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How does the question can you live after death relate to personal identity
Asks the question about what does personal identity mean. What makes us who we are. Can "I" live after death.
Is actual organic matter we have at this moment necessary for our PI into the future
No, we are constantly replacing our organic material.
What is soul theory and why might it be initially attractive as a criterion for PI?
Formal construction- metaphysical thesis. We can not survive death if we rely on organic material alone so there must be something in the immaterial or spiritual world that what we are is tied to. Pin cushion idea
Why does Schick claim that the soul is not sufficient for PI.
If we were to get total amnesia and lost all of our thought, ideas and memories would we still be the same person. Idea of emptying the pin cushion, or if we replaced them with completely different ones,
How does Schick use the thought experiment of cloning to suggest that the continuity of memory may be insufficient to groud PI
The best we would be is a photocopy of the original.
Explain the mind body problem
the human body is material. the human mind is spiritual
the mind and body interact
the spritual and material do not interact

any 3 are correct but not all 4 therefore its a problem.

Explain substance dualism
the mind and body are distinct substances , yet they are co located in the same space and have causal interaction.
How does swineburn argue for substance dualism
1/2 brain experiment with option in both neither left or right.

cannot be in both because we would be more than one person so materialism must be wrong so you must be a dualist.

We are materialist or dualist
we are not materialist
therefore we are dualists

How does descartes argue for substance dualism using liebinzs law
the body is divisible
the mind is not divisible
therefore my mind is distinct from my body

What is the major problem with descartes divisibility argument
begging the question again.
The materialist could very easily say the mind is divisible just chop up the brain.
What prob did the princess have
causal interaction between the material and immaterial
explain the location problem of substance dualism
in order for something to "be" somewhere it has to have some type of physical form and if the mind or soul is immaterial it can not be located anywhere
Explain the difference between reductive materialism and eliminative materialsm
reductive materialism is identity theory and Mental states=brain states has a belief in neuroscience .
eliminative materialism does not believe in folk psychology and we should start fresh, everything is just brain states.
Explain Identity Theory
MS=BS, neuorsciences is succesful in mapping other animals nueral systems and there is no reason to believe they will not succesfully map the human neural ayatem and be in line with folk psychology terms.

Love Hate etc.

What is introspection and how could it be used against materialism?
we can look inside ourselves and we can not see the brain states so MS can not equal BS
What response could the materialist have
not fine tuned enough
What is the category error
Thoughts are immaterial and have a semantic character. The brain is material and has a spacial quality. R thoughts occur in the brain and do have a spacial quality

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