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Romantic Part Two


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The citizen's sense of national identify and patriotic feelings were intensified by
Romanticism, which glorified love for one's national heritage, common bonds of language, culture, and history, military resistance to Napoleon.
Which of the following statements is not true?
The strongest inpact of musical nationalism was felt in Italy, France, Germany, and Austria.
Liberetti that fanned the public's hatred for its Austrian overlords were deliberately chosen by the composer
Giuseppe Verdi
The strongest impact of musical nationalism was felt in
Russia, the Scandinavian countries, Poland and Bohemia
Which of the following countries did not produce important composers whose music had a national flavor?
The folk music of Russia sounds different from that of western Europe because it is often based on
Ancient church modes
The "father of Russian music" is
Mikhail Glinka
The opera that laid the ground work for a Russian national style, A Life for the Tsar, was xomposed by
MIkhail Glinka
The most original, and probably the greatest of
Modest Mussorgsky
Which of the following is not a composition by Modest Mussorgsky
A life of the Tsar
Mussorgsky's piano composition Pictures at an Exhibition is best known today in its brilliant orchestral arrangement by
Maurice Ravel
Which of the following statements is not true
Puccini composed long highly ornamented melodies that are difficult to rember and perform well
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Began to study music theory ayt the age of twenty one
Nadezhda von Meck was
A wealthy benefactress who provided Tchaikovsky with an annuity
In 1891 Tchaikovsky was invited to the United States to conduct four concerts inaugurating
Carnegie Hall, New York
Tchaikovsky participated as a conductor in a concert inaugurating
Carnegie Hall in New York
Tchaikovsky's Sicth Symphony
Ends with a slow, despairing finale
Which of the following was not composed by Tchaikovsky
Russian Easter Overture
Which of the following is not a ballet by Tchaikovsky
At its premiere in 1870, Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet Overture was
a dismal failure
Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet Overture is
A concert overture consisting of a slow introduction and a fast movement in sonata form
Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet is an
Concert overture
Badich Smetana
was the founder of Czech national music
The founder of Czech national music was
Bedih Smetana
Smetana grew up when Bohemia was under _ domination
As a result of foreign domination, the official language in Prague schools in Semtana's youth was
Smetana's most popular opera is
The Bartered Bride
Bedich Smetana's most fomous opera is
The Bartered Bride
Even though Smetana was deaf at the time, he composed a musical work depicting Bohemia's main river as it flows through the countryside. The name of the river, and the musical composition, is the
The German master _ recommended Dvoak's music to his own publisher, resulting in a rapid spread of Dvoak's fame
Johannes Brahms
Antonin Dvoak's music was first promoted by
Joannes Brahms
Dovak "Found a secure bassis for a new national American Musical School" in
African American Spirituals
Antonin Dvoak _ Quoted actual folk tunes
In 1892 Dvoak went to _, where he spent almost three years as director of the Noational Conservatory of Music
New York
Antonin Dvoak's Symphony no. 9
is his most famous work, is subtitled from the new world, glorifies both the czech and the American folk spirit
In the first movement of the new world symphony, Dvoak
composed a theme that resembles swing low, sweet chariot
The popular character ot the new world symphony can be traced to the composer's use of _ often found in folk music
Syncopation, pentatonic scales, modal scales
In the second movement of dvoak new world symp. the nostalgic quality of the melody of the famous largo movement is heightened by the timber of the
english horn
The course of Brahms's artistic and personal life was shaped bye the influence ot the composer
Robert Schumann and his wife Clara
In vienna Johannes Brahms
Conducted a viennese musical society, edited baroque and classical compositions, collected music manuscripts
Music critics of the day pitted Brahms's foundness for traditional forms against
Wagner's innovative music dramas
Brahms wrote masterpieces in many musical forms, but never any
Brahms's work, though very personal in style, are rooted in the music of
Joseph Hydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven
Brahms's musical trademarks included
the use of two note against three
The original source for the theme of the foorth movement of Brahms's Fourth Symphony was a
cantata by J.S. Bach
The fourth movement of Brahms's Fourth Symphany is a _, a baroque variation form.
The most important opera house in Italy is
La Scala, Milan
La Scala, Italy's most important opera house is located in
Verdi studied music in _, the city where Italy's most important opera house, La Scala, is located
Verdi's first great success, an opera with strong political overtones, was
Critics were often scandalized by the subject matter of Verdi's operas because they
seemed to condome rape, suicide, and free love
Verdi's great comic masterpiece, written when he was seventy nine is
Remarkably, at the age of seventy nine, Verdi completed his comic masterpiee
The liberettist of Giuseppe Verdi's operas Otello
Arrigo Boit
Veri's opera commissioned to commemorate the completion of the Suez cannal is
Which of the following operas is not by Verdi
Cavalleria rusticana
Biuseppe Verdi mainly composed his poeras
to entertain a mass public
The slul of a Verdi opera is
Expressive vocal melody
Verdi's latest operas differ from his earlier ones in that they have
less difference between aria and receiative, greater musical continuity, more imaginative orchestrations
Rigoletto, the title role in Giuseppe Verdi's opera is all of the following except
The romantic lover
Rigoletto, the title character in Verdi's opera is
a hunchback, court jester to the duke of Mantua, the father of Gilda
The famous aria La donna e mobile is taken from verdi's opera
giacamo puccini's forst sucessful opera was
manon lescaut
giacomp puccini's operas have lasting appeal because
he had a marvelous sense of theather, his melodies have short memorable phrases and are intinsely emotional, he mimimized the difference between aria and recitative, thus creating a continuous flow of music
Which of the following operas wer not composed by gaicomo puccini
I Pagliacci
Which of the following poeras was not composed by Puccini
Giacomo puccini, in his operas
achieved unity and continuity by using the same material in different acts, used the orchestra to reinfource the vocal melody and suggest mood, composed melodies that have short memorable phrases and are intensely emotional
An artistic trend of the 1890's in which oreras delt with ordinary people and true to life situations was known as
The movement in opera known as verismo is best exemplified by
giacomo puccini
which of the following operas is not considered an ex of verismo
Some ofPuccini's poeras feature exoticism, as in his use of melodic and rhythemic elements derived from Japanese and Chinese music in his operas
Madame Butterfly and Turadot
Puccini used melodic and rhythemic elements derived from Asian music in his operas
Madame Butterfly and Turadot
Giacomo Puccini's opera La Boheme takes place in
In puccini's La Boheme, Rodolfo is a young
Mimi and Rodolfo meet for the first time in La Boheme because she has come to his door to ask for a
light for her candle
Who sings the aria che gleida manina in La Boheme
At the end of act I of puccini's opera la boheme, rodolfo and mimi
go to the cafe together in love
wagner's preeminence was such that an opera house of his own desigh was built in _, solely for performance of his music dramas
Bayreuth, Bavaria
Wagner had an opera house built to his own specifications in
Wagner envisioned the music drama as a gestmtkunstwerk, or universial art work, in which
all the above
the composer who had an overwhelming influence on the young wagner was
ludwig van bethoven
Wagner was appointed conductor of the Dresden opera mainly because of the success of his first opera
Richard wagner's first successful opera was
Which of the followin goperas was not composed by richard wagner
the liberetto to the ring of the nibelung were written by
wagner himself
richard wagner's last opera was
wagner called his works music dramas rather than operas because
all of the above
a short musical idea associated with a person object or though used by richard wagner in his operas is called
Richard wagner spins as orchestral web out of recurrent musical themes called
Valhalla, in wagner's ring cycle, is
the castle of the gods
which of the following statements concerning
sieglinde is a valkyrie, one of the daughtersof wotan
siegmund, in wagner's opera die walkure, is
all the above
at the end of the first act of wagner's opera die walkure
all the above
which of the following statemenst is not true
having spent the major portion of his life conducting operas, it is not suprising that his output is mainly in that genre
Mahler began his professional musical life as a
conductor of the musical comedies
by supervising every aspect of its performances mahler brought the _ to the new heights of excellence
vienna opera
by personally supervising the acting, costumes, scenery and music of every performance, Mahler brought the _ to new heights of excellence
Vienna opera
When he was twenty, gustav mahler began his conducting career directing_at a summer resort
musical comedies
By the age of twenty eight, Mahler was director of the
Budapest opera
The major portion of Mahler's creative output
Mahler's experiences in New York were not happy because
all of the above
Which of the following works was not compsed by Gustav Mahler
Die Winterreise
Mahler's Lieder Eines Fahrenden Gesellen is a
Song cycle
Mahler depicts an alienated wanderer in his song
Song of a wayfarer

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