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world war II vocab


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nuremberg laws
established legal basis in Nazi germany for dicrimination against jews
roise the riveter
advertising character telling women to work in factory's
military blockade
Pearl Harbor
hawaii was bombed by Japan on december 7, 1941, and this brought the US into the war
bracero program
US gets thousands of workers from Mexico to come and work, this simulated emigration for Mexico
Internment camps
100,000 japanese americans were relocated by order of the president
fair enployment practieces commission
established to combat discrimination in industries that held government contracts
code talker
navajo languange, and japan never broke it
the gathering of resources and preparation of war
lend-lease act
march 1941, lease arms or supples to nations
giving up military weapons
short supply of items so distribute them by system
June 6, 1944 allied forces begin massave offensive agianst the germans
maginot line
steel and concrete set up alnot german's borders form belguim to switzerland set up by gb and france
axis power
germany, italy, and japan
tuskegee airmen
332 african american fighter group fighting down 200 enemy planes
is when the governement gets land that is not under jurisdiction by force= germany
any movement, ideologym or attitude that favors dictatoria government
allied nations
usa, canada, france, gb
anti- semitism
policies, views, or actions that harm jews
battle of the buge
term used to describe germany's offensive through the ardennes forrest in december 1944
soviet-germany not-agression pact
1939- told each other that they would not invaded each others countries and split poland
manhattan project
code name fore atomic bomb because research done in NYC
united nations
founded after world war II to promote international peace and cooperation
munich conference
1938 conference that European leader attended to give Hitler the Sudetenland if he promised not to take any more land
czech, france, and gb agreed to germany's annezation only if germany agreed to stop taking czech's land
office of price administration
set limits on consumer prices and rent to prevent inflation
korematsu vs US
1944 supreme court relocated japanese 4 years later apoligized and paid each survivor $20,000
american first committee
isolationists who thought america should stay out of Europes buisness
revenue act 1942
raides corporation taxes
NE corner of france, allied troops where trapped, 800 warships and fishing boats rescue over 300,00 gb and french troops
V-J day
victory over Japan, September 2, 1945
battle of britain
between germanys airforce and the gb raf (royal air force), even though germany had bombs, gb won
wiping out an entire group of people
nation war labor board
helped resolve labor disputes that might slow dows war production
IL Duce
the leader, Denito Mussolini
operation overload
allied invasion in Normandy in June 1944
american born japanese second generation
rules a country with total power usually by force
japanese suicide pilots who loaded their planes with bombs and crashed them into US ships
nazi party= advocated by hitler in germany= nationalism, racial purity, anti- communism, adn powerful role of the state
altantic charter
anglo- american declaration for the end of the war and it says that people should be free from fear, choose own form of government, and gerneral security
civil defense
in case of an attack, people watched the sky for army planes
german lightning warfare when they concertrate on point of attack
royal air force
gb air force
japanese code name that US broke
Cash and Carry
US told gb and france that they could buy goods only if they paid in full and transported the goods
V-E day
victroy over Europe May 8, 1945
single party with single leader controlling everyone
concentration camps
hitler and germany= camps where either worked, starved to death or killed immediately
office of war information
government= promote patriotism and help keep US united behind the war effort
African nation invaded by fascist Italy
the war production board
supervised the conversation of induestries to war produciton
death camps
hitler and germany= killing innediately
extermination of millions of jews, slavsm romos, intellectuals, homosexuals, and political dissedents
north east china invaded by japan in september 1931
neutrality acts
originally to avoid US involvent but later modified so that we could help allied nations
island hopping
US navy attacked japanese islands in pacific to get closer to invasion of japan
bataan death march
april, 1942, US soldies were forced by japanese soldies to wald 65 miles to the camps, was called the death march because so many people died en route

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