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ICC - Eng. Comp Chapters 7-9


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What are the three things you should do in order to write a solid paragraph?
1. Begin with a discussable point
2. Stick to the point
3. Prove the point, don't just repeat
You can help your reader follow your train of thought by doing what?
1. Using transitions
2. Repeating key words and pronouns
3. Using similar sentence patterns
_______ is a strategy of story telling.
Narration is a strategy of _____ _____.
Story Telling
Most Narratives are written to entertain, but they can also _____ and ______.
Persuade and Inform
What are three things you should remember to do when writing a Narrative?
1. Stick to 1 time frame
2. Pace the story
3. Stay in Character
_____ is a word picture.
Description is a ____ _____.
Word Picture
What should you use as a topic sentence?
The most dominant feature of what you are describing.
The supporting details of your description should back up your _____ ______.
Dominant Impression
Use _____ and _____ in your descriptions.
Similes and Metaphors
Use all of your ____ in your descriptions.
A ______ is a word or phrase that links the sentences of a paragraph together.
A _____ takes the place of a noun in a sentence.
The ___ ____ is the point of the Narrative or story.
Topic Sentence
A _____ story is not interesting or funny.
___ the story means including the most important episodes and details.
The ___ ____ is what stands out the most about what you are describing.
Dominant Impression
A ____ is a comparison using "like" or "as".
A ___ is a comparison made without using "like" or "as"
Use ____ organization for most of your descriptions.

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