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Chromosomal theory of inheritance
mendelain genes have specific loci on chromosomes and it is chromosomes that undergo segregation and independent assortment
wild type
the most common phenotype for a character the phenotype most common in a natural population
mutant phenotype
traits that are alternative to the wild type
sex linked genes
genes located on the sex chromosomes
linked genes
genes located on the same chromosome which tend to be inherited together in genetc crosses because the chromosome is passed along as a unit
genetic recombination
offspring with new combinations of traits inherited by two parents q
when offspring have different combinations of phenotypes than their parents
linkage map
a genetc map based on the combination frequencies
cytological map
maps that locate genes with a respect to chromosomal features
Duchenne muscular dystrophy
affects one in 3500 males in us rarely live past 20's progressice weekening of the muscles and loss of coordination
a sex linked reccesive trait of a certain protein required for blood clotting
barr body
the inactive x in each cell of a female condenses into a compact ovject called the bb which is in the nucleur envelope
a misshap
poly ploidy
when someone has more than a full set of chromosomes
when a fragment joins to a homologous chromosome
when it reattaches to a chromosome
if either of the abarrent gamets units with a normal one at fertilization the offspring all have an abnormal chromosome number
if the chromosome is present in triplicate in triplicate in the fertilized egg (2nt chromosomes)
if a chromosome is missing (2n-1 chromosome0 then the aneuploid cell is monosomic
occurs when a cromosome fragemnt lacking a centromere is lost during cell division
a 4th possive result of of chromosomal breakage is for the fragment to join a non homologous chromosome
down syndrome
aneuploidy condition affecting appearence in 700 kids in the us extra chromosome 21
fragile x syndrom
1/2500 females retardation part of x chromosome hangs on by a thread

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