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Central Treaty Organization, contained Britain, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan
russian revolution
after soviet union pulls out of ww1 , civil war breaks out in russia, vladimir lenin takes over, communists
schlieffen plan
plan to avoid a 2 front war-attack france first, then take care of russia
Joseph Stalin
communist party
a division into pieces
german military strategy
the blitzkrieg
vietnam war
war between north and south vietnam. north is communist supported by russia. south is democratic supported by US
policy of supporting neither side in a war
small town and former French army base in Northern Vietnam; site of the battle that ended in a Vietnamese victory, the French withdrawal from Vietnam, and the securing of North Vietnam's independence
nuremburg laws
laws approved by the nazi party depriving jews of german citizen ship and taking some rights away from them
Lend-Lease Act
An act passed by the united states that allowed the president to sell or lend war supplies to any country whose defense was considered vital to the united states
japanese pilot who undertook a suicide mission
Treaty of Versailles
treaty after ww1 that made the germans pay reparations for the damage they started. Hitler opposed this treaty
Form of socialism advocated by Karl Marx
Leadership in north of the 17th parallel
Ho Chi Mihn
Russian people during Stalin
Yalta Conference
meeting between FRD, Churchill, and Stalin where the three leaders made agreements regarding the end of WW2
broken glass; Nazi mobs attacked Jewish homes and business
Battle of the Bulge
Last major battle in Germany
Fidel Castro
Organized an armed rebellion against the corrupt dictator who then ruled cuba. He led Guerrilla army to victory and set about transform the country (Cuban Revolution)
A policy of rigid segregation of non white people in the Republic of South Africa
US Prohibitation
making alcohol illegal; people who continued to do it were called bootleggers. 18th ammendment
Indira Ghandi
Prime minister after JawaharlaL Nehru who proved to the world that women could hold powerful positions
operation sea lion
plan to bomb britain, bombed for many days straight, not successful for germans
glorification of the military
ww2, spreading or damaging ideas
Policy of giving into an aggressors demands in order to keep peace
nazi goals
exterminate all the jews and take over europe
Triple Alliance
Germany-Austria, Hungary, Italy
Relaxation of Cold War tensions during the 1970's
"Rosie the Riverter"
Symbolized women, this character in the United States who built ships and planes and produced munitions
south east asia treaty, allies formed it with asian countries
viet cong
Communist rebels in south vietnam who sought to overthrow south vietnam government. they received assistance from north vietnem
United Nations
Countries that set up a way to keep the peace
government in which a one party dictatorship regulates ever aspect of citizens lives
Hitler's "Final Solution"
Organized murder of all European Jews under his control
german airforce
nuremburg trials
first war trials in war history after ww2
Zimmermann Note
a note that US intercepted from Germany that was suppossed to be sent to Mexico asking them to attack the US
Triple Entente
France, Russia, Britain
In the Soviet Union, forced labor camps where criminals and political prisoners were held under stalin
US in the middle east
supported the israelis
Atomic Bombs in Japan
Americans dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima killing 70,000 people and then next day they dropped another bomb on Nagasaki killing over 40,000 people. This exposed them to radiation which caused the people to live in fallout shelters
palestine vs isreal
jews went to palestine caused problems, un divides palestine into 2 parts, half jews called israel, half arab called palestine
sikh rebellion
a religion in India that wanted change that stormed the golden temple. Ghandi sent troops there and her body guard killed her for doing that because he was a sikh
Kim 2 sung
north korea dictator, communist ally of the soviet union.
War Reparations
money that was paid by countries, especially germany for there actions in WW1
British liner torpedoed by a German submarine off the coast of Ireland
Maginot Line
massive fortifications built by the French along the French border of Germany to protect against future invasions
38th Parallel
Separated Korea at this line
Glorified action, violence, discipline and blind loyalty to the the state. Fascist leaders glorified warfare as a noble struggle for survival.
he believed in nationalism, he organized veterans and other discontented italians into the fascist party. symbolized unity and authority
Entangled Alliances
alliance in WW1 that were a cause in the war
Fronts in WW1
Trench warfare that ended up in a stalemate
17th Parallel
Separated Vietnam at this line.
stalin idea, make everything russian
Tet Offensive
massive and bloody offensive by communism guerillas by south vietnamese and american forces on tet, the vietnamese new year, helped turned american public opinion against military involvement in vietnam
Black Shirts
Italy's secret police set up by Moussolini
Port in France in which 300000 allied troups were evacuated when their retreat were cut off by the German advance in 1940
Concentration Camps
Detention center for civilians considered enemies of the state
U.S. Containment
try not to let communism spread throughout the world
first president of india, wanted to strengthen indias economy but rapid population hurt it
Causes of WW1
Entangled alliances and Francis Ferdinand
Domino Theory
When one country fell to communism all the other countries would fallow
Trench Warfare
Type of warfare during WW1 on the Western front
Syngman Rhee
leader of south korea
Ethnic group that lives in northern Middle east who faced discrimination
new deal
massive package to help americans during the great deprssion
Franklin D. Roosevelt
American president in 1932. Argued that the government had to take an active role in combating the Great Depression
Total War
Channeling of a nations entire resources into a war effort
Battle at Stalingrad
Last major battle in Soviet Union, Soviet successful, Urban warfare, German plans to take oil and fuel from them, WW2
Indian Congress Party
pressed for self-rule within the British empire. Members were mostly in the middle-class
Ho Chi Minh
Nationalist and Communist who had fought the Japanese. His communists controlled north vietnam
Cold War
No violence war between United States and Russia
ngo dinh diem
president of democratic south vietnam, supported by us
V-J Day
day japan surrendered in WW2
Leadership in south of the 17th parallel
Dihn Diem
stategic arms limiting treaty, stop making nuclear weapons
Francisco Franco
Conservative general that led a revolt that touched off a bloody civil war. Hitler and Mussolini sent arms and forces to help
neutrality Acts
a series of acts passed by the us congress that aimed to keep the us involved in ww2
Wealthy farmers; Stalin liquidate them as a class. Government confiscated their land and sent them to labor camps.
Stalin's purges
killed groups of people in Russia, especially the Kulaks
system in which people as a whole own all property and operate all business and the government controls parts of the economy
Causes of WW2
Hitler and Facist leaders invading Poland and appeasement
League of Nations
based on the idea of collective security, a system in which a group of nations acts as one to preserve the peace of all. Wilson felt sure that it could correct any mistakes made in Paris
Red Scare
Fear of communism/radicals and the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia set it off in 1919 and 1920
stalemate on the western front
trench warfare between france and germany during WW1
Island Hopping
During WW2, allied strategy of recapturing some Japanese-held islands while by-passing others
U Boats
German submarines that destroyed ships during WW2
German method of warfare, air raid first, then land attack
Adolph Hitler
An anti-semetic nazi who was against the jews and wanted a complete Aryan race
Leadership in north of the 38th parallel
Kim Il Sung
Warsaw Pact
mutual defense alliance between the Soviet Union and seven satellites in eastern europe
Truman Doctrine
rooted in the idea of containment, limiting communism to the areas already Soviet control
Vichy France
the germans set up a puppet state
Cuban Missile Crisis
Soviet Union sent nuclear missiles to Cuba, Kennedy imposed a naval blockade that prevented further Soviet shipments. Nikita Krushchev agreed to remove Soviet missiles
Marshall Plan
packages offered by the united states to europe to help countries rebuild after WW2
the movement to build up areas outside central cities
large gas filled balloons to bomb the english coast
allied strategy in WW2
wanted the axis to fight in many fronts
Leadership in south of the 38th parallel
Sungman Rhee
Fourteen Points
List of terms for resolving World War 1 and future wars outlined by American President Woodrow Wilson in January 1918
African nations gaining independence
ghana, kenya, algeria, congo, and nigeria
Cuban Revolution
Fidel Castro takes over the government and changes to communism
movement of people from rural areas to cities
blocked oil shipments to the us to protest us support for israel
The forcible overthrow of a government
north atlantic treaty organization, u.s canada and 10 countries pledge to help one another if anyone of them were attacked
V-E Day
the day germany surrender
city named after stalin where there was a major battle during WW2. Costliest
oppositiont to all war
nazi-soviet pact
treaty signed with germaNY AND russia before ww2, hitler attacked russia and broke the pact because he did want the spread of communism
Union of Austria and Germany
Nikita khrushchev
leader of russia after stalin
Arms Race
The United States and the Soviet Union had a race to create bigger and better weapons
people who followed the nazi regime
Attack on PearL Harbor
General Tojo ordered a surprise attack to have the Japanese airplanes bomb the American Fleet at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii
the systematic genocide of about six million European Jews by the Nazis during World War 2

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