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Biology-Genetics (Hrns.)

This is to review for the Genetics test Mrs.Barton is giving on thrusday Jan. 24 2008


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Physical appearance of a trait
dom pheno: rec pheno
Phenotypic ratio
A record that tracks the inheritance of a trait through several generations of a family
genetic makeup of the phenotype
Crossing of one trait
Sex-linked traits
colorblindness, hemophilia, muscular dystrophy, baldness
each variant for a character, such as purple or white flower color, is called a _____
A version of a gene. For example, the gene may be for eye color, and the allels include those for brown eyes, those for blu e eyes, those green eyes, etc. At most, dploid organsims can posses only two alleles for a given gene, one on each of the two homologous chromosomes.
Principle of Independant Assortment
Genes for different traits are distributed to egg and sperm independent from each other.
both alleles are expressed when a heterozygous genotype is present(Rr:red/white)
Incomplete dominance
the dominant allele doesn't completely mask the recessive allele, so you get a "blending" appearance when a heterozyous genotype is present(Rr: pink)
Multiple Alleles
each organism still ends up with 2 alleles, but there are more alleles to choose from. (Codominance)
homo dom: heter: homo rec
Genotypic ratio
The paired genes separate during the formation of egg and sperm
Complete Dominance
RR: red Rr: red rr:white
dom/dom: dom/rec: rec/dom: rec/rec
phenotypic ratio (4x4)
Chromosomes that do not code for gender (other 44)

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