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IFACS Test 2

Consumer Education


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collision insurance
your car only: repairs or car replacement caused by accident
used car advantages
cheaper, less depreciation
voluntary paycheck deductions
insurance, bills, retirement
lost/stolen credit card liability
factors in choosing a career
interestes, aptitudes, abilities
special endorsement
transferring checks
short-term position with a sponsoring organization
comprehensive insurace
non-accident car repairs
net pay
income after deductions
property damage insurance
other car, building, landscaping, public utility equipment damaged by your car
occupational training
preparation for a specific field, costs less, takes less time than college
credit advantages
buy now, no need for cash
bodily insurance
accident victims: injury, sicknes, disease, death caused by car; legal and court costs
truth in lending law
right to truthful infor
mass transit advantages
costs less, less people on roads, economic
grace period
amount of time to pay bills
outstanding check
not enough money in account
gross pay
income before deductions
equal credit opportunity act
can't be discriminated against by creditors
education with on the job training, work experience, classroom instruction
highest premium rates
young males
FDIC insurance for bank deposits
credit disadvantages
interest, additional fees
monthly premiums/insurance coverage
higher premiums=more coverage
physical and mental talents a person is born with
person writing the check
your valuables
car ownership advantages
no waiting to go places
credit history, honesty, reliability
building credit score/history
paying bills on time, working record
lowers your credit score
savings account
used to add funds to bank account
minimum wage
lowest amount an employer can pay by law
most depreciation
first year
restrictive endorsement
specific reason for check

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