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orson's experience that helps him in film
orson's theater experience
- mercury players in ny
- learns how to tell a story
what did he learn about narration
where did he learn it
how to tell a story:
- freshway to tell an old story
- narrative econ
- stagina dn lighting

broadway ny
eg of fresh way to tell a old story
- voodoo macbeth with all black cast
- julius caesar in contemp fascist italy
hat was welles arrival on broadway
voodoo macbeth
eg of narrative ecom
- caesar only 90 mins instead of forever like usual
from what did he learn narrative econ
- theater (caesar)
- radio (condense to an hour)
importance of staging and lighting?
visual tells the story
what inspired way of staging and lighting on broadway
hitler's nazi rallies (hail caesar)
where did he get money to put on plays/mercury players
radio shows (many roles a day)
why was orson in demand on radio
perfect radio voice
name of orson's theater group
mercury players
what was the name the radio program that he got finally
mercury theater of the air
important radio broadcast
war of the worlds
people believed aliens were invading the planet
what did he learn from radio
narrative economy (condensing story into an hour)

sound design for nattarive
why did he get on times
partly cuz of war of the worlds + panic
what studio gave him the cit kane offer
what kind of offer did he get from archeo
complete control on project (very very rare)
who is cit kane based on
will randolph hearst
who opposed cit kane
hearst's newspapers (campaign)
what is welles theme
how to act ethically in a morally complex corrupted world
how did welles use low shots
ironic: low shots = power but he is not in control
what is welles favorite shot
ironic use of low angle shot (seems like power but not in control)
examples of low angle shots

- he is in the newsroom in front of the kane banner
- streamers everywhere in newsroom (you see ceilings)
what was different about use of low angle shots from other movies at the time
you never see such low angles/ceilings because thats wehre the lights were
what kind of focus did he use
extreme deep focus (universal focus)
why did welles ask for universal focus
didnt know it is very technically difficult so asked gregg toland
who was welles' dp on cit kane
gregg toland
what does universal focus mean
everyone&evertyhing is important.

everyone is responsible for everone else
eg of universal focus
- parents signing son away to thatcher, kane playing outside "the union forever"
what does deep focus mean
relationship between people, you are responsible for the people you are connected to
variable lighting schemes are?
shadows and darkness (light streaming in,nighttime scenes)
why variable lighting schemes, what does it say
bitterweet view of the world

dark,treacherous, life goes into darkness
eg of variable lighting schemes
- kane throws alexander into shadow
- light streaming in window (reporter goes to thatcher diary), assigning the assn
why didnt welles understand 180 rules
stagecoach ford violates axis
welles' complex mes, whats it mean
spatial relations > character relations

moving camera, actors, deep focus

trouble makingmoral decisions in clmplicated world
what do spatial relations say

character relations

alexander doing puzzles, swallowed by fireplace

relationship history
what do moving camera actors deep focus say about welles

life is complex, how to make moral decisions - you cant

e.g. after they bought the staff, kane dancing with girls in window reflection as leland/berenstein talk
how does welles use soundmontage
collage (layers of sound)
pudovkin's relational editing
eisensteinian dialectal montage
how is collage sound montage used
overlapping dialogue, diegetic and non-dieg music, sound fx
how is sound relational editing
transitional device
lightning mix
lightning mixes def, eg
- link shots with common sound

- thatcher: merry christmas. merry christmas.. and a happy new year

- applause fo Alexander > crowd applauding leland > leland >who entered the campaign, for one reason only.
eisensteinan dialectical montage
image + sound = new meaning

slap at picnic + woman screaming
susan's opera montage
susan's opera montage eg of?

consists of
eisenstein dialectic montage

diegetic opera music, nondiegetic drums beating, soud fx (whirring), light burns out as the sounds get softer
slap at picnic + woman screaming eg of?
eisenstein dialectical montage

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