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shitsu no yoi (質の良い)
superior in quality
shitsugai no (室外の)
shitsugyō (失業)
shitsukeru (躾ける)
to train, to discipline
shiteyarareru (してやられる)
to be taken in, to be cheated
shitsugoshōkanja (失語症患者)
an aphasiac, an aphasic
shitsukekata (躾け方)
how to bring up [a child]
shitsugyōmondai (失業問題)
the unemployment problem
shitsukusu (し尽す)
to do everything possible, to exhaust
shitsunai no (室内の)
shitennō (四天王)
the four kings, the Deva kings; the best four, to greatest four
shitei (私邸)
one's private residence
shitsuji (執事)
a steward, a butler, [教会の] a deacon
shitsuke (躾)
training, discipline
shitsukeito (仕付け糸)
a basting thread
shitsudo ga takai (湿度が高い)
to show a high percentage of humidity, to be wet
shitchi (湿地)
damp ground, marsh
shitsugiōtō (質疑応答)
questions and answers
shitsujunna (湿潤な)
damp, moist
shiten (視点)
a point of view; a viewpoint
shitetsu (私鉄)
a private railroad, a private line
shiten (支点)
[Phys.] a fulcrum
shitsugyōritsu (失業率)
the unemployment rate
shitchi (失地)
the lost territory
shiteki suru (指摘する)
to point out, to indicate, to put one's finger on, to single out
shitsukeru (仕付ける)
to get/be accustomed to
shitsugyōtaisaku (失業対策)
a relief measure for the unemployment
shitsubō (失望)
disappointment, despair
shitei no jikan (指定の時間)
the appointed time
shitsugyō suru (失業する)
to lose one's work/job, to be (thrown) out of work, to be unemployed
shitsui (失意)
dejection, disappointment
shitsuke ga yoi (躾が善い)
to be well-bred, to be well disciplined
shiten (支店)
a branch, a branch office, a branch shop
shitsugyōsha (失業者)
a person out of employment, [Collectively] the unemployed
shitoshitoto (しとしとと)
softly, gently
shitsuke (仕付け)
[着物の] tacking, basting
shitsumon o ukeru (質問を受ける)
to be asked
shitsukoi (しつこい)
persistent, obstinate, importunate, troublesome, [味が] heavy, [色が] gaudy
shitsu no warui (質の悪い)
inferior in quality
shītoberuto (シートベルト)
a seatbelt
shitsugoshō (失語症)
shitsuke ga warui (躾が悪い)
to be ill-bred, to be ill disciplined
shitsumujikan (執務時間)
business hours, office hours
shitsunai de (室内で)
indoors, in a room
shitenchō (支店長)
a branch manager
shitei suru (指定する)
to appoint, to name, to designate, to specify
shitsumon ni kotaeru (質問に答える)
to answer a question
shitsubokuna (質朴な)
simple, simple-minded, unsophisticated
shitsubōtekina (失望的な)
shiteiseki (指定席)
a reserved seat
shitsumu suru (執務する)
to attend to one's business, to work, to be at work, to be at one's desk
shitsugen (失言)
a slip of the tongue, improper language
shitsu (質)
substance; quality; matter; nature; character
shitsubō shite (失望して)
disappointedly, in despair
shitsuke o kakeru (仕付けをかける)
to baste, to tack
shitazumiseikatsu o suru (下積み生活をする)
to live in obscurity
shiteki (詩的)
poetic, poetical
shitsumon o abiseru (質問を浴びせる)
to rain questions on
shitogeru (仕遂げる)
to accomplish, to complete, to finish, to get through, to carry through
shitazumi (下積み)
the lower layer; people in the lowest social stratum
shitsugaikotsu (膝蓋骨)
the kneepan, the kneecap
shitoyakana (淑やかな)
graceful, gentle, polite
shitei no basho (指定の場所)
the appointed place
shitei (子弟)
children, sons
shitekina (私的な)
private, personal
shitsugen (湿原)
a marshland, a bog
****ō suru (死闘する)
to fight desperately
shitomeru (仕留める)
to kill, to shoot down, to bring down
shitsumon o sorasu (質問を逸らす)
to evade a question
shitsubō suru (失望する)
to be disappointed, to be disheartened
shite miru to (してみると)
if so, then
shito (使徒)
an apostle, a disciple
shitsudo (湿度)
shitsubō saseru (失望させる)
to disappoint
shitsumon suru (質問する)
to ask a question, to put a question to
shitsugai de (室外で)
outdoors, out of doors, outside (of) a room
shīto (シート)
a seat; a sheet; a groundsheet
****ō (死闘)
a desperate struggle
shitsugyōhoken (失業保険)
unemployment insurance
****ō no (至当の)
proper, fair, just
shiten o mōkeru (支店を設ける)
to open a branch
shitei no kankei o musubu (師弟の関係を結ぶ)
to become master and pupil
shitsumeisha (失明者)
a blind person
shitsumei suru (失明する)
to lose one's sight
shitsugi (質疑)
a question
shitsugyōteate (失業手当)
an unemployment allowance
shitsumon (質問)
a question, an interrogation, an inquiry, a query
shite (仕手)
[能の] the chief player, the first player, a protagonist; speculative stocks

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