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The Indian in the Cupboard


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Who is the main character in the book?
What is the name of the book?
The Indian in the Cupboard
Who is the Author
Lynne Reid Banks
Who is Omri's Best friend?
What Birthday present did Patrick give Omri?
A secondhand plastic Indian that he had finished playing with
What was Omri getting tired of?
Plastic Toys
Where did Omri have all of his plastic toys?
They were in a Biscuit Tin and scattered in the loft, in the kitchen and breakfast room, the garden and Omri's bedroom
Why did Omri like the Indian that Patrick gave him?
he did not have one
Who were Gillion and Adiel
Omri's two brothers?
What birthday present did Omri get from his family?
A skateboard complete with kickboard and kryptonic wheels
What gift did Gillion give Omri for his birthday?
A white metal cabinet with a mirror in the door
Where did Gillion find his present?
In the alley
What did Omri wish the white cabinet would have?
a key lock
What was in the box the Omri's mother gave him to look in?
A bunch of old keys
What key did Omri Pick?
a small one with a red satin ribbon through the loop hole.
Where did the red satin key come from?
His grandmother's jewel box from Florence
What did Omri put into his cupboard?
The Indian Patrick gave him
What did Omri hear the next day when he woke up?
A pattering, tapping, scrabbling noise and a tiny voice
What was it?
The indian and he was alive
What did Omri do every Thursday?
His class went to the pool
Instead of skateboarding, What did Patrick want to do afterschool?
He wanted to play indian
What was Omri afraid of the first day he shut the door?
He was afraid the Indian had died
What did the Indian want from Omri?
Need, Blanket food and fire
What was the first thing Omri fed the Indian?
a good teaspoon of corn, crusty corner of bread, coke
What did the Indian drink out of?
An Action Man plastic mug
Omri wanted to make the indian a tepee but what did the indian want instead?
A longhouse
What is the Indian's name?
Little Bear
What did Little Bear want the in the morning?
Meat, fire and colors
What did Little Bear sleep in?
A plastic teepee
What did Omri figure out about the Indian and the cupboard?
He thought the cupboard and the key brought him to life
What else about Little Bear became real?
his clothes, his feather and his knife
What did Omri put into the cupboard to see if turned real also? Did It?
A matchbox car
What kind of Indian was Little Bear?
What kind of food did Little Bear keep saying he wanted?
What kind of meat did Omri find in his mother's cupboard?
Corned Beef
What happened to Little Bear's mother?
She died
How did Little Bear think Omri did things for him?
What did Little Bear want Omri to get him?
A gun
What did Omri say he would get for Little Bear?
A bow and arrow, (Plastic ones) and a horse
What kind of horse did Little Bear get?
a smallish brown horse with two white feet
What happened to the plastic horse once it was put in to the cupboard?
It immediately came alive and started acting crazy
Where did Omri take the horse and Little Bear?
He put them into a cardboard box and took them outside
Who came outside and caught
Omri in his Pajamas?
His Dad
What happened to Little Bear in the box going into the house?
The horse was afraid and kicked him and he was bleeding on the leg
What did Omri put into the cabinet to help Little Bear get better?
A First World War solider with a red arm band and a medical bag
What was in the medical bag?
bottles, pill boxes, ointments, steel instruments and a needle
What was the name of the solider?
Tommy Atkins
What did Omri get from the greenhouse for Little Bear?
A seed tray full of soil
What did Omri cut off the tree to give to Little Bear to make the longhouse?
Bark, silvery flakey
What tool did Omri give Little Bear to help him build his longhouse?
An axe from a knight in the Biscuit tin
What book did Omri get from the school library to help with Indians?
On the Trail of The Iroquois
Omri learned two interesting things from his book, what were they?
Iroquois Indians were some times called "The Five Nations",. And one of the five were called Mohawks
What were some of the foods the Iroquois Indians ate?
maize, squash, beans
What were these 3 vegetables called?
"The Three Sisters"
Who were the Iroquois enemies?
What kind of store was Yapp's?
local news agent and toystop
What did Omri do at lunchtime?
He went to Yapp's and bought a chief indian with a full headress and cloak and a bow in his hand and a quiverful of arrows slung on his back.
What was the real reason that Omri bought the chief?
He wanted the bows and arrows
How did Omri pay for the chief indian?
With some of his lunch money
What did Omri make in his handcrafts class?
He was sewing a tepee and trying to make it real like
When Ormi came home from school what did he notice upstairs?
A longhouse
What did the horse leave on the ramp near the longhouse?
What happened to the chief once he was put into the cupboard?
He was a very old man and he came to life
What happened to the chief in the cupboard?
He died
What did Little Bear take from the chief after he died?
His striped his body, taking his headress, bow and arrows and the big decorated cloak
What did Little Bear want from Omri so he could hunt with his bow?
A deer
What did Omri's dad want back from Omri?
The seed tray he took from the greenhouse
What did Omri tell his dad he would do about the seed tray?
He said he would go the hardware and buy a new one
At the hardware store what did Omri read on the seed packet?
under the word Marrow was written "Squash"
What is Maize?
What did Patrick buy at Yapp's for Omri?
A cowboy on a horse with a pistol
Did Omri share his secret of the indian with Patrick?
How long were Patrick and Omri friends?
Since they started school
What did Patrick suggest to Ormi for fire?
A little ball of tar
Who was in Ormi's room when he came home to show Patrick his indian?
Gillon and Adiel
What were the boys really amazed about?
The details of the longhouse
What did Patrick want to bring alive next?
What did Little Bear want Ormi to get so he could hunt?
A Bear
What did Omri take from his mom's kitchen for Little Bear to eat?
A small piece of raw meat
What did Omri use to cook the meat on?
A flat box from his Erector set
What happened to the cook meat?
It got knocked over and stepped on by Omri
What was Omri's mother making for dinner?
What did Omri do with the Stew?
He brought it up to Little Bear
What did Patrick do while Omri was down getting Stew?
He put the cowboy and horse into the cupboard
What kind of horse was it?
It was snow white with a long mane
What was Omri afraid about the cowboy?
He had a real gun
What did the cowboy do to Patrick?
He shot him in the face with the gun
What did Omri do for Patrick after he was shot?
He squeezed out a invisible speck of metal
When Little Bear was eating his stew what did he ask Omri for?
Another wife
What did Patrick want to take home with him?
the cowboy and horse in his pocket.
What did Omri promise to bring to school for Patrick the next day?
The Cowboy and the horse
What kind of accent did the cowboy have?
What did Little Bear keep asking Omri for?
What did Omri do for Little Bear to keep him warm?
He made a small fire outside the longhouse
What woke up Omri the next morning?
What was Little Bear and the cowboy doing?
They were fighting
Where did Little Bear want to go?
To school
What reason did Omri consider taking him to school?
So he could take him to Yapp's to look for a wife
What was the cowboy's name?
Boone, but most fellows call him Boohoo
What did Omri cook for breakfast for Boone?
eggs, and a tin of beans and a piece of bread
What did Omri tell Little Bear and Boone about breakfast?
they would have to get along if they wanted to eat
What did Boone need to start his day with?
What did Little Bear and Boone do after breakfast?
They fought rolled on the ground and kicked
What did Little Bear do before going to school?
He washed up
What did Omri bring him to use for his bath?
A low type egg cup with hot water and a corner of soap cut off like a slice of cake
Did Boone wash up for school?
Where did Omri put Little Bear and Boone so he could take them to school?
His pocket
What did Omri do to Boone ande Little Bear at school so they would not fight?
He put them in seperate pockets
When Omri got to school why was Patrick wating for him?
He wanted his cowboy and horse
Who saw Omri give Patrick his cowboy and Indian?/
What happened after April starting pointing at Patrick?
The other kids starting coming over
Who is the headmaster of the school?
Mr. Johnson
What happened to Omri while he was sitting listening to Mr. Johnson?
Little Bear was tired of being in his pocket he started to jab him with sharp pricks
What was Little Bear jabbing Omri with?
His Knife
What did Mr. Johnson tell the boys?
To leave
When Omri got outside what did he do to Little Bear?
He shook him like a bottle of medicine and called him all kind of names.
Why was Little Bear doing all those bad things?
He wanted to see school
Who did Little Bear want to play with because he was bored?
At lunchtime Omri promised Patrick what?
That he could have Boone and Little Bear together
How did Omri feel about sharing both Little Bear and Boone?
He was angry and sad and lost his appetite for lunch
Where did Patrick keep Little Bear and Boone?
In his jean pockets
What did Patrick try to feed them?
A little piece of bread
What happened at lunchtime?
He started pushing with a girl and landed on the floor
Where did Patrick go to feed the Cowboy and Indian?
In the music room
What was the name of the teacher?
Miss Hilton
Where did Miss Hilton send the boys for distrubing the class?
The Headmaster's office
Who happened to Omri in the headmaster's office?
Little Bear stuck him with the knife
What did Patrick tell the Headmaster about Omri's Indian?
He told him that he was real and his name was Little Bear
What happened to Omri and Patrick after Patrick told the headmaster about Little Bear?
They started to fight and Patrick wanted to show the indian to the headmaster
What happened to Mr. Johnson after the fight?
He wanted to go home, after Patrick showed him Little Bear and Boone
What did Omri want from Patrick after the fight?
He wanted boy the Little Bear and Boone back from him.
What were Little Bear and Boone doing?
They were trembling and hiding their faces.
Why was Omri mad at Patrick?
Because he used Little Bear and Boone. He told Patrick they were people not toys.
What did Omri do right aftershool for Little Bear?
He promised him a wife
What class did Omri have left at the end of the day?
What did Boone do in art class?
He started to sketch a prairie landscape, with hills, catci and a few tuffs of sagebrush
What was the name of the saloon that Boone drew?
Golden Dollar Saloon
Boone asked Omri what year it was in his time?
What did the teacher think of Omri's artwork?
She could not believe how tiny it was and how he did it.
Did Omri really draw the picture?
Where did Omri go afterschool?
To Yapp's
Why did Omri run to Yapp's?
He wanted to beat the rest of the kids from school.
Where did Omri put Little Bear and Boone?
He put them in the bin with all of the other plastic figures
How many lady indians did Little Bear find in the bin?
What kind of lady indian did Little Bear pick?
she had a red dress on and a pigtail and headband and a single feather like the others
How much did Mr. Yapp charge for the lady indian?
Ten pence
What did Mr. Yapp accuse Omri of doing?
Who came to Omri's rescue in the store?
What did Patrick tell Mr. Yapp?
That Ormi brought them to school and that they were his.
What did Omri tell Little Bear and Boone to do when he was going to show Mr. Yapp them?
He told them to be plastic and lie still.
What did Patrick and Omri give Little Bear and Boone for playing dead?
What did Omri ask Patrick to do that night?
He asked him to stay and watch the indian girl come become real
What did Omri and Patrick make to eat to take upstairs?
Peanut butter on bread and mugs of milk.
Why did they want to hurry upstairs?
They were going to make the girl indian come alive.
What was missing when the boys got upstairs?
The white medicine cabinet was gone.
Who took the white cupboard?
Why did he take the cupboard?
He was teaching Omri a lesson because he thought he took his navy shorts.
Where did Omri look for the cupboard?
In Adiel's room
Where did Omri find Adiel's shorts?
Behind the radiator.
Where did Adiel say he hid the cupboard?
The attic
What was missing from the cupboard?
The key
What kind of stuff was in the attic?
marbles, wheels,Lego, parts of games, cards, parachute men and so on.
What did the boys do with all of the stuff in the attic?
The organized it into shelves.
What did Omri sweep off the floor?
mud, dust and sand
What was Omri afraid of?
Sweeping the key away.
What did Little Bear want from Omri?
Woman alive
What did Omri feed Little Bear and Boone?
What did Omri tell Little Bear the reason he could not bring indian woman to life?
Magic gone
Why did'nt Omri tell his mother that he had lost the key?
He was to ashamed
What did Omri do to cheer up Little Bear and Boone?
He brought the horses out to ride.
Who helped Omri look for his key?
Adiel and Gillion
What bad habit did Boone have?
Spitting into Spitoons
What were Omri, Little Boone and Patrick watching?
A western
What happened to Boone?
He was shot with an arrow in the chest.
Who was supposed to take the arrow out of Boone?
Little Bear
What id Omri want Little Bear to do?
Check and see if Boone was alive or dead.
Was Little Bear sorry for shooting Boone?
How did Little Bear, Patrick and Omri take care of Boone?
The put Listerine on it and cut out a small piece of bandaid.
What kind of bed did Patrick make for Boone?
Folden Hankerchief another woolen square cut from his sweater.
What did Little Bear do because he felt bad for shooting Boone?
He threw down his chief's headress and ran to his longhouse.
How did Omri read at night?
Semi- darkness
What was loose underneath the floor boards?
a rat
What was Patrick and Omri afraid of?
The rat getting to Boone and Little Bear.
What did Patrick and Boone decide to do to keep Boone and Little Bear safe?
The were going to stay up all night.
Where did Omri figure out the key might be?
Under to floor
What did Little Bear want to do to make Boone better?
He wanted fire, make dance and call spirits.
Who did Omri ask to help find the key?
Little Bear
Did Little Bear agree to help?
How did Little Bear get down through the floor boards?
He went through the whole that the rat chewed with a candle light.
What was Ormi afraid of for Little Bear?
That the rat might eat him.
Who heard the noise upstairs?
Omri's mother
What did Omri and Patrick do to let Omri's mother know they were sleeping?
They hurried into bed, turned out the light and closed their eyes tight.
Did Little Bear find the key?
Who was Omri going to find to make Boone better?
Red Cross man.
Did Red Cross man have a name?
What is a Minnie?
Minnenwefer - one of those German big shells.
What did Little Bear have to give Boone when he wakes up?
What medicine did they need for Boone?
What did they use to treat him instead? Why
Brandy - because Penicillin was not invented yet
What did Omri tell Little Bear he was going to make Boone when he got better?
Blood brothers
What did Little Bear want Omri to do that night?
He wanted indian girl to be real.
What did Omri do while everyone was sleeping?
Put the Indian girl into the cupboard.
What did Little Bear and the Indian girl do?
They talked and then held hands together.
Did Little Bear like the girl indian?
What did he want to pay Omri with?
His shiny white belt with beads.
What was the Indian girl supposed to do?
Give medicine and take care of Boone.
What did Little Bear want Omri to do?
Prepare wedding feast
What did Little Bear want to do before he went back into the cupboard?
He wanted to make Boone his blood brother.
What was the name of the Indian Girl? Why?
Bright Stars, because of her shiney eyes.
Who did Patrick want to share the secret of the Indian and the cowboy with?
Their brothers
What did the boys buy at Yapp's for the wedding feast?
salted nuts, chips, chocolate.
What else did the boys get?
A quarter pound of meat from the butcher, bread, biscuits, cake and soda, and a dropper full of hardstuff.
How did Little Bear and Boone become Blood brothers?
They nicked their wrists together.
What did Bright Stars do for Little Bear and Boone?
She tore a piece off her red dress and tied their wrists together.
What did Little Bear want to do after the feast?
Go back
What did Omri tell Little Bear he had to do to make sure Bright Stars went back with him?
Hold her tight
How did Boone have to go back?
What did Patrick want to do to Boone before he left?
He wanted to wake him up to say good-bye.
How did Boone feel about good-byes.
He started to get choked up and cry.
What did Omri and Little Bear do to each other.
They became blood brothers.
What happened in the cupboard after Ormi put eveyone in?
When he opened it they were all plastic again.
Where did Omri take his plastic Indians and put them?
On a shelf nearest to his bed
What did Omri want his mother to keep?
The key
What did Omri's mother decide to do with the key?
She was going to get a chain and wear it.
What did Omri want to do with the empty cupboard?
He was going to put all kinds of medicines in it.
Why did Patrick want to leave the cupboard emtpy?
Just in case.
Who is the main character in the book?

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