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Rock Music Final


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TV show that the ABC network used to promote safe folk music
Short hair, suits, scooters, amphetamines; Peter Noone**
Blacks and Whites performed together
What was considered unusual about the STAX record label rhythm section?
The Velvet Underground
An early inspiration to early Punk Rock, this band's lead singer, Lou Reed sang of the benefits of heroin addiction and sexual perversity
California Agriculture
1961- #1 in produce output
Joan Baez
Folk singer who helped launch Dylan's carrer and then became embittered when his success became far greater than hers
The Who
Which of the three major British Invasion groups most thoughtfully addressed major social and political issues**
How many blacks were added to the voting rolls in the South dues to the Voting Rights Act?**
What is the text of "Mother's Little Helper" trying to communicate**
Apple Records
Name of the company the Beatles formed to protect their entertainment
Lenny Bruce
Outrageous comic associated with the Beat movement
Drug arrests
What are the reasons the Stones suspended touring for the time period of 1966-1969**
Between 1960-1963 how many civil rights demonstrations occurred in the US?
What program was formed to insure healthcare for the elderly?
Jimmy Rogers
The father of country music**
Miles of Interstate in California
2400 miles of multi-lane highways- most in the nation (1962)
A guitar move made famous by Chuck Berry. Consists of jumping on one leg and moving the other in a back and forth motion.
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Religious leader that the Beatles met with for advice
Self conscious about his nose
The cause of embarassment that drove Pete Tounsend to become a Rock Musicion**
Pre-Beatles name attributed to Alan Freed
The Byrds
Folk rock group that made a huge hit out of Dylan's Turn, Turn, Turn
Tin Pan Alley
The name given to the collection of NYC centered music publishers and songwriters who dominated the popular music of the US in the late 19th century and early 20th century.
San Francisco
After NY, to what city did the folk rock music movement move?
Form of a blues lyric**
Mississippi Delta
Strongly associated with the origins of several genres of popular music, including the Delta blues, jazz, and rock and roll, as well as with extreme levels of poverty
Louis Jordan
Most influential band leader of jump band jazz
Dead Man's Curve prophecy
On April 12, 1966, Jan Berry received severe head injuries in a motor vehicle accident, ironically just a short distance from this curve in LA, 2 years after the song had become a hit
Bob Wills (and his Texas Playboys)
The leader of the most influential western swing band
California Electronics
200 major firms located in the state
rock and roll doll
Mind, Heart, Genetalia, Feet
Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall
Dylan song that discusses the cuban missile crisis**
Early influences on the Rolling Stones
Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters, Fats Domino, James Brown**
NY, Chicago, LA
Major US Cities a bumpter sticker campaign utilized
Do Drugs ("Feed your head")
What action does the Jefferson Airplane song, "White Rabbit," encourage listeners to do?
Blowin' in the Wind
Dylan song made fmous by Peter, Paul, and Mary
Hamburg, Germany
City outside of England the early Beatles learned their performance style
Number of automobiles in California
8.5 million cars- the most in the nation (1962)
A type of call and response, used in a religious setting
Maxine Powell
Who taught Motown performers proper stage etiquette?
For poor attending college (started by Lyndon Johnson)
What was the purpose of the Upward Bound program?**
Newport Folk Festival
At what famous concert did Dylan decide to go electric?
Oxford Town
Dylan song that criticizes segregation at the University of Mississippi
What was the famous record label in Memphis, Tenn., associated with great rhythm and blues performers?
Pompadour, sun glasses, leather; Elvis
Million Dollar Quartet
Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash
The illegal practice of payment or other inducement by record companies for the broadcast of recordings on music radio, in which the song is presented as being part of the normal day's broadcast. The term has come to refer to any secret payment made to cast a product in a positive light.
Influenced by Chuck Berry (in terms of an androgynous stage presence)
Jaggar, Bowie, Hendrix, Prince, MJ
Greensboro, NC and Atlanta, GA
In 1960, major "lunch counter" sit-ins were held in which 2 Southern cities?
Colonel Tom Parker
Elvis Presley's famous and influential manager
Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker
Blues artsts who were an inspiration to Dylan
Time, Newsweek, Life
Major magazines that ran articles on the Beatles during the "invasion"
Jimi Hendrix
Before becoming a rock performer he was a paratrooper in the US Array
Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet
Famous gospel quartet admired by Elvis
Field Holler
African American styles of music from before the American Civil War, this style of music is close related to spirituals in the sense that it expressed religious feelings and included subtle hints about ways of escaping slavery, among other things.
Ravi Shankar
Famous Indian musician who taught George Harrison stiar
Jimmy Miller
Producer responsible for the Stones' most successful album**
California Population
17 million residents-- most in the nation
Cover Artists
Artists that play music other bands have already made famous.
Discrimination in restaurants, hotels, bathrooms, and libraries
What did the civil rights act of 1964 forbid?**
Chuck Berry's three guitar innovations
Choke, Bend, Repetition
Ed Sullivan Show
Which famous TV show did Dylan refuse to perform on 1963?
Alcohol, awake, pot, LSD
Four states of awaremess preached by ex-Harvard professor Timothy Leary**
Led Zeppelin
One sarcastic music critic of the 70s claimed that this hard rock group's music was best listened to in a narcotic trance that included: cought syrup, novocain, marijuana, and mescaline.
Unique instrument featured in "Paint it Black"**
James Brown
Who was the hardest working in show business?
Colly Chokins
Who taught Motown performers their choreography?
A term applied to the beats 2 and 4 in a 4/4 bar or a 12/8 bar.**
In 1963, approx. how many civil rights advocates were arrested?
James Brown
The Godfather of soul
Wall of Sound
A music production technique for pop and rock music recordings developed by record producer Phil Spector in the 1960s. To attain this signature sound, Spector gathered large groups of musicians playing orchestrated parts- often doubling and tripling many instruments playing in unison, for a fuller sound.**
Maurice King
Who was the Motown musical director that taught the performers "stage patter"?
Vocal Group that influenced the Beach Boys
The Four Freshman; Jan Berry and Dean Torrence**
George Martin
The producer who helped shape the sound of the Beatles
Stairway to Heaven
Considered by Led Zeppelin to be their greatest contribution to rock music, this song featured a low volume opening with acoustic guitar and then erupted into a full fledged rocker
Hard Rock and Punk
2 1970s rock music forms the Who inspired**
Influenced by The Who
Cream, Hendrix Experience, Led Zeppelin**
In what years was Alan Freed a famous disc jockey in Cleveland?
Five eras of rock and roll
Classic Rock and Roll Explosion, The British Invasion, The Golden Era, The Hard Rock Explosion, The Punk Explosion
Patting Juba
Slapping the hands, knees, thighs and body in a rhythmic displayed. Developed as the slaves' response to the banning of drums
William Boroughs
Beat poet**
Brian Jones
Early member of the Stones who died mysteriously**
Chess Studios
Blues label on which the Stones recorded their first American album**
Legalize Marijuana
The primary goal of the organization called LEMER
Here's to the state of Mississippi
Phil Ochs song criticizes segregation at the University of Mississippi**
Peaceful Integrationist Program
What phrase was used to describe MLK's philosphy of protest?**
Jack Kerouac
Famed Beat author who wrote the "Dharma Burns"
Slide, Harp
The term slide is in reference to the sliding motion of the slide against the strings.
Oakley, CA
Bay area city that was the unofficial home to the radical Black Panthers group
Hells Angels
Provided security at the Stones' disastrous Altamont concert**
Wigs, Photos, Buttons (I like the Beatles)
Items found in a Beatles Kit
Boll Weevil Infestation
Thought to be native to Central America, it migrated into the US from Mexico in the lat 19th century and had infested all US cotton-growing areas by the 1920s, devastating the industry and the people working there.
Hank Williams
Father of modern country music
Sun, Chess, Stackvolt
Independent Record Companies**
The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus
Stones film in which they tried to imitate the style of the Beatle's Magical Mystery Tour**
Concrete Music
A recorded montage of natural sounds often electronically modified and presented as a musical composition**
guitar and amp used to create surf sound
Solid body electric guitar (Telecaster) and Amplifier with reverb (Showman)
The Beach Boys
Former surfer group tried to better the Beatles from a musicianship point of view on their album "Pet Sounds"**
Chuck Berry
He influenced the rhythm guitar style of the Beatles
David Bowie
He created fantasy rock star Ziggy Stardust and found it hard to leave this character onstage
What 1970s funk band incorporated science fiction and outer space themes into its stage shows?
Bill Haley's typical instrumentation
Drums, Bass, 2 electric guitars, Steel Guitar, Tenor Sax, Piano
Surfboard companies located in LA
Hobie (in dana point) and Sweets (in santa monica)
Flowers in your hair
What specific fashion does the song "San Francisco" by Scott McKenzie encourage listeners to wear?**
Call and Response
A succession of two distinct phrases usually played by different musicians, where the second phrase is heard as a direct commentary on or response to the first.
Sex Pistols ("God save the king")
This punk rock band's greatest hit was banned from numerous live shows and broadcasts for criticizing which British monarch.
12 string guitar
Instrumental innovation introduced by the byrds
Everly Brothers
Group who influenced the close vocal harmonies of the Beatles
Broadcast Music, Inc. A US performing rights organization. Collects license fees on behalf of its songwriters, composers, and music publishers.
Alabama and Mississippi
At which 2 southern universities did the 2 most famous desegregation incidents occur?
73 Million
Number of TV viewers witnessed the first major appearance of the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show
Fats Domino's persona
Audience friendly persona
Illinois Central
A railroad carrier in the central US, with its primary routes connecting Chicago with New Orleans and Birmingham
A musical instrument (more specifically, a folk instrument) which, at the simplest, consists of a pair of animal bones, or pieces of wood or a similar material.
Talkin' Blues
Type of blues that best describes Dylan's early music
Dogs, electric cattle prods, fire hoses, bombs
In what notorious ways were protesters controlled by police during the Alabama Christian Movement meetings led by MLK? **
Joan Baez
She turned down $100,000 in concert fees in one year because of political differences with promoters
Five streams of influence
Gospel, Blues, Country, Jazz, Tin Pan Alley
rock and roll lifecycle
Formulation, Maturation, Normalization
The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. Non-profic performance rights organization that protects its members' musical copyrights.**
Help for disadvantaged kids
Purpose of the Head Start Program
Coming from some place, going to some place
According to Motown, what were performers supposed to appear to be doing when they danced?
Alabama and Mississippi
Freedom Riders were most active in which 2 southern states
Volunteers in Service to America
Hank Williams
Country music artist who was an inspiration to Dylan
Altamont (1969)
Rock festival shortly after Woodstock that marked the end of the peace and love mentality of the late 1960s youth culture
Four behaviors Motown performers were to avoid
Don't turn your back to the audience, No protruding butt, non-threatening speech, don't open your mouth too wide when singing**
Percussion Layering
Distinctive instrumentation used by the Stones' most famous producer**
Robert Allen Zimmerman
Bob Dylan's real name
A dance
The pogo
Fillmore Auditorium and Avalon Ballroom
Two of the ballrooms that were famous concert venues during the hippie era in San Francisco
Trousers and sweaters, eventually suits
How did Brian Epstein influence the appearance of the Beatles?
Bob Marley
Jamacian rock legend who was an inspiration to both Eric Clapton and the Punk rock group The Clash
Urban Blues
More codified and elaborate form of the blues.
The Funk Brothers
What was the nickname of the Motown rhythem section?
Rural Blues
Refers to all the acoustic, guitar-driven forms of the blues.
Woody Guthrie
Dylan's God
Bass guitar, because you can't play chords
What standard guitar of rock music only plays one note at a time: what is the instrument? Why only one note at a time?
12 bar form
In what harmonic form is T-bone Walker's "Stormy Monday Blues"

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