from strong or stressful emotions and situations
a chemical secreted by your glands that regulates the activities of different body cells
Healthy People 2010
a nationwide health promotion and disease prevention plan designed to serve as a guide for improving the health of all people in teh United States
substances that the body cannot manufacture but that are needed for forming healthy bones and teeth and for regulating many vital body processes
personal identity
your sense of yourself as a unique individual
another name for the ovaries and the testes
name for the developing group of cells after the eighth week
Anaerobic exercise
intense short bursts of activity in which the muscles work so hard that they produce energy without oxygen
the process of releasing a mature ovum into the fallopian tube each month
amniotic sac
a thin, fluid-filled membrane that surronds and protects the developing embryo
the process by which your body gets energy from food
the ability to imagine and understand how someone else feels
feeling isolated and seperated from everyone else
conduct disorder
a pattern of behavior in which that rights of otehr or basic social rules are violated
a prolonged feeling of helplessness, hopelessness, and sadness
adrenal glands
glands that help the body recover from stress adn respond to emergencies
mood disorder
an illness, often with an organic cause, that involves mood extremes that interfere with everyday living
avoiding harmful behaviors
an injury to teh ligament surronding a joint
protective factors
conditions that shield individuals from the negative consequences of exposure to risk
frequency, intensity, time/duration, type of activity
compounds that help regulate many vital body processes, including the digestion, absorption, adn metabloism of other nutrients
the condition of feeling uneasy or worried about what might happen
all teh traits that were biologically passed on to you from your parents
teh cluster of cells that develop between the third and eighth weeks of pregnancy
the gradual increase in overload neccesary to achieve higher levels of fitness
aerobic exercise
any activity that uses large muscle groups, is rhythmic in nature, and can be maintained continuisly for atleast 10min. three times a day for 20 to 30 min at a time
resting heart rate
the number of times your heart beats in one minute when you are not active
an activity that prepares the muscles to return to a resting state
tthe collective beliefs, customs,and behaviors of a group
the combination of phsical, emotional, and socail well being
the abilityto move a body part through a full range of motion
the act of intetionally taking one's own life
a condition characterizedby a decrease in bone density, producing porus and fragile bones
an indegestible complex carbohydrate
endocrine glands
ductless or tubeless organs or groups of cells that secrete hormones directly to teh bloodstream
conflict resolution
the process of ending a conflict through cooperation and problem solving
a condition resulting from demaging a muscle or tendon
a condition in which body temperature becomes dangerously low
short term goal
a goal that you can reach in a short period of time
heat cramps
muscle spasms that resultfrom a loss of large amounts of salt and water through perspiration
training program
a program of formalized physical preperation for involvement in a sport or another physical activity
an STD that attacks many parts of teh body amd is caused by a small bacterium called spirochete
an overall state of well-being, or total health
a fatty substance taht does not dissolve in water, provides 9 calories per gram
units of heat that measure the energy used by the body and the energy that foods supply to the body
a bacterial STD taht usually affects mucous membranes, can be treated with antibiotics, untreated can cause damage to joints
the striving to become the best you can be
psychosomatic response
a physical reaction that results from stress rather than from an injury or illness
health education
the providing of accurate health information to help people make healthy choices
action plan
a multi-step strategy to identify and achieve your goals
practicing health and safety habits to remain free of disease and injury
biomedical therapy
the use of certain medications to treat or reduce the symptoms of a mental disorder
a condition that results when body tissues become frozen
food allergy
a condition in which the body's immune system reacts to substances in some foods
chronic stress
stress associated with long term problems taht are beyond a person's control
food aditives
substances intentionally added to food to produce a desired effect
holding back or restraining
something you aim for that takes planning and work
taking action to influence others to address a health-related concern or to support a health-related belief
a bacterial infection that affects the reproductive organs of both males and females( f.=cervix, m.= urethra) can be treated with antibiotics
physical activity
any form of movement that causes your body to use energy
physical fitness
the ability to carry out daily tasks easily and have enough reserve energy to respond to unexpected demands
stress mangament skills
skills that help an individual handle stress in a healthful, effective way
Cognitive therapy
a treatment method designed to identify and correct distorted thinking patterns taht can lead to feelings and behaviors that may be troublesome, self-defeating, or self-destructive
anything that causes stress
two small glands taht produce sperm
occurences of diseases in ehich many people in the same place at the same time are affected
body composition
the ration of body fat to lean body tissue, including muscle, bone, water, and connective tissue such as ligaments, cartilage, and tendons
a thick, blood rich tissue that lines the walls of the uterus during pregnancy and nourishes the embryo
anxiety disorder
a conditon in which real or imagined fears are difficult to control
chemical substances that are produced in glands and help regulate many of your body's functions
particular exercises and activities improve particular areas of health-related fitness
signals that tell your mind and body how to react
health skills
specific tools and strategies taht help you maintain, protect, and improve all aspects of your health
pituitary gland
regulates and controls the activities of all of the other endocrine glands
the sum of your surroundings
a hollow, muscular, pear-shaped organ inside a female's body
the ability to adapt effectively and recover from disappointment, difficulty, or crisis
muscle endurance
the ability of the muscles to perform physical tasks over a period of time without becoming fatigued
a complex set of characteristics that makes you unique
muscular strength
the amount of force a muscle can exert
developement assets
teh building blocks of development taht help young people grow up as healthy, caring, and responsible individuals
Genital Herpes
an STD caused by teh herpes simplex virus, two types: 1. usually cause cold sores 2. usually cause genital sores, can be treated but not cured
working the body harder than it is normally worked
an external skin sac
teh act of becomign aware through senses
a procedure in whic a syringe is inserted througha pregnant female's abdominal wall into teh amniotic fluid surrounding the developing fetus
decision making skills
steps that enable you to make a healthful decision
an activity that prepares the muscles for work
stress management
ways to deal with or overcome the negative effects of stress
cardiorespiratory endurance
the ability of the heart, lungs, and blood vessels to utilize and send fuel and oxygen to the body's tissues during long periods of moderate-to-vigorous activity
the femal sex glands that store the ova and produce female sex hormones
Post traumatic stress disorder
a condition that may develop after exposure to a terrifying event that threatened or cause physical harm
sedentary fitness
a way of life that involves little physical activity
foodborne illness
food poisoning
a purposeful physical activity taht is planned, structured, and repetitive, ad taht improves or maintains personal fitness
the reaction of teh body and mind to everyday challenges and demands

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