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In which country is the volcano Mount Cotopaxi located?
Stephen King
On whose novel was the 2003 film 'Dreamcatcher' based?
Wall Street
In which film does Michael Douglas play the character 'Gordon Gekko?'
True or False: Polystyrene never melts - it turns straight into a gas from being solid.
Cliff Richard
Who sang the British entry in the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest 'Congratulations?'
Groucho Marx
Who said, 'Either he's dead, or my watch has stopped?'
Ursula Andress returned to film in 1991 after taking off how many years to raise her son?
With which instrument is Vanessa Mae associated?
In geography what is a Cataract?
Brad Pitt features in an advert, released early in 2005, for which beer company?
What was thought to be the first European city to exceed a population of one million people?
A mound on the slope
What does 'mogul' mean to a skier?
How many quills does the average adult porcupine have?
The Dandy
'Desperate Dan' features in which children's comic?
Yacht club
Crosshave is famed for having the oldest what?
What is the capital of the Balearic islands?
John Grisham
The films 'The Firm' and 'A Time to Kill' are based on novels by which writer?
What is the capital of Norway?
Which one of these Premiership rugby league clubs are known as the Cougars?
True or False: When a person dies, hearing is generally the last sense to go.
In Emmerdale, who did Viv marry in 2001?
In which country was the painter El Greco born?
What is the name of the Patron saint of Champagne?
Zack Mayo
In the popular romance, 'An Officer and a Gentleman,' which self-serving, cynical loner is played by Richard Gere?
Good Will Hunting
For which film, written by and starring Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, did Robin Williams win an Oscar?
Kathryn Bigelow
Who was the co-writer and director of the 1987 film 'Near Dark'?
Short Cuts
In what film did actress Julianne Moore appear naked from the waist down for 5 minutes?
Inch worm
What is looper caterpillar better known as?
L. Frank Baum
Who was the author of 'The Wizard of Oz?'
'Book of Love' was a one hit wonder for which group in the 1950's?
Dire Straits
'Money for Nothing' was a super hit single for what 1980's band?
A tram runs on how many rails?
What is the normal color of sulphur?
Audrey Tautou
Which French actress starred in the 2002 Stephen Frears film 'Dirty Pretty Things?'
In the Ukraine what is a samovar?
Tony McCoy
Which jockey claimed the British record for jump victories in 2002?
Mustafa 'Muzzy' Izzet
Who was the only Leicester City player to feature in the 2002 World Cup Finals?
How many pints of intestinal gas does the average person fire off every day?
Which town has a football club with the nickname 'Biscuitmen?'
What is the capital of Luxembourg?
On 'Three's Company,' what was Jack Tripper's profession?
What was the former name of Ankara, the capital city of Turkey?
Do They Know It's Christmas?
Which was the only song to reach number one twice during the 1980's?
In the Cervantes novel 'Don Quixote,' what does the hero mistake as a row of giants?
Melanie Brown
Who was the first of the Spice Girls to marry?
Salyut 1
What was the first manned orbital station called?
Jet engine
What did Frank Whittle invent in 1930?
The brothers Grimm
Who originally wrote 'Snow White'?
Blow Monkeys
Which band did not contain Midge Ure: Thin Lizzy, Blow Monkeys, Ultravox or Slik?
A Midsummer Nights Dream
In which Shakespere play did the character Oberon appear?
A teacher
David Schwimmer was reported as wanting to be what after Friends ended?
New York
In which city was Calvin Klein born?
H. Rider Haggard
Who wrote 'Black Heart and White Heart?'
Gene Kelly
Who 'sang in the rain' in the 1952 musical?
Faroukh Bulsara
What 'F' was Freddie Mercury born as?
In which decade was the Endoscope first invented by Pierre Segalas?
George II
As of 2001, which British monarch was the last to have been born outside the British Isles?
True or False: Pigeons can swim underwater for up to 50 meters.
40 miles
How long is the Panama canal?
Good health
What does the winter drink Wassail mean?
The CN Tower
What is the tallest free-standing structure in the world?
Chinese gooseberry
What is the alternative name of the kiwi fruit?
Cat's eyes
In transport, what animal name is given to the reflective studs used to mark traffic lanes?
The Pulitzer Prize goes to the creators of which media?
About which bird did Keats write a famous poem?
The novelist J.D. Salinger wrote, 'I'd rather have a goddam horse [than a car]. A horse is at least [what?] for God's sake?'
M.C. Hammer
Who had a hit single in 1990 with 'U Can't Touch This?'
What is the only US state that grows coffee?
Anthony Blunt
Name the art advisor to the Queen that was unmasked as a Russian spy in 1979.
At what age did Ronan Keating publish his autobiography?
True or False: Over 2500 left-handed people are killed each year from using products made for right-handed people.
True or False: A dentist invented the electric chair.
Which of these is not a metal: chromium, potassium, iodine or sodium?
Which Chinese Dynasty ruled from 265-420 AD?
Which national side has Chelsea player Gianfranco Zola played for?
In what year was Wolverhampton Wanderers' first F.A. Cup Final victory?
Oliver Wendell Holmes describes what as, 'Blank cheques of intellectual bankruptcy?'
In what year was Naomi Campbell's biography 'Swan' published?
The Smashing Pumpkins are a band from which country?
A net
A fisherman uses a fyke - what is it?
Which of these countries is the smallest: Jordan, Cambodia, Lesotho or Ghana?
Edward Morgan
What do the initials EM stand for in the name EM Forster?
Who was the last ruler of the Tang dynasty, ruling from 904 AD to 907 AD?
Elizabeth Hurley
Which British actress hit the front pages by attending a film premiere in a dress held together by safety pins?
Where is the only royal palace in the United States?
Women in Love
For which movie did Labour MP Glenda Jackson win her first Best Actress Oscar?
According to the novelist Georges Simenon, 'Writing is not a profession but a vocation of...' what?
Mariah Carey
Who recorded the smash album 'Daydream'?
Whose second album is called 'Freak of Nature?'
Richard Nixon, in the middle of the Watergate fiasco, said, 'There can be no [what?] at the White House?
According to the writer G.H. Lewes, what, 'Like talent, seems occasionally to run in families?'
Pret a Porter
Which 1994 Robert Altman film is a satire on the fashion business?
Dirk Bogarde
Which distinguished British actor played Simon Sparrow in the 1954 film 'Doctor in the House?'
The Kariba dam is found on which river?
Elbows and knees are examples of which type of joint?
Calendar Girl
What 'C' did Neil Sedaka have a hit with in the sixties?
The Jacksons
Under what name were the Jackson Five reborn in 1976?
What is the name of the standard type of modern cement?
Off which continent is the island of La reunion?
Geri Halliwell
Who was the first Spice Girl to have a solo chart single?
Sophie Raworth
Who left the BBC 'Breakfast' program in 2002 to present the 'Six O'Clock News'?
What charge does an electron have?
Who, when told the people hadn't enough bread to eat, reputedly replied, "Let them eat cake"?
Which Roman gladiator led a revolt in 71 BC?
Hasim Rahman
When Lennox Lewis knocked out Mike Tyson in 2002, who was the previous man to defeat Lewis?
Exsanguation is a severe loss of what?
Which band produced the chart topping album Parachutes?
Mark Little
Who links the two TV shows 'Neighbours' and 'Big Breakfast'?
The vaudeville Artiste Sophie Tucker said, 'From birth to 18 a girl needs good parents; from 18 to 35, good looks. From 35 to 55, good personality. From 55 on, she needs good...' what?
Which of these puddings was named after a famous dancer?
Nevada, USA
Where would you find Area 51?
Sea horse
Which male creature carries its young in an abdominal pouch until they hatch?
Which of the following is not a capital city: Cardiff, Belfast, Glasgow or Dublin?
In which city would you find the Crucible Theatre - home of the world snooker championship?
Who composed 'The Tales of Hoffman' and 'Orpheus in the Underworld?'
Wood Lane
What was White City underground station previously called?
In which year did Pakistan become a separate country from India?
What birds go around in small groups called 'tidings?'
'Oh What a Beautiful Morning' is the opening number of which musical?
The Seventh
On which day of the Chinese New Year celebrations do farmers traditionally display their produce?
Plenty of work to do
The writer Jerome K. Jerome wrote that, 'it is impossible to enjoy idling thoroughly unless one has...' what?
The Alboran Sea is in which ocean?
Which alcoholic drink was once memorably advertised on television with the slogan 'Nicer ere innit?'
How many lines make up a sonnet?
Sam Mendes
Who directed the 2002 film 'Road to Perdition'?
What is meant by the Australian slang word 'strides?'
Hush Puppies
Which classic suede shoes share their name with a Southern American cornmeal treat?
Sausages and batter
What are the two basci ingredients of Toad in the Hole?
Manhattan Project
What was the code name given to the government research project that produced the first atomic bombs?
Pride and Prejudice
In literature, Mr. Darcy is the handsome young bachelor in which novel?
What is a young hare called?
Anne Bancroft
Who played the part of Mrs. Robinson in the 1967 film 'The Graduate?'
First Blood
What was the title of Sylvester Stallone's film in which he first played John Rambo?
Its parks
According to the politician William Pitt the Elder, what are 'The lungs of London?'
Sambala is a type of food served in which country?
Operation Overlord
What was the 1944 Allied invasion of Normandy called?
Sir Percy Blakeney was also known secretly as 'The Scarlet...'?
Gilbert O'Sullivan
What 'G' released the album 'Back to Front' in 1972?
Burt Lancaster
Who was Oscar-nominated four times winning once for 'Elmer Gantry' in 1960?
Human nature
The poet John Keats wrote, 'Scenery is fine - but [what?] is finer.'
Mary Penick
Skeeter Davis died age 72 in 2004 - what was her real name?
In 1993, the US space shuttle Discovery was sent to rendezvous with and repair which telescope?
When did Italy become a member of the European Union?
At which battle in December 1805 did Napoleon defeat Alexander I of Russia and Francis II of Austria?
In which year did Concorde first fly?
According to the British polician Lord Curzon, what is not eaten at luncheon by 'gentlemen?'
According to J.B.S. Haldane, no one could study what, 'intensively, for more than five hours a day, and remain sane?'
What is the largest island in the Mediterranean?
On the banks of what river is Balmoral Castle?
Arthur Miller
Which Pulitzer Prize winning US dramatist was married to Marilyn Monroe?
In which city is O'Hare airport?
Dendrophobia is the fear of...
Agatha Christie
Which veteran crime writer created Hercule Poirot and Jane Marple?
A tree
The poet Joyce Kilmer wrote, 'I think that I shall never see, A poem as lovely as...' what?
When did the earthquake which destroyed Lisbon occur?
A Time to Jump
What is the title of triple jumper Jonathon Edwards' biography?
What 'F' was artist Botticelli born in?
150 Nautical Miles
Which one of these distances is the longest: 170 miles, 22 mm, 150 nautical miles or 275 kilometers?
Which band had a number 4 hit in 200 with 'Yellow?'
Which Biblical king was the father of Absalom?
In what year did Jimmy Carter become American president?
Carlton Beer comes from which country?

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