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Unit 1-Chapter 4-Ethical and Legal Issues

Nursing III-Carnahan
St. Petersburg College
Spring 2008


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Values clarification
Personal self discovery
Legal right
A right that society has formalized into law
Independence; self-governance. An ethical principle that emphasizes the status of persons as autonomous moral agents whose right to determine their destinies should always be respected.
An ethical principle that refers to one's duty to benefit or promote the good of others.
defamation of character
An individual may be liable for defamation of character by sharing with others information about a person that is detrimental to his or her reputation.
Christian ethics
The ethical philosophy that states one should treat others as moral equals, and recognize the equality of other persons by permitting them to act as we do when they occupy a position similar to ours; sometimes referred to as " the ethic of the golden rule."
Ethical issues
Nurses must make difficult decisions regarding good and evil and life and death/Legislation determines what is "right" and "good" in society
common law
Laws that are derived from decisions made in previous cases.
Ethics within medicine
Absolute right
When there is no restriction to person's entitlement
criminal law
Law that provides protection from conduct deemed injurious to the public welfare. It provides for punishment of those found to have engaged in such conduct.
A personal entitlement withing the law
The term used with ethical principles that refer to concepts within the scope of medicine, nursing, and allied health.
An act that results in a person's genuine fear and apprehension that he or she will be touched without consent. Nurses may be guilty of assault for threatening to place an individual in restraints against his or her will.
Rightness vs wrongness
moral behavior
Moral behavior
Critical thinking on how to treat others
The unconsented touching of another person. Nurses may be charged with battery should they participate in the treatment of a client without his or her consent and outside of an emergency.
civil law
Law that protects the private and property rights of individuals and businesses.

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