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3rd marking period review


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famous itialian renaissance artist who sclupted, painted, wrote poetry. Some of his famous works were statue of david and the celinging of the sistein cahpel
Leonardo de Vinvi
an italian renissance artist who painted such paintings as the last super and the mona lisa
Martin Luther
founder of the protestant religon, wrote the 95 thesis
Johann Gutenberg
believed to be the first european to use the movable type to print books. Guetenberg developed a printing press in whichn the bible was printed on
Galileo was one of the first men to use a telescope but was one of the few of that time to ever see the stars and planets
Formulated the heliocentric theory which was saying that the solar system revolved around the sun
Issac Newton
discovered and published his rules of motion whihc are still used as a basisi for scientific theory today
the religon which was formed due to the reformation. This was started by martin luther
the selling of forgivness of sin by the church was one of the main reasons why the reformation was started
95 thesis
ideas formulated by Martin Luther due to the lack of seriousness that the church was showing
heliocentric theory
the theory that the unvierse revolves around the sun
geocentric theory
the theory that says that the universe revolves around the earth.
disloyal acts against the church
the center of the renissance movment
Bartholomew dias
the first european to sail around the tip of africa but failed to find the full route to Asia
Vasco da Gama
A Porteguese explorer who found an entire water route to Asia creating great trading opp.
Christopher Columbus
sailed to the Americas in 1492 with three ships the Pinta Nina and Santa Maria was the first European to hit the Americas althoguh he was looking for another water route to Asia
Hernando Cortes
A spanish counqorer who evetually conqoured the Aztec empire in Mexico
Fardinand Magellan
Led the first expidtion to sucessfully sail around the world proving that there was no logical trade route to Asia going west
Kunta Kinte
a character in the movie Roots who was taken from his home by Europeans in the trangular trade. His tribe name was the MAndinka
Vasco de Balboa
the first European to see the Pacific Ocean
Coumbian Exchange
the exchange of goods between the americas and Europe specifically great britain
god gold glory
the main reasons for exploration during that time
Reasons for columbus exploration
columbus was exploring to try to find a faster water route to asia than round africa. His idea was that the globe was round you could sail west and get to asia faster
triangluar trade
a three system trading route going between europe the americas and africa
Middle Passage
the most gruling part of the triangluar trade going from africa to the americas

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